Best Songs to Get You on the Dance Floor

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1 Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Bass line in perfection! Instantly want to start dancing the routine of, moonwalking everywhere and anywhere! Just Awesome!

The best, I dance to MJ nearly everyday! He was a genius, he lives on in my heart in 100's of millions of others, I don't think there will be another like him, closest yet is Justin Timberlake or Chris Brown oh and I can't forget Usher, Love you MJ

Seriously, does anybody think this song really need some comment explaining why it is the "best song to get you on the dance floor"? Its an old track and yet you continue to hear it everywhere because it is clearly the best!

Unmistakable Bass Line that just forces you to dance, or at least tap to the beat - IIBK

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2 Round 'N' Round - Menowin

I love this song much* M*E*N*O*W*I*N* the best voice for my

Nice breezy summersong! I love it!

3 Just Dance - Lady Gaga

It's in the title and it's really good.

Oh oh just dance one of my favorite songs! This song really gets me on the dance floor I hope we do it for my dancr retical. This song gets everybody moving grooving and up on there feet come on every

I really like this song it gets me movin

I love rhis song
Also I love to sing to it

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4 Hung Up - Madonna

It's The Best Dance Song Of The Decade: "Hung Up" reached number one in 44 countries, it currently holds the record of reaching the number 1 position in the most countries for a single. "Hung Up" became first Madonna's number one on the Latin American chart and the only U.S. artist to reach number one.

Madonna's Hung Up definetely deserves the #1 spot. I mean, this song can make even geeks and nerds and shy guys dance! And I mean it!

Everytime I listen to this song I feel like dancing my feet away. Love you, Madonna!

Beats Thriller any day! Lucky Stars unite and let's get this to the top!

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5 Low - Flo Rida

Everybody knows and loves this song. It always gets me dancing!

Best dance song ever made! It makes you wanna go out there and just move your body. It should be number 1.

This song is THE best song. Everyone knows it. Everyone loves dancing to it!

Love this song

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6 Thriller - Michael Jackson

Thriller thrills... It brings the mood to dance and everyone jumps out of their chairs to dance for the thriller...

Oh ya Thriller makes me wanna dance just like MJ... I love it so much... miss MJ - love4mjj

'Thriller' just grabs me outta my seat! It makes me sing and dance and...embarrass my 12-y/o. LOL! I really should leave that to the next generation of movers, shakers, 'ghouls' and 'moonwalkers'... - fleurdemimi

Love it it gets you going

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7 If You Stayed - Menowin

Great song - wonderful artist. Check it out. And please listen to the follow up single "round'n'round"!

8 Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna

I love this song because the lyrics are great and it gets you wanting to dance because of the beat. Rihanna is a great artist and she makes songs that are great to dance too.

This should be in the to ten music... I heard this song last when I was in 5th grade and I still remember it when am in 12th... Great song by rihanna

This song is great if you r a hip-hop dancer like I am and I am good

"This song always gets you out there wanting to dance with some friends! " really good song!

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9 Crazy in Love - Beyonce

Awesome song.. Great beat, awesome collaboration.. And everyone get to do the Uh-Oh dance!!

10 Don't Stop'til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson

Really groovy, classic song. Nice to see people voting Michael Jackson higher than all of the hip-hop trash that makes up the rest of this list.

Yeah I sorta agree. I don't know what other songs can make you wanna dance...
Thumbs up if Seinfeld brought you here somehow :-P

This is the master and will be to the end of the world. Gracias JOKES from Slovakia thank you benga

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? From Paris to Berlin - Infernal
? Ay Chico - Pitbull

A Great song, makes me want to dance every time!

Great song and I like pitbull

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11 Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard

How can this not be on the list

All time great party starter

12 Objection - Shakira

I find this to be an easy fun song to dance to

13 Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez

I love this because I woke when I was tired really and by the time I turned on the song I woke up

Makes me alive even if I'm exhausted! It will never be out of fashion.

People! Come on! Every dance contest use this brilliant song!
Jackson's Billie Jean is OK but this one is much better - definitely the best! - Magnolia

I love her she has the best music especially retro and dance.. , She's so should be number one!

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14 Temperature - Sean Paul

One of my best friends Miki and I made up a dance 2 this and it is a great song.

Duh! Sean paul's amazing super fast rap just makes you wanna dance to the groove! - Haruka

I love this song!... Its one of the bests songs out there. It will make you get on the dance floor and dance the whole night out! Enjoy!

BEST club dancing song

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15 I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston

SO GOOD. Whitney is the queen, and this song always makes me happy and want to get out there dancing!

I was asked to pick a song that I would want to dance to at my nephew's upcoming wedding. I want to pick this one because I do want to dance with somebody who loves me. I am still longing for that somebody. I think this song is a great song to get me out there on the dance floor and allow me to dance to my fantasy.

Wow she was amazing, I am amazed at how that song could make anyone want to dance. She was so amazing and absolutely mesmerising to watch. Were going to miss her creation of songs. I only wish she could make more!

