Best Songs From Christina Aguilera's Lotus

Her 5th studio album is a masterpiece, the best next to Stripped and back to Basics.

The Top Ten

Your Body

The videoclip rocks, the song rocks

Just a Fool

I'm in love with this song, the best since Candyman, in my holly opinion! The combination of both is just amazing.

Cease Fire

I love this song, I love the lyrics (they're amazing) and the melody. Good return Xtina, we love you.

Army of Me

It took time but it grew on me. It's no "Fighter" but it's a good song nonetheless. - theOpinionatedOne

So much meaning and power!

Let There Be Love

Best song to dance to every time I hear it I can't stop dancing it a fun song and I love the music video she just made for it its just to her fans and she all so wrote a note to her fans its so amazing and inspring and it has more then 2, 200 words it took me a long time to read but I loved every secound and it the best music video shes made so far I think!

Sing for Me
Best of Me
Lotus Intro

Its just... awesome!

Blank Page
Light Up the Sky

The only song who catch me up in album

Very positive song and effective! I would say this as the best song for lotus!

The Contenders

Around the World

Sexy, catchy, cool... Just great!

Your Body, Let There Be Love, Just A Fool, Around The World deveriam ser os singles do album.

Make the World Move

This song has a message - to love one another no matter who they are! This reminds me of the 'Back To Basic' days. It's a catchy tune, and it shows how great her vocals are. Please make this a single Xtina!

Empty Words
Red Hot Kinda Love
Shut Up
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