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As someone born in northern Mexico (native Spanish speaker) and fluent English speaking (American English) and now living in France, I can safely say, French is by far the most gorgeous language. It's so melodic, fluid and just plain amazing, Italian is more similar to Spanish and Portuguese as they all share similar sounds but spoken French is so much nicer and the sounds of all letters are much more beautiful... music in French is amazing to listen too, even the worst mainstream hip-hop song sounds amazing because of the language. No other language is capable of turning garbage use of words into music as good as French does!

It's a beautiful language and sounds elegant the minute you hear it. The accent is also very nice to hear when you mix it with it's native language. Still deciding whether I should take French, Spanish, or Russian due to the beauty of each language.

A wonderful language spoken by lots of different countries in all continents. Which add this charm because of marvelous accents and specific way to enrich French language, from African countries, Caribbeans, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Lebanon etc... French is a complex and difficult language to learn, but each feeling can be express with a so smart and precise way. French is a real rich language full of romanticism and love. Proud and so happy for having learnt it. I know that people does not like anything related to French or France and sorry but I'm far to share that.

There are words in French that do not translate into any other language that explicitly express situation of love. For example. Retrouvailles: the feeling you get when you see someone after a long physical separation. Surely one of the less annoying language.

And when saying that 40% of French words are English, you must learn that it's the contrary, 40% (even 45% depending of sources) of English words have French origins. With around 80,000 words, and here we count only words imported directly from French. By searching correctly, you will find these facts on internet.


I was always curious and eager about learning this beautiful language. It first appealed to me because I didn't understand it when I heard Spanish songs in the past. I speak French, English, Arabic, Armenian and Spanish (although I am still not fluent with Spanish yet) and I am from Canada. I must say that Spanish is music to my ears. It sounds great and is so romantic. Anyone who will hear a good song in Spanish will love the language. The love songs in Spanish will make you see how romantic the language is and make you love the language even more. I would easily trade my Armenian and Arabic just to be fluent in Spanish. It is an easy language to learn especially if you already know French because both languages have a similar grammar and words that are almost the same.

I absolutely adore the Spanish Language. I've studied it, Portuguese, and French and have found it to be the greatest of the three. Not only is it fairly easy to learn (to a native English speaker), but it is also phonetic and just overall has a great look and sound. To top all that off, it's also the 2nd most natively spoken language in the world and 3rd most spoken. French is great too, but it has so many silent letters that it can get to be frustrating. Portuguese is pretty great too, but not near as much as Spanish. If I had to say which language would be the language that should spoken world wide it'd definitely be Spanish.

It's my native language, yet Spanish keeps sounding weird to me sometimes. I am able to recognize the beauty in the sound itself when someone says a nice-sounding sentence; something that for some reasons seems to disappear in other languages once I was able to speak them; it's like the initial music goes away once you comprehend them.
Also Spanish, like any other language with such an amount of speakers, is very rich; far beyond the most evident difference between the two to-be verbs ("ser" and "estar") which are the first concise words (and the first oddity) foreign learners notice.

Venezuelan, Rioplatense and Mexican accents are like music to my ears. I'm not a fan of standard European Spanish, though (Andalusians rule), mostly because they tend to sound like they're angry for some reason, but also because of their "lisp".


At the moment of writing this, Italian and French were at the top of this list which is great because those two were the last candidates I had to chose for my next language. French sounds good and is very useful because it is the 2nd most spoken second language. You open up a lot of options if you are a traveler. Regardless of all this, I picked Italian because the energetic and romantic flow of it was too hard to resist. I traveled Europe for 2 months and you just have to listen to a group of Italians for 5 minutes and you'll want to join in! I speak English and Spanish, I can afford to pick a "less useful" language!

The language of beauty itself. They often use "bella", or beautiful to mean good or nice, and "brutto" to mean ugly or bad. It is fluid and expressive.
I had to use my vote for Italian, but German is beautiful, too. It is logical in a way that no Romantic language can be, and it has Dative and Genitive cases (giving it the perfect number).
I don't care for the overly nasal quality of French and Portugese. Spanish uses "s" to make plurals, which is overly simple and lacks the "I" ending plural that Italian has.

