Best Songs From Marilyn Manson's Portrait of An American Family

The Top Ten

1 Dope Hat

This track is amazing composition through and through! Right off the bat, there's a sustained systematic chord striking and matching every lyrical verse through "Dope Hat." The most prominent segment comes in when the primary climax hits and there's a break-apart from the bgm with the remainder of the vocal performance. Every perfect matched lyrical phrase with every riff runs in perfect unison in a parallel highlight unlike any other on this album. The lyrics seem to play homage to a familiar musical setting of the chocolate factory whilst depicted in another enticing medium and makes for a darker tone and teases and mocks the original inception with a cute and sarcastic demeanor. Regardless of these fun takes, the music itself is what emanates heavily and makes this the most unforgettable of all tracks on this album.

2 Cake and Sodomy

The first song that Marilyn Manson wrote for his first album, Cake and Sodomy is a catchy, awesome song with intelligent lyrics that serves as a rallying cry against the hypocrisy of America. The song that truly defined his style. Deserves the #1 place.

3 Get Your Gunn
4 Snake Eyes And Sissies
5 Lunchbox
6 Misery Machine
7 Sweet Tooth
8 Cyclops
9 Prelude (The Family Trip)
10 Wrapped in Plastic

The Contenders

11 Dogma
12 My Monkey
13 Organ Grinder
14 Revelation #9
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