Best Songs From Oasis' (What's the Story) Morning Glory?


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1 Champagne Supernova

Jeez this song is awesome - PinkHeno

There is no song better than this

2 Don't Look Back in Anger

Everything about this song is amazing. The opening piano, the thought-provoking lyrics, the explosive lyrics. Noel Gallagher sang this one for a change, and good thing he did. One of the most beautiful songs ever!

3 Wonderwall

This song is just a classic! Everybody knows it and sings along when they hear it. It reminds me of the first time I met this guy and it's just genuinely an amazing song! - skyvonsunshine

Most classic and famous oasis' song!

good song

Wonderwalis great should be number 1 whys it not I don't no its in no1 on the top10 isn't it then whys it notno1 here it should be no1 it's so so weird why its not votev for this it's so goot

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4 Some Might Say

One of the most underrated rock song of all time. - dootdoot

5 Morning Glory

Such great energy; a real head-banger, some might say.

Perfect song! Especially live!

This is energetic and powerful! what a great riff too

6 Cast No Shadow

The lyrics in this song are so damn fantastic.

7 Hello

Incredible entrance to one of the best albums of all time, kicks off the album perfectly

8 She's Electric
9 Hey Now!

I like this one. Gets a bit overlooked.

Love this song!

10 Roll with It

Okay this song isn’t the best but it’s not the worst actual song on this album

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11 Untitled (The Swamp Song - Excerpt 2)
12 Untitled (The Swamp Song - Excerpt 1)
13 The Masterplan

It’s a B-side, but it's A-side is on this album. So - does it count?

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1. Champagne Supernova
2. Hey Now!
3. Hello
1. Don't Look Back in Anger
2. Champagne Supernova
3. Wonderwall
1. Don't Look Back in Anger
2. Morning Glory
3. Cast No Shadow

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