It is marvellous.

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16 SOS - Rihanna

Best Rihanna song - MadonnaCarey

Awesome sauce

17 Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

Best dancing song ever... Simply rocking. What this song has achieved since 1988 is simply amazing. Music, dancing, tune, video, everything just mind blowing.

Since 1988, it been rocking the world 4 22 years... AWESOME TUNE - SmoothCriminal

Check out the Remix 2009 1, it's a BLAST, it's way BETTER than the original one - SmoothCriminal

Love the lean part and the dance I love how it came out and everything there's nothing bad you can say about that video

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18 Absolutely Everybody - Vanessa Amorosi

Catchy and fun, should be in the top ten

19 Beat It - Michael Jackson

First gangster music video that came out in history


Love this song it just makes me become alive!

20 Blue Monday - New Order
21 Poker Face - Lady Gaga
22 Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees

it was the first Karaoke song I ever did. I am known as best Bee Gees karaoke singer in the area. Barry Gibb should be

Love it- my fave karaoke song ever

Best dance song ever. Every body loves disco.

Good song to dance to, got to keep I fun

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23 Dancing Queen - ABBA

Everyone loves abba, and everyone dances to abba and everyone knows the words to abba.. they soung great and there songs are happy tunes, vote for these beauties

An unforgettable classic! I just love this one! - ivylee

What a great song

24 She Wolf - Shakira
25 Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
26 That's the Way It Is - Celine Dion

This song is really cool. Once That's The Way It Is by Celine Dion is played, it makes me feel relaxed and, I might not really dance physically, but in my heart and mind, I am actually dancing. That's real power. - RLAAMJR

My top celine dion song.,... My heart will go on

27 Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

If you'll be on the dance floor then you need some pool cues. XD (Shaun of the Dead reference FTW) - fireinside96

An oldie but a goodie... "Like Lady Godiva!"

Should be much higher. - bzsuzsi0128

Number one for me, too.

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28 Telephone - Lady Gaga
29 Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
30 You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
31 Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) - Pitbull
32 Applause - Lady Gaga
33 Livin la Vida Loca - Ricky Martin

It's Ricky Martin. This song has to make you want to dance!

34 Sandstorm - Darude

this is the greatest thing in techno music... nothing will beat this - pierrerock

Yes awesome! Will get everyone dancin', no doubt. It has such a nice build up.

this is the greatest mosh pit song of all time like I frxin go crazy on dis snap all the time def listenin to this rite now - ballaboi17

OMG! I love this song. Awesome! Temperature is good too but this beats everything! - crazyeyes56

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35 Pon de Replay - Rihanna

"Dip it low when then you bring up slow"
If this isn't one of the best dance songs out there, there aren't dance floors.

I LOVE songs by Rihanna - Zmbrough

I love this song so bad bicth

36 U + Ur Hand - P!nk

Wooooowww we did this dance for a show and it rocked the place. AMAZING!

37 Duck Duck Goose - cupcakKe
38 Hound Dog - Elvis Presley

now THIS is a DANCE song EVERYONE can dance to, enjoy, AND have fun with!

May the king rest in peace

39 Yeah! - Usher

this song never gets old, should be in top ten. - fs80

This song is so amazing. It can never get old, it's so legendary. No matter what, this song guarantees to get you dancing even if you hate to dance. It has this massive solid beat that you just can't resist. Me and my best friend LOVE this song, it's so awesome

This song never gets old. Still my favorite some to dance to. :) Always helps me get in the mood to shake my booty, every time.

Awesome dance song

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40 Teeny Weeny String Bikini - Gunther & the Sunshine Girls

Diamond in the ruff

No question about it! G�nther for the win!

41 Ray of Light - Madonna

Back when she was able to sing. I miss this Madonna; She's been replaced by a really bad one. - Swellow

42 Deepthroat - cupcakKe
43 Wild Dances - Ruslana
44 Push It - Salt 'N' Pepa

perfect for doing it old school

Awesome dance song

45 Little Bad Girl - David Guetta

1. Little bad girl
2. Good feeling
3. Billie jean
4. Pop that lock
5. For your entertainment
6. Let's get it started
7. Lets get loud
8. Party rock anthem
9. Gangnam style

Bob went to town

This just rocks
No other song can go better than this

Great Beat.. Great Song..

46 On the Floor - Jennifer Lopez

This is my favourite song because it gets you dancing.

Oh come on! This song should be in the Top 5! True dance anthem!

This song is amazing

It sounds natuarally as anthems do, therefore it the best dance song.

47 Footloose - Kenny Loggins

every time I hear this song, my feet move on their own

This always gets me moving no matter how I feel

This really gets my groove on

48 Everytime We Touch - Cascada

I love this song because it's just so romantic and it gets you dancing

VERY VERY good dance song

Love this always gets me in the mood to dance.! Love it! It's so lovely to listen to as well

It's a great song and even greater for dancing to!

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49 Black or White - Michael Jackson
50 Vagina - cupcakKe
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