University Life


I love this expansion, with a juice peg, a bonfire, and many other ways to party it allows you to have on fun night. Another neat thing about this expansion is you can do laundry, have a social status, and have your own smart phone. The smart phone allows you to take pictures from your sims point of view and even text friends. There are three groups jocks, rebel, and nerd, Although they don't define your sim it gives them other capabilities such as doing your school cheer, quizing other people, and doing graffiti. If that isn't cool enough the campus is amazing! It includes a coffee shop, a comic store, a diner, the buildings, sororities, houses, and dorms.

I absolutely adore this. It's fun and gives you multiple options and things to do with your Sims! In my opinion, it's the best pack yet, mostly because it's the one that truly keeps you busy and allows you to have fun. When combined with Seasons and Generations, it's even better. I would recommend this for Simmers who enjoy developing their Sims' lives. Mixed with generations, it's also good for Simmers who enjoy creating families.

The ONLY thing WRONG with University life, is the PLANT SIMS. They are the only unrealistic things in it... I for one, think that this goes good with generations because you can see your children go off to college and that is one of the major things in life, besides, being born, graduating high-school, going to and graduating college, getting married, having children, and dying...

This EP is amazing! Very first one I ever got. Now I have generations, which is probably my second fave, ambitions, which is probably my third, late night and into the future. love this game so much. I have one thing to add- PLANT SIMS! Have you ever wanted to have your sim jump into the ground to get hydrated? No? Well MAYBE THAT'S JUST ME THEN.

If you love the idea of choosing a major for your sims, reading nerdy comic books, going bowling, tagging walls with a little bit of spray-painting-magic, or just livin' in the dorms and throwing crazy parties, this EP is the one for you. Oh, and it bring laundry into the game if you don't already have ambitions. Amazing. A MUST HAVE!

I love this so much! This was the first expansion I got for my game, and it is amazing! So much is added, and it just is so entertaining. Though it takes a while to get through University, I must admit it is worth it. All of the experience, and the major career and skill boost, along with every new feature, is just AMAZING!

The sims 3 University life is so much fun. I really enjoy sending my Sims to university. I also really enjoy how you get 3 new social groups. The rebel social group, The nerd social group and Jock social group! I really recommend this expansion pack!

I really love this expansion pack. As well as the whole university experience there are a bunch of pretty cool items and accessories. The way they have designed it is amazing and I am glad I bought it. FACT: CREDITS ARE A WAY OF ACHIEVING THE DEGREE

I LOVE university life. The social groups are amazing as well as the fact that you can take your sims to the campus. I think getting a degree and getting a head start in some careers is the best part.

This should be number one it's absolutely amazing! If I could only get one expansion pack I would get this one! Seriously it's so cool. It's even better with seasons.

I really want this because I only have Late Night and it's getting boring to me. So I need this because when I get in college I can know what it will be like.

It is really cool. There are loads of new things you can do like have plant sims, get killed by beds, make test tubes explode in bonfires and graduate. I really recommend it.

I use this every time a teen is a young adult. To me, universities like real life, just helpful and slowly unraveling yourself and your story.

This is the best expansion pack ever!
You get to send your sims to university and experience the fun and struggle of studying, maintaining needs and your university life! Also, preparing your teens for university is so cool!
Plus, the new outfits and hairstyles are really cute, like the ones from custom content!

Well I love this one because you can now go to university get a smart phone and even cheat on exams so I recommend this one to everyone who is a nerd (like me)

I want to get this EP!
Apparently TS2 university was boring but this is better but again I'm not sure. I really want to see my sims in school and on campus!

I love all the new Create a Sim stuff that came with this pack, as well as all the new furniture! I also enjoy the gorgeous campus and the fun gameplay.

This is a great expansion pack! The idea of sending your sims to university in a somewhat realistic way is a great concept for an expansion pack!

I love university life, you can do so much! Have roommates be a rebel, jock or nerd! My opinion rebel is best! University life never gets boring

Just recently installed it and I'm so excited! I love that they have coffee shops and bowling alleys and the clothes are AMAZING

This is easily the best expansion, its just so much fun and unlike the other expansions I didn't get bored with it in a few days

A lot of fun. New smart phone! Selfies, blogs, social networking and social groups (rebel, nerd, jock). Choose major for university, complete degree and graduate. LOVE the clothes and furniture. new jobs and degree improves salary and starts you at level 3. really enjoy playing.

Can't ever imagine a Sims game without it! Whether you are going for your sims to have a perfect GPA or barely pass or just have some fun, there is NO WAY you can't get that in University! And even if you don't want your sims to always go to University, its totally optional, and won't impact your game negatively. Sometimes I wonder why this game doesn't cost more, considering all of the big but definitely not laggy feature...

It's so detailed and interesting! It exceeded my expectations! I do recommend getting it! It is not a waste of your money!

I don't like the idea that you have to go to the other town... And leave everything how it is at home... And not play on them...

Love love love it!
It has some major bugs right now, but it's new!
I can't wait to combine it with Supernatural for a Harry Potter experience!