Best Songs On Linkin Park's Meteora and Living Things

Meteora vs Living Things. I love both albums but personally I think Meteora is much much better, just like I think Hybrid Theory is much better than A Thousand Suns on my HT vs ATS list, but I have to make the list fair by putting equal amount of songs from each album in the list, so even though by top ten would be full of Meteora songs, this one of course will be different.

The Top Ten

1 Numb - Meteora

Meteora is my best album from lp. I shake my head when I listen numb, breaking the habit, faint, lost in the echo and of course castle of glass. Long live Linkin Park... Abhisekh

Why the hell would you combine two albums for one list? Especially since one is amazing while the other one is a musical disgrace

2 Breaking the Habit - Meteora

My personal favourite from these two albums, and also one of my very favourite Linkin Park songs altogether. Somewhere I Belong and Numb come close too, but this is my very favourite song on this list. Beautiful, emotional and thrilling song. - EvilAngel

This is among the best songs in general... Seriously, deep meaning, deep lyrics, amazing music, and overall and awesome song :3

3 Castle of Glass - Living Things Castle of Glass - Living Things

This should be on the top of this list, it touches our heart friends, click on that vote button fellow music lovers as this song stands for something.

This is the best Linkin Park song of all time!

It has become my favourite song,

4 Lost In the Echo - Living Things

One of the best song of Linkin Park it really shivers me when I hear it with full concentration! Awesome means awesome. One can't say that the song is not of the top quality! Hail Linkin Park

5 Faint - Meteora
6 Somewhere I Belong - Meteora

Well, Numb is my favorite but I voted for Somewhere I Belong cause it's way better than any track from Living Things.

7 From the Inside - Meteora
8 In My Remains - Living Things

How this song did not become a single! Deep lyrics and amazing beat is the # 2 or # 1 album

9 Burn It Down - Living Things

Yeah, but not as good as Lost In the Echo, Castle of Glass, and Victimized. It's funny how it is below Foreword from Meteora, which has no lyrics.

Y is burn it down so down the list? Its one of the top 3 songs in the album, living things.

10 Lying From You - Meteora

The Contenders

11 Don't Stay - Meteora
12 Powerless - Living Things
13 Figure.09 - Meteora
14 I'll Be Gone - Living Things

I love this song, I personally believe that this song should at least make the top 10. To me this song is my favorite song from Living Things and all of the other LP songs.

I'll be gone this down in the list, it is the top song of Living Things.

15 Roads Untraveled - Living Things
16 Easier to Run - Meteora
17 Hit the Floor - Meteora
18 Victimized - Living Things

Most Aggressive song of Linkin Park - Paree

19 Session - Meteora
20 Lies Greed Misery - Living Things
21 Until It Breaks - Living Things
22 Nobody's Listening - Meteora
23 Tinfoil - Living Things
24 Foreword - Meteora
25 Skin to Bone - Living Things
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1. Lost In the Echo - Living Things
2. Faint - Meteora
3. Burn It Down - Living Things
1. Numb - Meteora
2. Breaking the Habit - Meteora
3. Lost In the Echo - Living Things
1. Numb - Meteora
2. Castle of Glass - Living Things
3. Breaking the Habit - Meteora

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