Best Songs From Eminem's Relapse

What song do you think is the best song from Eminem's album "Relapse"?

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1 Beautiful

Good song on Relapse, but I might be in the minority in this decision of how it would work better on Recovery. Now before you dislike this comment, please read my reasons. Personally, it just feels out of place on Relapse, and as a depression and RECOVERY song, I think it would pair nicely on Recovery. I don't think this would be a great intro to that album, but a decent second song, with Cold Wind Blows being the song reminiscent to his days of being Slim Shady. This would pair nicely with the album and raise many people's opinions of the album. Now I don't hate this song, in fact it is my favourite song from this album, but I feel like this is just not the right song to be on an album containing "Insane", "Same Song and Dance", and "Bagpipes from Baghdad". So this is just my honest opinion. But awesome song, great lyrics, brilliant beat.

a song that really can touch your soul great lyrics

Really I thought that Relapse was a great rap album but compared to Eminem's usual level it was awful and even he thought so looking back on it, and the reason I voted for this song is because it is the only one I can actually stand to listen to.

Pretty obvious.

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2 Deja Vu

One of the best Refrains in Eminem's career, and overall an amazing song. The accent isn't strong at all (thankfully) And really deep and revealing.

Hands down the best song on the album. Maybe one of Em's best songs ever. The pain and sincerity in the lyrics is genuine.

You can hear the struggles, what he was gone threw in his life.

Awesome and nostalgic song!

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3 Stay Wide Awake

How is this down here? This is the best song on this album, it's so menacing and unique. The lyrics are hilarious but also evil at the same time. I loved Relapse and this was one of the best songs. I'm a Rock fan by the way.

This song is definitely underrated. The lyricism, flow, and story telling are one of the best. Just take the 2nd verse for example. After the first line, he rhymes all the sentences together, that's 14 lines! This song should be #1. Also, in my opinion, the accent makes the song.

Lyrically this is one of the greatest hip hop songs of all time. The second verse is legendary. Anybody saying Em fell off is either brainwashed or stubborn.

This is above underground?

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4 Crack a Bottle

This song is amazing the combination of 50 dre and slim is one of the best combinations ever great chorus and hardly any of the stupid accent

I noticed how many votes Beautiful had and I'm pretty sure not a lot of people have heard this song. Because if more people did, this would definitely be #1 (Although I really like Insane and Stay Wide Awake).

It was this or Insane.


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5 Underground

Underground is light years ahead of the rest of the Relapse album; although it still falls well short of his old material, it is the only song that does not follow the same tired formula that the rest of the album does. On every other song, there is a clear, discernible rhythm in his rap, which makes for an uninteresting and predictable song; Underground has that, but in lesser quantities. It has a free (er) flow and a more distinct feeling of old Eminem.

This is far the best, esp in concert! You literally can feel the emotions, almost feel as if you are there, underground, at Brightmore, a drug rehab in Michigan (i'm from The D). Em is referring to the rehab as underground. He raps of the other patients there, and that rehab, drug addiction, yourself period can be a very, very dark place... Last, the hook (refrain) of the background singers Plus instrumental sounds like a storm moving in, wiping you away to the dark, deep horror of Em's underground world. The man is brilliant. Period.

His voice sounds like in the old days, and that's great. So all in all a good song

The real slim shady stood up in this song

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6 3 A.M.

A little creepy at first, but once you get used to it you will love it, just like any other Eminem song.

Nice beat and great lyrics

The accent is disrupting of the atmosphere he is trying to create

Thank God it dissed Kim Kardashian

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7 My Darling

Love this song. It really lets us fans know what type of struggle he's had. He let's us know what everyone and himself thinks about him!

Should not be on here, it is a track on relapse refill, not relapse - lazypants

One of the best songs on the album! A battle between Marshall and his Evil Twin (or the devil? ) has to be in the top 10.

The concept and execution here is just insane

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8 Insane

I like it cause no one gots the balls to rap like that

Clever rhymes like some of his songs when he was in his prime. One of my favorites the flow is amazing and its hilarious. And dirty in a funny way. True slim shady right there

You know what's really Insane? It's that this awesome song is #8. #8! Insane beat, Insane lyrics (pretty disgusting though), Insane chorus. Should be #1.

Vulgar, yet crazy enjoy it

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9 We Made You

Funny song and really fast

An interesting song indeed. - Celestius

The song sucks, but it's so funny, music video is even funnier

I love the video for this song. I actually think this song is really good. My favorite part was the part where he said "I know you want me girl cause a I can see you checkin me out"

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10 Careful What You Wish For

This is a bonus track on Relapse. It Should be on this list. Plus Em is taking a step back and looking at the effects if being famous. And it's not annoying like other songs when he does this

Oh come on 16 are you kidding' me? Damn listen to this song it's amazing man it should be on top 10 if not 5

Easily number 1 then Stay Wide Awake, Underground, Deja Abu and then beautiful

Best song on the album by far. Then deja vu, underground, crack a bottle, elevator, stay wide awake, my darling, hello, beautiful. None of the other songs are worth ranking

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11 Hello

Why isn't this in the top ten? This song is lyrically insane

One of my favorite songs on the album when you get past the annoying accent

This song should be number one!

What is it doing down here?! I fkn love this song

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12 Elevator

How is elevator at 18!?! This song is amazing! It talks about how he was a nobody but became one of the best rappers ever but don't hate because dreams do come true.

Put this song on top ten now! This song is incredible!

Lots of good songs but I have to go with Elevator

One of the best songs on relapse refill. it is very entertaining.

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13 Old Time's Sake

This list is messed up, number 1 is right after that its all wrong, don't get me wrong I like all the songs on the album... Anyway this song here is underrated such a catchy beat a Dre masterpiece.

One of the best songs on Relapse. Knocks that crappy We Made You out of the ballpark,

Oh come on! 12? Seriously? This as a dope beat with some funny sand catchy lyrics from Eminem and Dr Dre. This song is top 5 worthy. Possibly top 3.


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14 Medicine Ball

How did 27% of people vote for Beautiful but only 1% of people voted for Medicine Ball? Has no one heard this? This is a great song! Just listen to the first verse and you'll see what I mean. The beat is just the best. I used to think Beautiful was the best song but that's only because I didn't get the other songs. Totally underrated song this is. WAY better than Beautiful.

A lot of people hate this song, but I personally found it very funny. His rhymes are also insane

That beat is just epic. The first verse of this song is my favorite verse ever! If this song was like the entire first verse, it would be the greatest song ever made!

Medicine Ball 14? what? Top 3 at least like come on!

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15 Bagpipes from Baghdad

This one of my favorite songs on the album, why is it down here?

This song, same song and dance, and medicine ball are the best but they're not even top 5 what

Best diss song of all time

16 Same Song & Dance

Easily the song I imagine the most while listening to.

Amazing hook and beat

Best song on the album

This song is greater than the whole mmlp and mmlp2. - awanshrestha

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17 My Mom

One of the best songs on this album, plus its really underrated.

Really crazy rap. Quick Flow

I like it, its alright - rap

Best song on Relapse. Best song made by eminem period. Don't even know how its #17. Been listening to this nonstop for a good month and still not tired of it.

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18 Drop the Bomb On 'em
19 Buffalo Bill

Should not be on here, it is a track on relapse refill, not relapse - lazypants

20 Music Box

Why is this last? I actually thought this song was good.

The best song on Relapse refill in my opinion.

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