Best Songs From Christina Aguilera's Lotus

Her 5th studio album is a masterpiece, the best next to Stripped and back to Basics.

The Top Ten

1 Your Body

The videoclip rocks, the song rocks

2 Just a Fool

I'm in love with this song, the best since Candyman, in my holly opinion! The combination of both is just amazing.

3 Sing for Me
4 Cease Fire

I love this song, I love the lyrics (they're amazing) and the melody. Good return Xtina, we love you.

5 Army of Me

It took time but it grew on me. It's no "Fighter" but it's a good song nonetheless. - theOpinionatedOne

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6 Best of Me
7 Let There Be Love

Best song to dance to every time I hear it I can't stop dancing it a fun song and I love the music video she just made for it its just to her fans and she all so wrote a note to her fans its so amazing and inspring and it has more then 2, 200 words it took me a long time to read but I loved every secound and it the best music video shes made so far I think!

8 Blank Page
9 Lotus Intro
10 Light Up the Sky

Very positive song and effective! I would say this as the best song for lotus!

The only song who catch me up in album

The Contenders

11 Make the World Move

This song has a message - to love one another no matter who they are! This reminds me of the 'Back To Basic' days. It's a catchy tune, and it shows how great her vocals are. Please make this a single Xtina!

12 Empty Words
13 Around the World

Your Body, Let There Be Love, Just A Fool, Around The World deveriam ser os singles do album.

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14 Shut Up
15 Red Hot Kinda Love
16 Circles
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