Best Songs From Avenged Sevenfold's Waking the Fallen

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1 Second Heartbeat Second Heartbeat Cover Art

You could say that Unholy Confessions is the best song on this album, but the truth comes in another way, because Second Heartbeat not only plays with the good handling of electric guitars, but also mentions very sad facts of the daily life of each person in their lyrics, what more could you ask to have in front of the best Avenged Sevenfold song ...? it is clearly Second Heartbeat

Really kick-ass metalcore song, perfect guitar riffs plus amazing scream, make this song best metalcore song ever!

This one kicks Unholy Confessions in the nuts.
Other than that, I think this list is pretty well accurate.

If anyone line other songs here up, it's totally fine! But nothing can compares to Second Heartbeat

2 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1 Cover Art

It is easy to always trust the most Metalcore songs, but the inspiration that I Won't See You Tonight has always made me build in my mind is simply something masterful that is out of this world! The composition, the drama and the melodies are everything in this masterpiece! I can't say it's boring, because it's quite the opposite, totally great but with a very crude meaning to be honest ... Even so, this song always helps me improve my self-esteem when I feel most finished with life, because I know not I am the only one and this song reflects it very clearly!

Great song, it barely made me cry but it's one of the best songs.

Beautiful, very beautiful piece of harmonic song.

This is their best song from their metalcore era

3 Unholy Confessions Unholy Confessions Cover Art

This song is very surprising, it has a very catchy rhythm, unique guitar basses and above all, it is a song that any emo would love to hear in parks, squares, freshy camp places and even lonely places.

Kick ass guitar riff! M shadows sounds great. For those who like the heavier more screamo/metalcore A7X and for the city of evil and on fans, this song is almost a bridge between the two styles.

I'll admit the guitar sounds pretty cool... but the screaming, like with every other song on this album (with the exception of I Won't See You Tonight Part 1) puts me off of it.

Unholy Confessions is not my favorite song ever as Afterlife but its riffs are incredibly amazing!

4 Chapter Four Chapter Four Cover Art

Sometimes I feel like Unholy Confessions it's better, or Second Heartbeat tho, but honestly Chapter Four has impressed me more.

Love this song, the mix between the Screams and the singing is just plain awesome. The Guitar riffs are supreme, and as always, the vocals are amazing. Kinda of underrated on the Waking the Fallen album if you ask me.

Be like 2nd song of the list, deserves while Eternal Rest may be first but this a strong one tho.

Unholy Confessions it's a powerful song too, but Chapter Four is way better!

5 Remenissions Remenissions Cover Art

The most meaningful track off waking the fallen, just put attention to the lyrics and notice how they go really strong with the electric bass hitting both the spot.

This song has everything to be the best of Waking the Fallen, not even Second Heartbeat is up to it, vote for Remenissions as the president song of this list!

My favorite song in general right now. Best screams I have heard in a while and the chorus is very catchy. If you like Second Heartbeat, then you will like this song. It should be ranked a lot closer to second heartbeat.

The accoustic part in this song is just amazing. Add vocals to it and it is just pure mindblowing. I thought Unholy Confessions, Second Heartbeat, and I Won't See You Tonight Pt.1 were really good until I realized the accoustic part in this song.

6 And All Things Will End And All Things Will End Cover Art

Never did listen to this song much. One day it came on my phone and I loved it! It is very underrated


This and shattered by broken dreams are amazing endings to those albums

This song brings me more tranquility, the rest are haha so rude songs!

This song so feels entertaining but as things dying up too.

7 Clairvoyant Disease Clairvoyant Disease Cover Art

If I were the author of the list, I would have put Clairvoyant Disease at least number 3 ... since it has a very atmospheric guitar bass and the lyrics are essential and great, the truth is that sometimes many will see it as a song of dark meaning or something crude too, but it is a fact that it has a level of complexity higher than many other songs on this album, maybe And All Things Will End and Second Heartbeat are the only ones capable of defeating it, but for now I choose this one.

I do not understand why this song has not advanced in position yet! It is somewhat disappointing, since I feel that unlike many others, this one plays it more with the ambient sounds of the electric bass and the vocalization is a bit more epic and better cared for than in other songs on the album.

The double sickening tempo transformed this song completely, the choruses, the bassline and everything makes it look great.

Very underrated song. The solo and bridge is just excellent! Shadows mixed vocals between scream and "not scream" fits perfect, and the guitar solo is both very cool and emotional

8 Eternal Rest Eternal Rest Cover Art

How is this 12th?!?!? It is amazing! The guitars are awesome.. They change with the song, and so do the drums! And Matt and Jimmy (RIP) come together for some amazing vocals! And of course, we can't forget Johnny on the bass, for only being 19 years old, he did amazing!

Number one on my list, but I Won't See You Tonight Part 1 is Number One also.

The beginning of this song is the heaviest part on the album!

This song it's so similar to Radiant Eclipse

9 Desecrate Through Reverence Desecrate Through Reverence Cover Art

The guitar work is amazing. The screams are done perfectly. The lyrics are the definition of amazing, especially the last 2 verses.

This song rocks! How is this not higher? Every song from this album is good, but this one is awesome!

Best song on this album in my opinion it's so catchy and I like the screams

Darkened eyes youll see there is no hope no savior in me -best part of the song

10 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 2 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 2 Cover Art

Very emotionally jarring after the mellow in comparison part one. Fits the themes of the two parts perfectly and is very intense. This is truly one of if not THE best of A7X's metalcore songs.

The drumming on this song is epic!

I liked it! What can I say

Great guitar solo!

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11 Radiant Eclipse Radiant Eclipse Cover Art

Super underrated.
Seriously just listen to it, the intro may be a little drawn out but once the verse kicks I. It is amazing!
Really nice ending too, great clean vocals

I don't know why this is at the bottom. It's better than a lot of songs off the album. In fact, the only song off the album I don't like is Desecrate through reverence!

Come on, this song should be above Desecrate Through Reverence and I Won't See You Tonight Part 2. Such an underrated song.

How this song is last place? It's even more awesome song than Second Heartbeat and Unholy Confessions.

12 Waking the Fallen Waking the Fallen Cover Art
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