Best Songs From Muse's Origin of Symmetry


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1 Citizen Erased

This song would be better if it was shorter - TheYoMama

My all time favourite song at the moment. Plug In Baby has the best riff, with New Born being a high contender as well, but nothing beats Citizen Erased. - Aeterna

Fan favorite, and everyone loves it! I think it's the best, I don't know why it wasn't on the list before.

The ending is so good the whole song is amazing as well as the album itself

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2 New Born

The best

Such a good song - from the pickup in intensity to the riff to the song overall, it's easily the best from this album. - Songsta41

Although I don't think it's the best, totally see why it's number 1! ALL HAIL NEW BORN!

3 Plug In Baby

Awesome guitar riff, and classic fuzzy bass riff.

Better than new born, maybe not citizen erased, though

Love the guitar

My favourite of the album. This defines Muse and Origin Of Symmetry. I love this album. - Userguy44

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4 Bliss

Cool tune. And great chorus. - Userguy44

Space rock is a brilliant and underrated music genre and this song is beautiful - HollyRolo

I love Space Rock! :D

5 Space Dementia

The piano parts...they are just too amazing!

This song is gorgeous to listen to! Always makes me very excited and happy. The band makes excellent use of one of Rachmaninoff's piano concertos and completely reinterpret it in a beautiful way.

A brilliant piano play at the beginning. - UniqueUniverse

Rachmaninoff inspired piece. Beautiful vocals, musically intriguing, and they use subsonic sounds to their benefit.

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6 Dark Shines

Love the harsh vocals in the chorus, and the distorted piano, possibly my favorite track - mtndewlord

Underrated song I feel, it is so dark and chilling, especially when performed live.

7 Hyper Music

This song is so rough, I love it! - Undistinguished

This is one of my favourites, best song from origin of symmetry in my opinion. - yutex

8 Micro Cuts

My favourite Muse Song of ALL TIME

2nd Best song of the album

9 Feeling Good

I’m sorry but this is a gooddecent song. It deserves to be higher even though it is not my favorite on the album. I voted this up so people can notice this song and start to enjoy it. Maybe top 5s.

Great cover. - Userguy44

10 Megalomania

One of the most underrated Muse songs ever. The organ in this song is just great.

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11 Futurism

Have you guys heard this song? It’s the best! - TheYoMama


12 Screenager

Very underrated. I like how different this song is. - Userguy44

Why so low? screenager is amazing!

No offense but 4,000,000v1 me irl

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