I like Spanish because it is so widely spoken, and is fun and easy to learn, however Italian is absolutely the best sounding language in the world, in my opinion. The thing that I am not particularly found of in the Spanish language is its lisp sounds. Italian does not have lisp sounds and therefore wins in the beauty aspect. English is of course the most spoken and, on more than one level, most important language to speak. French sounds OK, I especially love the phrases "Bon appetite" and "Bon voyage". However, the language seems to be a bit a bit more difficult to learn than the above three. So there you have it. Besides the English language, the Latin based languages stands out as being the better of the languages. And it is probably no coincidence that the language scientist Zamenhof used as much as 80% of Latin when he created the most popular artificial language in the world Esperanto.

Most beautiful, melodic, poetic language in the world. EVERY sentence, every word every syllable sounds like a song or a rhythm. The Italians have everything the best food, the best fashion, the most beautiful people... only fitting that they have the most gorgeous language to go with that!
when an Italian man is wooing you, you will go weak at the knees. the things he says, even if you can't understand, are so beautiful and charming, that you won't be able to resist him!
same goes for those feisty Italian women, they can cook up a storm, but they also speak their mind with plenty of beautiful language to feed your ears, even "f off" sounds beautiful in Italian!


Depending on the accent (Caipira, Carioca, Alentejano, Minhoto...), Portuguese can sound sexy, lively, elegant or all of the above. Regardless, it's always easy on the ear. I find it phonetically similar to Polish (it's the Romance version of Polish, with extra sugar). All poetry should be written in Portuguese! Finally, Bossa Nova, Morna and Fado are some of the greatest, most soothing music genres in my opinion... and they're sung in Portuguese.

The Portuguese is awesome, but the Portuguese from Europe and Africa doesn't sound well as the Portuguese from Brazil sounds. It is totally different than any other kind of Portuguese spoken worldwide. It is consequence of the influence that the Brazilian Portuguese received of a lot of other languages, such as Italian, Spanish, German, languages of Brazilian Indians, and languages brought from Africa by black slaves. It is what made the Portuguese from Brazil be the beautiful language that it is nowadays. Brazilian Portuguese is amazing.

Brazilian Portuguese is Sexy. Rolls out of the tongue, kinda hissy, like a breeze of fun to the ears. Just sooo chill, the ultimate spontaneous and comfy in their own skin type of language. It's definitely MADE to be spoken with a carefree smile while enjoying your precious life (precisely what the natives do). It's obviously got that cool latino touch in it but it goes beyond that, something more and very unique, a mystery that you just can't really put into words. Not to mention Brazilians are just the coolest and warmest people you'll ever meet in your entire life hands down and that makes you defenseless like a child, your sorrow just melt away. Again, Brazilian sexiness is just out of this world and their language is no exception.

Portuguese is such a gorgeous language! The language of the Prince of Poets Lu s Vaz de Cam es . It 's so magical, enchantingsincere, emotional and beautiful! The language of love and poetry, for sure! Its literature is amazing! Besides, it has to be one of the most musical and melodic languages existent it sounds so flawless! From Portugal, Brazil or Africa, it is exceptional when properly written and spoken! It 's so beautiful that makes me cry Grammar and pronunciation can be very difficult sometimes, but it totally compensates the effort! Portuguese is pure music! LOVE IT! And, in my humble opinion, much more beautiful than Spanish, but this is only what I think. I don 't want to hurt susceptibilities .


It just sounds pleasent go some reason, and if you think about voice acting, Japanese sounds the most pleasent and poetic. I know that some of the girls aoi really annoying but most of those annoying high pitched voices has been left behind in the past voice acting. I think that every character they write has a meaning is also cool, though that's the same with Chinese or Korean. Some say that it's because it's because it's a new language and we re jut convincing ourselves but I've been listening to it since I was a toddler and I have listened I all does of languages but I still think Japanese is the best. Well it's hard to express why I like it so much but I just love it. Surely there are many others which understand me.

I love it because the language is very cool and very suitable in movie no matter what genre it is.. it can be epic or romantic, both are suited with japanese.

