Best Songs by Janis Joplin


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1 Piece of My Heart

She has such a raw honest voice.

Love you Janis :) Your soul will be here FOREVER!

2 Me and Bobby McGee

Told her life storey.



3 Summertime

Very romantic song, definitely one of the best

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4 Bye, Bye, Baby
5 Cry Baby
6 Mercedes Benz

It's... different. Not my favourite but I like it a lot. I adore that accent! - Britgirl

7 Maybe

Love her so much! This song is just so powerful and amazing

8 Down on Me
9 Get It While You Can
10 Ball and Chain

The live version from the Monterey International Pop Festival (1967) is phenomenal. That festival introduced Joplin to a wider audience and launched her career. - Blue_Devereaux

The Contenders

11 Move Over
12 To Love Somebody

Yes, I love this one' - PolishGuy

13 Work Me, Lord
14 Buried Alive In the Blues
15 Half Moon

This is my friend's (natalie) favorite song. I LOVE JANIS JOPLIN. - kristen

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16 Kozmic Blues


17 I Need a Man to Love

I don't think I can find anyone who sang something so perfect

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1. Piece of My Heart
2. Me and Bobby McGee
3. Bye, Bye, Baby
1. Me and Bobby McGee
2. Cry Baby
3. Piece of My Heart



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