Best Songs by Powderfinger

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1 My Happiness

To be honest I love all powderfinger songs but this song is one of those songs where no other song sounds like it because it's so original and just awesome lyrics with a really catchy chorus

2 These Days

Absolutely amazing song

3 (Baby I've Got You) on My Mind

Wow! I had a really, really hard time picking which song to vote for, but I had to pick this one because it's so original and upbeat, and makes me want to sing along or dance, depending on the circumstances. Love playing this on my guitar. Powderfinger are just so underrated. I really wish people would listen properly to their music for a while and realise the genius behind their songs. I know I have, and I can't stop listening to them. Easily my favourite band of all time!

4 Burn Your Name

Heard it first in New Zealand from the U.S.. Never looked back on this group of talented Australian guys.

5 Bless My Soul
6 All of the Dreamers

Best Song EVER! Can listen to it all day very day. Powerfinger rocks!

7 Lost and Running
8 The Metre
9 Waiting for the Sun
10 Sunsets

Their third best song in my opinion. Excellent film clip too!

I guess this song isn't really well known in radio land, but this is 1 of the best non radio played Powderfinger songs, along with Capocity

The Contenders

11 My Kind of Scene

My kind of scene is absolutely beautiful. Try tell me it isn't.

Such a sick song

12 I Don't Remember
13 Love Your Way

This song is so good! So much better than any others! And the guitar solo is absolutely killer! Best song by a fantastic band!

14 D.A.F.
15 Already Gone
16 Stumblin'
17 Passenger

I love this song so damn much! I can't stop listening to it!
The message is so powerful, and the early powderfinger was truly fantastic.

18 Private Man
19 Who Really Cares
20 The Day You Come
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