Japanese is the most beautiful language in the world. Most Westerners simply cannot differentiate between Asian languages and will (frankly speaking) just mark any Asian language off as Chinese (which I think sounds much too strained and rough! ) because that's the only thing they hear. And yepp, Japanese music is AMAZING, and that is definitely not coming from a k-pop fanatic! Watch anime and you will see for yourself.

As a Japanese, I want to note that the variety of the language is quite large. At least, it varies as much as all types of English spoken all over the world. In fact, I understand less than half of what my grandmother says.
My favorite Japanese dialect is "Awa" dialect, which makes you sound like a simple and pure teen-age girl even if you are 50 years old hairy male.

My favorite language is Italian though.


The way English is worded is just amazing. Because of the sheer amount of its vocabulary, you can express yourself in a sophisticated manner while being understood. There are a lot of words which have just slight differences amongst them in terms of the meanings, which adds to the richness of your expressions. There are a lot of authors who contributed to the richness of this pretty language, most notably Shakespeare, who furthered the development of early modern English. Also, there are tonnes of classic love songs written in this language. Personally, I think it is a language of love and romance. Also, it has developed over a long history, which makes the language itself reflect a rich heritage, which should be cherished and preserved for generations to come. Also, the culinary heritage which developed along with the language adds flavour to it. If you look at the historic architecture throughout England, you cannot stop but appreciate the perseverance and the artistic sense of the ...more

Best Germanic language! Not guttural and rough like German and Danish. It's also very diverse in that there are so many accents: Irish, Scottish, Cockney, Jamaican, Southern American, Kiwi... Personally, I could listen to an Irishman speak all day.

I feel like the best part about the English language isn't that it's so widely spoken, but rather BECAUSE it's so widely spoken that there are tons of different accents among completely native speaking English countries, including very powerful, utterly anglophone nations like American(all of it's dialects), Australian and British. It's because of this diversity that native speakers are able to clearly understand what a non-native speaker is saying through their accent. Obviously sometimes it's harder with certain accents like Scottish, or really thick ones, but opposed to other languages where you can often not even understand what they're saying because of their accent, English speakers can generally understand what you're saying, and if they can't tell exactly what you said, they can usually figure it out from context. Worst case scenario you'll have to repeat it slower if your accent is too thick. accents can be a big barrier for lots of languages, but in English, accent is ...more

For me, American English is the most beautiful laguage of the world! Initially, it comes from that my favorite singer is from New York, and her way of speaking is really beatiful. American English tends to be considered as rougher than Queen's English. However, I think that the reality is that American English has several forms coming from the diverse backgrounds of the speakers in the USA. There are Englishes of Black people, Western people, New Yorkers, etc. For me, New Yorkers' English is a kind of peak of the sound of English language. It's mixture of rough and sophisticated beauties, since New Yorkers are mainly intelligent people although American English itself is casual language compared to Queen's English. I love the sound of American English!


Arabic language is the one chosen by glorious God to be the language of the the holy Quran, best book and spoken by the best God's messenger prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, it must be the best language ever.

You can almost say that poetry is made for the Arabic language, Arabic in its structure accommodates the sounds of poetic lines and even if you haven't heard Arabic before, you'll notice the perfect poetic sound system. Other than that, as countries there haven't yet developed technologically, so most of the terms they use are related to nature and village life, so basically it is an old romantic language.

Sounds great when your'e like talking normally but when you reading arabic from the Quran line after line its incredible and so beautiful-you just can't explain its just WOW!
Arabic writing is also beautiful and so flowing

Arabic is pictured as this ugly screaming language, but as a native speaker I assure you none of that exists not in any way.
The way words and letters combine together is just amazing and not everyone can speak it correctly, that's why people hate it, because of the multiple accents and dialects, and the fact that the majority who claim to speak it, don't.


I think this is a good language to learn, it's the 5th most spoken with both native and non-native speakers and spoken all over the former soviet union, so I think speaking it would be very useful, I want to study abroad for the language as a 15 year old autistic person when the quarantine is over.

Russian is very different from its Western European counterparts when it comes to studying it. The language itself is very flexible, with decent pronunciation. The richness of the vocabulary leaves a wonderful impression. And Russian poesy captivates immensely. The perception of it differs so much from, let's say, the poetry of Shakespeare in English or from French poetry. You feel some other kind of energy and liveliness of the language. It is hard to learn, but opens wonderful prospects. Reading Russian authors in the original language is way more enjoyable than in translation, because translations miss many aspects of the Russian language that are just untranslatable.

