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41 Show Me Somethin'

EASILY should crack the top 10. Amazing hook, beat, lyrics, message. Everything about this songs is great, too bad it's not one of his most popular songs, if more people knew about it it could be a #1 hit.

Every J cole Song ever made is Great but this should be in the top 10

This track gets gets me every time. I can listen to this song all day.

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42 Mr. Nice Watch Mr. Nice Watch

This is the first Cole song that I heard and made me fall in love with him. Definitely needs to be higher

Cole's voice and that guitar is perfect harmony!

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43 Forbidden Fruit Forbidden Fruit

Would probably be one of the best songs out there if Kendrick laid down a verse!

Amazing beat
Good lyrics
Overall good song
Vote for it so it can be higher

Waiting on that Good kid cole world to drop

Favorite song of this album definitely in my top 5

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44 Land of the Snakes Land of the Snakes

Last verse is the realist thing I've ever heard

Awesome beat with even better lyrics.

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45 Nothing Last Forever

So relatable! Can't believe that this one is not ranked higher then this!

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46 Kenny Lofton

This song touch my heart it should have place here

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47 4 Your Eyez Only 4 Your Eyez Only

Great song. Cole talks straight from his heart and soul and puts it into every line. This 8 minute and 50 second long song is a very emotional song that tells a story about the struggles of the streets. It also talks from Cole's perspective and someone else's.

His earlier songs have been more commercial and about the beat, but in this song Cole is as real as he gets. He talks directly from his heart and soul, and he doesn't care if it is going to get played in the club

Some of the best rapping that he's ever rapped. It's all so real and although it may not appeal to the mainstream fans, this is a classic to everyone who knows rap. Easily among his best work.

Great story. One of the best rappers ever telling an emotional story about the struggles of the streets.

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48 Higher Higher
49 Runaway Runaway

He's right this song is one of the best

So you telling me yall forgot this song! Of all songs! Forget that lost ones! Listen to the born sinner album and see if you can keep lost ones #1

A song that talks about the realism of growing up and settling down,
And just how scary it is to change and actually fall in love or runaway...

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50 Song for the Ville

This is easily top ten its insane that its all the way down here at 36 this song is almost as good as return of simba

51 Nobody's Perfect Nobody's Perfect

This song is good. It definitely deserves a top 10. The chorus is so calming... Always listen to it when I'm down...

This song is so dope. It should be in the top10 /:

This is a great song should be way higher

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52 Miss America Miss America

This is top 10! His views on America and the norm of things such as miss America are called out for their ignorance. Real song j cole lets you in his deep thoughts and fears

By far his best work. The beat, the lyrics, the message. This song has the whole package. No way any song should be in front of this one.

This Says the reality of life on us. And they shut up the Media, wirh money

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53 03' Adolescence

This song is top 10

Too real and raw

This song is amazing listen to it and you'll understand this is one of the best in FHD :/ top 10 for sure

Best song on FHD

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54 Be Free

Yo, if this song isn't one of his best then I don't know. Everybody sleeping on "Work Out", which is in my opinion cole's worst lyrical song ever. This song actually has a message which is more than important for everybody. They should play this in the radio. ALL WE WANNA DO IS BREAK THE CHAINS OFF.

82 is a understatement especially the David letterman version

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55 Grown Simba

In my opinion the best Cole track beat wise without a doubt and my favourite track off "The Warm Up", The beat is sick and everyone should hear this song its dope. Should be much higher on this list too.

Great Story and the beat works very well with it. First J.Cole track I heard and I automatically got hooked

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56 Can I Live

Some thing is definitely wrong with this list if this isn't in the top 10. Easily one of his deepest, tear jerking, true heart touching songs. Give it a listen, and you wont regret it. Trust me.

This song just is so emotional. When you listen to it, you can feel the great storytelling come to your ears. Amazing song and one of his best

Seriously in his top three best songs. Easily. Something is definitely wrong with this list. This song has some DEEP lyrics. This list is crud if this doesn't even show in the top ten...?

This song is ill! Listen to warm up if you haven't yet, Cole's best work in my opinion

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57 Wet Dreams

This song can be related to anyone during high school

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58 Can I Holla at Ya

Beyond amazing, the guitar track is what Meeks this one of the most deep and beautiful songs I've ever heard. Cole spits a simple story, but it'll hit you hard no matter what.

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59 Never Told Never Told

A killing bit of self analysis.

60 Killers

Straight fire through and through, one of the best storytelling tracks of all time, not enough people know about it.

Number 5. Deepest, Most sickest track. Just hits you straight away

This is one of the deepest lyrical songs by J. Cole. He goes deep into the heart telling the story. This accorfing to me should have been on an album and deserves to be at top 10.

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