Best Songs From Madonna's MDNA

The Queen Of Pop's 12th album is a masterpiece. Why? Well, primarily because MADONNA sang it.

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Give Me All Your Luvin'

This is very top ten worthy it's better then some of the other song's on this album like I don't give a, so this song should definitely be in the top ten love Madonna

Oh come on people this still is a good song it should be in the top ten like come on even though it's not Madonnas best it is still worhty of being in the top of the albums songs like come on people

Some Girls should be on the #1!

First single. Not in Madonna's standards, but really good. Catchy and dancy. L-U-V Madonna!

Gang Bang

Thrilling song. Keeps you in awe and suspense. The singing is mysterious and the lyrics frank. Gang Bang, shot to death, shot my lover in the head. Gang Bang, shot to death, and I have no regrets.

Super beat that makes you feel like being in the middle of a race against time! Thrilling! "Now my lover is dead, and I have no regrets"

Exciting and dark and a very special song. This is how all of Madonna's songs should sound like dark and thrilling. Reminds me of the Erotica days.

I have nothing to say... Its simply beautiful... I wish Madonna all the best... M-D-N-A rocks on! Keep it up blonde beauty!

Girl Gone Wild

This song is much better then turn up the radio it has a better beat plus it may not be a music breakthrough but it sure is better then some of these other songs on the album

This song is fun, something that Madonna has done time and again is creating good dance songs. This is the best song on this album, it makes me want to move and sing along.

Second single. Nice beat, catchy chorus, very dance. Lyrics are a little cliche, that's all.

Girl Gone Wild is so good! It is a great dance track much like "Give It 2 Me" and "Hung Up". This song could've been a hit if it was promoted better!

I'm Addicted

It boggles my mind as to why this was not the first single from MDNA. If Madonna wants to rock the charts and make MDNA at least a mild success, she should start by releasing this song as a single. COME ON MADGE.

This song gets your adrenaline running like hell! Energetic piece of music, indeed! I'm Addicted to this song!

So good, especially 20 onwards. Should've been a since, but probably won't be. Club stomper for sure.

Why wasn't this a single?! Fantastic song.


This ballad is as great as "This Used to Be My Playground" and "Take a Bow". Very beautiful and melodious track. I love Madonna's Dance/Pop tracks on "MDNA" but she should make more songs like this in the future - Irina2932

This masterpiece doens't really need any explanation to be my favourite track from this album. Simply the most beautiful ballad by Madonna, ever.

Golden Globe-winning song. Awesome piece of balladry. Nice lyrics and singing. Madonna and William Orbit are fantastic together.

. This song is so amazing. Is a MASTERPIECE.

Falling Free

I can't stop playing this song again and again. It's haunting and intense in a way we haven't heard from Madonna in years. It has completely rekindled my love for all things Madonna!

Best ballad ever... Nothing else exists when I m listening to it... Please Madonna sing more ballads!

One of Madonna's best ballads ever. She should do more ballads... She's pretty good at it. This song seems to soar endlessly. You're in a trance listening to it.

I can't. It's a beautiful song - Brxtney

Love Spent

William Orbit Returns! Madonna revisits the disco era by blending pop, disco, rock and trance deftly. Wonderful track.

The lyrical play on money is genius especially "Frankly, if my name was Benjamin" and I LOVE the pounding, pulsating beats at the end.

Amazing song, both the album version and the acoustic version. Both have a completely different feel and mood, but both haunting in all the best ways.

This is one of Madonna's best songs in a ling time! Up there with the songs, 4 minutes, Sorry, Etc.

Love it!

Turn Up the Radio

Thumping song. Awesome production. Lyrics are so carefree. Must for drives.

Wonderful song to say bye to the problems and enjoy. It had to be the first single, nicee

Bad song, bad sound.
This song couldn't on the top 10.

Wonderful song, it had to be one success...let's try again! :-)

I Don't Give A

Love this song! Madonna's I-Don't-Give-A-F- statement to her failed marraige. Nicki Minaj's verse is splendid. And, just like Nicki declares, 'There's only one queen, and that's Madonna! '

Gimme All Your Love is better than this but this is well too :D Is good!

Best Friend

The Contenders

Beautiful Killer

Amazing song, Madonna is back to the basics and in addition powerful lyrics, incredible result, one of the best tunes from MDNA!

Flawless combination of Ray Of Light and American Life!

I F***** Up

Brilliant song. Hypnotic, groove. Loves how it changes tempo midway.

Yo J**** Arriba? I don't know it :S

I'm A Sinner

This one completes the Holy Trinity. "Beautiful Stranger", "Amazing", "I'm A Sinner", Amen.

Catchy and fun! I love it! It also has good meaning

I buy now the standard edition of the CD. Is so good, really. I don't like the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition. But I'm A Sinner is so pretty!

Some Girls

This song should be on the #1 side. Or on the top 5 :3 But this song shouldn't in the top 16 :(

This song is great!

B-Day Song

I love the classical old sweet style to it, sort of reminds me of Marilyn Monroe! It's a cute song!


Innocent Madonna. Like 'True Blue' or 'Cherish'. About the joys of being in love. Nice beat. Madonna, oo-la-la you're my superstar!

Girl, you're a superstar!
But #SomeGirls is better!
Some Girls is the best song of Madonna to the beginning at now.
Some Girls is P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Only buy the MDNA CD for Some Girl D

Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix) Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix) Cover Art
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