I’m Russian and I’m so proud of it. Despite what some people might say and all the terrible lies the western media spread about Russia, it is a very beautiful country and Russian is by far the most beautiful, melodic and romantic language and no other language can compare to it

Russian is a creative language. It's flexibility with sentence structures is amazing, and just all around sounds beautiful. Learning Russian you will appreciate the culture, language and literature a lot more.


Cause of it's sweet and calm tones.words contains all kind of letters that most of humans can pronouns them in very simply way without limited.for example we can't find ((P)) in Arabic, ((R)) in French, ((jh)) in English,((kh)) in Turkish...Faris is so simple and old language.

I think Farsi is the most beautiful language I've ever heard. It's like spoken song. My taste is for soft flowy language. I would consider Farsi, French, Portuguese, Gaelic etc. Like the cursive of spoken languages and these are the ones I find most beautiful as well as Italian. Though I would categorize Italian as bouncy and fun rather than romantic and beautiful. I'm sure I'm leaving out so many languages that I've never heard. I wish I could hear them all. They're all beautiful in their own way.

If its only about how languages sound then I should say yes it sounds good.
Ihim.. it sounds good and this fact is what gave this lang opportunity to evolve and become the body of the biggest tree of languages which they call indo European.. Without being harmonic and having the capability of making endless new words and the sentimental accuracy which this language gives it couldn't spread itself this wide without the point of sword. despite the fact of creative inherent of this language is clearly ascertainable by studying its literature one other point is that this lang was affected by its inhabitants and its environment that caused the fact that this lang can cover a wide range of concepts and it do not need to give a same exact concept several names or to invent several names for different conditions of a same object there for exactly like numeric system it can call an object in different conditions by using close to exact adjectives which is not the same for example in Semitic ...more

Persian is another way to say this. Keep in mind, Farsi was a language made in ancient times, when the Persian Empire invaded almost half of the world! Every sentence has a poetic structure and can sometimes sound like a song or rhythm. It's a beautiful language, known in some Asian countries. Think about it - it's not at all like the harsh language of Arabic. It's soft like chocolate. Iranian must be a pleasure to listen or learn.


Not just Sinhalese sound beautiful, it's letters are the most rounded letters in the world. it is believed that Sinhalese letters became that beautiful due to the reason language is well civilized and organized. Some scientists doubt that Sinhalese has a different influence of some unknown source (aliens or any other) due to its uncommonness with compared to other languages. Unfortunately less amount of people use Sinhalese and it used as an official language only in Sri Lanka.

It is an official language of Sri Lanka, and is exceptionally well studied and maintained. At least 75% of the people in Sri Lanka start studying Sinhalese since they are 5-6 yrs old, and many study it rigorously in high schools as well. Many universities in Sri Lanka offers degree programs for Sinhalese language studies. There are dedicated academic authoritative institutions and figures in Sri Lanka for Sinhalese language studies such as "Professor of Sinhalese Language" who research, nurture the language. They also adapt the language for the needs of 21st century by, for instance, creating new words etc. As a result, for instance, one can find Sinhalese language counterparts for almost any modern or conventional English word alike. Furthermore, it also has Sinhalese language counterparts for advanced scientific terms, and hence Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, etc) can also be studied in Sinhalese easily though it is not very common in Sri Lanka at degree level. Though there ...more

Sinhalese language is a well developed language over 2500 years in a unique "Aryan"civilization called "Hela" in the island country "Sinhale", later renamed "Sri Lanka" by the colonial British rulers in 1948. Due to the long history of this language it has become a language that has an ability and flexibility to give very deep and influential meanings with very few words or as many words as one would like. Its grammar has become somewhat complex over time possibly due to historical evolution for thousands of years, but no way near complex as some of the European languages. It is a phonetic language where "spelling" is a breeze. This is probably the only language in the whole world where there are two related versions for "written" and "spoken" use, which is a unique character. Spoken language version is much simpler to learn and use, where the written version is much more complex and deep.

