Best Songs On Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium


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1 Wet Sand

Listen to it makes me feel really better.

Best guitar solo ever (of course frunciante)

John 4 life

The feelings never stop with this song. frusciante's solo is just one of the best (made in studio) in the whole discography.
peace all - hype0

2 Snow (Hey Oh)

Yep we knew this was 1

Gentle Wisdom with great guitars and lyrics

Best song ever made

3 Dani California

Such a funky and enjoyable song.. The chorus really blows you away

California RIP. Just with that it's the best.

The second best RHCP song ever in existence, it is the best song in this album

ŠŸŽµCalifornia RIPšŸŽµ I love this song. The clip is also awesome!

4 She's Only 18

Catchy! - Userguy44

5 Slow Cheetah

The ending of this song is amazing - Sabbath

A pure, deep, amazing song

6 Tell Me Baby

Why isn't this higher on the list? This is the best song!

7 Desecration Smile

Every aspect of the song.. so perfect it has all the components required to be my favorite rhcp song

8 Strip My Mind
9 She Looks to Me
10 Stadium Arcadium

The Contenders

11 Hump de Bump

The ultimate club song

12 Hard to Concentrate

I don't know exactly why, seeing as there are songs that seem better, but the beautiful, and somewhat complex guitar by Frusciante, added to the wonderful theme of weddings sung by Anthony Kiedis' beautiful voice; well.. It just makes for an awesome song.

Easily the best and the most emotional song on the album. Incredible...

The guitar is awesome, John Frusciante can do anything.

13 Charlie
14 Death of a Martian

The ending of this song is simply mind-blowing

15 Hey

Hidden under Hey Oh (Snow), when you hear it with your heart, Hey Oh's still awesome, but Hey is sublime.

Seems to be a very underrated song! The solo in this song is just pouring right out of John's heart.

16 Readymade

This one is really catchy. It legitimately sounds like it could of been a successful single off the album.

One of their best. Would kill to see chili peppers play this with frusciante

17 Turn It Again

This song is so underrated, John frusciantes guitar throughout this whole song is amazing and Fleas bassline accompanies It so well, and the solo blows my mind to andromeda. Such a masterpiece.

18 Storm In a Teacup

Should be in top 5 at least

19 Especially in Michigan

This song just has a great feeling to it, combined with interesting, layered singing/tracking. And an awesome bluesy solo!

This is the best guitar-focussed song of the record!

20 C'mon Girl
21 Make You Feel Better

Everything about this song is perfect.

One of the best


22 So Much I
23 We Believe

Amazing song one of the best by them

24 If
25 Warlocks
26 21st Century

The best song on the album

27 Torture Me
28 Animal Bar

My favorite song on the album. The bass sounds awesome

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1. Slow Cheetah
2. She's Only 18
3. Dani California
1. Slow Cheetah
2. C'mon Girl
3. Wet Sand
1. Dani California
2. Snow (Hey Oh)
3. Turn It Again

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