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1 Uprising

6th!? are you kidding this is easily #1!

The best song from this album. Seriously, even if does sound similar to the Dr. Who theme song it makes it even better

Such a great anthem without being too bombastic and overblown, along with great singing/songwriting from Matt. - ChristianDavid

This song is so overrated it's stupid... it's not really that good if you listen to muses older stuff

It isn't Muse's best song, but not bad too. But I prefer stuff from Absolution. - Userguy44

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2 Undisclosed Desires

This song is just amazing! It combines all the sweet melodies which you can find in your heart. Part after second second couplet (I mean chorus) make me close my eyes and fully enjoy this song. On my opinion it's the best Muse song in album "The Resistance".

I used to like this song now I don't...:/

Best song ever!

3 Unnatural Selection

Unnatural Selection is a brilliant song. Uprising is great, but it's only considered one of Muse's best because most people haven't heard many of their songs and just assume it is. I'd say this, followed by United States of Eurasia. - Aeterna

Oh dear, the fact that Uprising is first kind of annoys me purely because I know that most people that vote haven't listened to the rest of the album! This song is EPIC! So powerful, up there with Butterflies and Hurricanes in my opinion.

Unnatural Selection is a perfect combination of guitar and organ! It is unique from any other song I've ever heard. This was the song that got me into Muse and it deserves my praise.

Uprising is a good song, don't get me wrong, but Muse is more than just Uprising, Hysteria and Plug In Baby.

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4 Resistance

This is kind of my favourite song in the world ever. I like the piano, the verses, the chorus and every thing else about. In my fav songs it is just on the edge of neutron star collision. - biddiebob99

When I bought the album, I relistened this song over and over again, it made me happy yet sad at the same time. I love the longing and melancholy vibes in the voice and perfect instruments.

This is a great song

It's so catchy. Muse is just amazing! - Userguy44

5 MK Ultra

The band definitely expressed some variety of sounds into this song , Matthew using some very melodic chords, the bass & guitar was superb, this song deserves to become a very popular single.

This is such an incredible piece of music and should be nearer the top along with butterflies and hurricanes!

Mk Ultra easily kicks uprisings oversized ass, it is strangely one of my favourite muse songs

Awesome as awesome

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6 United States of Eurasia

I love the mix of classical and rock with a hint of Queen. Also, it ends with the beautiful composition, "Nocturne Op2"

So powerful and beautiful. It is probably one of the greatest Muse songs and masterpieces

My favourite muse song of all time, such a powerful ballad, perfect song

This song is totally Queen copied

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7 Exogenesis Symphony: Part 1 (Overture)

Come on! Uprising is good, but it's extremely overrated.

The entire symphony needs to be appreciated more.

I don't like this album a lot, but this is great

8 Guiding Light

Great song. Should definitely be higher! Love the intervals.

Love the guitar solo. The vocals are great too.

The best song in the album

9 I Belong to You
10 Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3

This song is at the bottom of the list!?! This song is beautiful! The best song from all the Exogenesis and the album in general! More people need to listen to this song and appreciate its brilliance!

This song is easily the best song muse has every written

The perfect ending to the work of art that is the Exogenesis Symphony. "Let's start over again" = CHILLS
It's a crime for this song to be last place on this list.

So beautiful

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11 Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2

I prefer this even to the Exogenisis' other movements - the way the Beethoven-esque piano arpeggios transition into powerful rock bass is nothing but triumphant!

12 United States of Eurasia (+collateral Damage)
13 I Belong to You (+mon Cœur S'ouvre a Ta Voix)
14 I Belong to You (+mon Coeur S'ouvre À Ta Voix) - Muse
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