Being a native speaker what I adore about my mother tongue is the depth in it especially in literature, it's amazing how in some literary pieces one word with its multiple layers of meaning can give another total different layer of meaning to the whole text. And though it takes time to master the real beauty of the writing ability of it's letters with all the rounds and curves when written well with a good hand I presume it's obviously one of the most beautiful manuscripts ever

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Although some see Ukrainian as a sister language to Russian, the language on its own is absolutely poetic. I could listen to Ukrainian speakers for hours.

Ukrainian has magic melodiousness. There is the soul in him. He is full tenderness. He attracts and hypnotizes. In any language of the world, phonetics of words a "heart my" will not be able to pass, that depth and variety of feelings that is audible in the Ukrainian words - "my heart". Unfortunately, neither French - "mon coer", nor Spanish - "mi corazon" nor English - "my hart" not compared to the Ukrainian analogue.

So underrated, I am studying French, Dutch, Swedish, Italian and Ukrainian and Ukrainian songs are the nicest sounding music is a big part and they are perfect. My other languages of study are lovely too but there is something special about Ukrainian which I have not found in Russian which is why I chose to study Ukrainian.

I voted for Spanish being a Ukrainian native speaker, but could not help commenting how beautiful our language is. It has a wide range of sounds and reflects all the feelings and emotions that a peson can have. This is a language to speak to one's heart. I am proud that we could save and enrich our language throughout the hard times we had in our history.


Native speakers around the world (from wikipedia) and facts:

French: 274 millions, Mainstream answer because of its... romantic sounds.
Spanish: 480 millions, In movies and songs all the time.
Italian: 90 millions, Mainstream too.
Portuguese: 223 millions, Too many votes for a twisted version of our beloved Spanish.
English: 394 millions, Eveybody knows it and it is everywhere.
Japanese: 125 millions, In too many animes.
Arabic: 270 millions, An answer with a flavour of chauvinism.
Farsi:110 millions, Chauvinism again.
Russian: 150 millions, It is heard a lot.
Ukranian: 35 millions, Russian-alike.
Sinhalese: 17 millions, Maybe just a matter of taste.

Greek: 13 millions, It has the fewsest speakers from all the aforementioned languages. It is not mainstream for its gay sounds. It is not in movies and songs all the time. It is haunted by phrases like "It's all Greek to me." and almost nobody knows its actual sound. However, the small 2% of all ...more

Ancient,but modern at the same time,harsh but sweet as well,this language is full of contradictions.Plus,it doesn't have a specific accent,thus it's more flexible compared to other languages

Greek is a fascinating language. The alphabet on its own is incredible enough, and looks amazing handwritten! The spoken language is amazing as well.

A classical language. But most importantly, some of the best literatures were written in Greek, Iliad and other great works by Great Homer for example.
After Latin, Greek is the best for writing poetries and very descriptive novels.
Sources: "I'm a linguist, trust me, bruh! "


Dutch make my heart happy. Listening to dutch gives me the feeling of listening to english but without having to understand anything. Dutch is a comforting language, and makes the voice sound amazing!

Beautiful language and as an English-speaking person I have to say that Dutch is in my opinion a better-sounding language than English. I'd go as far as to say that it sounds better than French and Portuguese and is definitely the best Germanic language.

Propbably being a bit biased but I like dutch some may think it sounds harsh but it also is very interesting and I don't get bored of constantly hearing my family members speaking it unlike english

It is nice sounding and it is close to English and German making it a really good language for people to learn that also makes it easier to learn more languages.


German doesn't deserve any bad rep for being harsh. German is a smart language, with simple vocabulary and plenty of compound words to make it easier to learn, if I could describe it in any word, it would be "clean". German is an amazing language, and German speaking countries are so beautiful as well!

I speak English and French fluently, but German is probably the best language and always will be. German is a language for people who are realists, and are to-the-point. It is a language to be respected and is not a language for wimps. It is very complex and requires a complex mind, in order to master it. It also has the best sounding consonants. Basque is my second favorite; for it sounds very pretty and has cool consonants like Germans; the only con is that it is sloppy and tends to lack the analytical/organization that German has. (Latin would be third, but it is extinct and not used enough to qualify for this listing.)

