Best Songs From Owl City's Ocean Eyes

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1 Fireflies

Is there any need to vote on this? Quadruple platinum... It says all...

Fireflies absolute classic

2 Vanilla Twilight

This song is so beautiful. Every time I listen to it, it makes me feel a little wistful, but in a good way... it reminds me of old times. It helps when I'm feeling sad or stressed to listen to songs like this one and take some time to step back and just listen. When I listen to this song, I fondly remember old memories, and I'm overwhelmed by how beautiful the song is. It's very calming, and every time I hear it, I'm at peace.

Beautiful vocals and sound. The lyrics describe a true love for someone special. That someone could be anyone, not just a girlfriend but a best friend or a loved one who you miss terribly. The best part of the song is "when violet eyes get brighter, and heavy wings grow lighter, I'll taste the sky and feel alive again." I feel like after years of being apart the two are finally seeing each other again in Heaven. Amazing song.

It has a calm sound that makes me think of winter. I also like the fact that it has no chorus.

3 On the Wing

I can't stop listening to this song! It has the most creative, dreamy lyrics I've ever heard. On the wing is definitely my favorite song.

I love this song so much. Adam uses that whispery voice which gives you this far-away feel. There is limited repeats and Breanne duren sings harmony too

Please guys,give vote to "on the wing"

Wow, it's really my favoite song, this song make my feel flying so high in the sky :)
This is the great song (y)

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4 Hello Seattle

A great city and a great song. I love how this song is dedicated to just how amazing Seattle and Washington State is. Not many people realize how awesome it is up here.

The remix of this song is better, but I really like this song.
"Hello Seattle (Remix)" is better though. - AlGalaxy

5 The Bird and the Worm
6 Meteor Shower

Amazing song, great emotions shown in it, I do wish it was longer, but for what it is, it's a great track, which is at least top 3 on this album!

This should be top 3, smh

Short and sweet. Simple yet beautiful.

7 The Saltwater Room

Um hello people has anyone even heard this song? ITS AMAZING! It one of his best romantic songs ever and vinalla twilight is right behind!

Whenever I'm alone and listening to this song makes me miss my love more and more. this song is made for all the lovers around the world who are unconditionally in love with each other. WORTH LISTENING! Just once will not be enough. ^_^

8 Tidal Wave

Relient K is in this song!

I love how it gets really happy and then sad

9 Dental Care
10 Umbrella Beach

I'm sorry, but this song deserves to be higher. The synth on this song is simply incredible.

I love this song,it proves that we can do anything even if we face problems

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11 Sunburn

She got a tan and I got a sunburn.
The lyrics are depressing when you think about it, but if you don't Adam covers it up well.

I thought this was from a soundtrack for a T.V. show, not Ocean Eyes. Apparently, I was wrong. - AlGalaxy

12 Cave In

Amazing song. This is much better than the rest of Ocean Eyes. So good. One of my favorite songs. - AlGalaxy

Cave in is quite inspirational. 'If the bombs go off the sun will still be shining, because I've heard it's said that every mushroom cloud has a silver lining.' 💜

13 The Tip of the Iceberg

This song is an adventure... wow...

14 If My Heart Was a House

This song is very pretty, one of Adams best songs. It is one of my favorite songs and it has really meaningful lyrics. I smile and sing along every time I hear this song. It has great analogies and comparisons along with Adam's unique style to give it that special touch.

It's a very beautiful love song... This should be much higher, seriously.

It's a very beautiful song. Adam has devine voice. this songs describes the way I feel when my crush is around me. ^_^ this song deserves spot between top 7

Last one. Are you serious people? LAST ONE? I'd understand if it was third, or forth, as people tend to choose hits, but last one? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F****** MIND?!? I'm outta here...

15 Rugs from Me to You

It's really silly and full of puns! Seriously it is THE BEST!

16 Hot Air Balloon

Amazing song. Full of personality and happiness. This is my second favorite song, next to fireflies

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