My native language. For very intelligent people. Tet a tet with ukrainian in vocabulary richness, grammar complexity. One thing almost unique of German is that you can set many words together in order to express yourself with maybe a new word. Very harmonic, soft for soft expressions and hard for the hard ones. Expresses perfectly the German people mood: work, work, work and then beer or wine. Discipline. If you are going to be loved, it is smooth. If you are going to be insulted, it is scary. Togwther with ukrainian, the best language to express perfectly your feelings.

German is a very beautiful language with its grammar very easy and its simple combining of words to make a compound word. It is a very straightforward language and can sound in a very serious manner. This said, it can also sound very sweet as it's words, never confusing, with its vocabulary full of thought, and never barbaric. It was fun and easy for me, an English speaker, to learn this language, and I find it the best language for anyone to learn. The only reason why I think this language has a bad reputation is because of World War II

Scottish Gaelic

This and Irish Gaeilge are definitely languages of peace. I haven't heard an angry song written in these tongues. There is a lot of art and history as well. Though they may not be needed most places like English is they are still something worth keeping alive. Don't let anybody tell you different.

Scottish Gaelic is the purest language to speak, no doubt about it. The way it rolls off the tongue and feels as you speak it is more flowing and tangible than any other language I've ever spoken.

Very nice languages, and most traditional Gaelic music is calming and relaxing. Learning Irish now, as well as French, Russian, Farsi,Twi, Armenian, Egyptian Arabic, Polish, Hungarian, Swahili and

Sounds like the life of the party on one end of the scale, and poet laureate on the other.


I'm currently learning Swedish and love it. The language is easy to learn and clearly structured, but very pretty and melodic. I speak French and have found that Swedish is actually quite similar in some aspects. Overall a beautiful language and I've loved learning it.

I can speak basic Swedish and Norwegian so I know how great it is. It is simple to learn and it sounds great when you hear yourself saying it right. Definitely better than English, (coming from an English speaker) and I think this should be higher on this list.

I am a native Farsi/Persian speaker. I grew up in Australia, and am fluent in English. I lived in Turkey for 1 year, and used to be also fluent in Turkish but have forgotten a bit over the years but will hopefully be on top of it again soon. I am currently learning French. I do agree that farsi is probably the most beautiful language, I always get compliments when I am speaking farsi by other people who don't know the language, they say it's very soft and beautiful and unlike others. It doesn't have too many repetitive sounds/words to make it sound annoying like italian/spanish/arabic/chinese etc. It's written alphabet is similar to Arabic, but sounds very different of coarse. I would definitely rate farsi number 1, French 2nd and Turkish 3rd.

Sounds very sweet, like a mix between German and Italian, or like German without the harchness. Some people say that swedish is like German spoken under water. The most beautiful of the Germanic languages in my opinion.


You don't know how awesome Chinese is until you have learned it, the culture is amazing and the language is even cooler! Just practicing the characters makes you feel like you are drawing a picture, in the form of talking! It's not even hard to learn! When I joined Chinese, I was unhappy because I did not get Spanish. But when I started, me and my friend Marko were like "It's growing on me." but then we learned more, and more, and it was like an amazing addiction, I love Chinese and I hope to go to China one day. I'm 12 years old and if anyone says that Chinese is hard they should try to learn it for themselves or they're clearly stupid!

Chinese is perhaps one of the most colloquial, loosest, yet still most rhythmic of languages. Its monosyllabic words means a lot of information can be condensed into a single syllable. Its tones add to its beautiful songs. Chinese poems - daresay better than haikus! - challenges the author to write everything in a limited amount of space. This gives it a thick flavour, one that is quite delicious. It has many dialects but are united by one single beautiful logographic writing system. Not enough is praised about Mandarin, Cantonese, and all the other branches of Chinese out there!

I think the inflections of Chinese are part of what make it the most beautiful language. If you speak Chinese, every single word must be said with its appropriate inflection in order to be understood, and these inflections make it seem like you are speaking a melody. Truly beautiful

Chinese has a musicality to it that many other languages do not. It is a very emotional language that changes tone depending on the speaker's mood. It is a rather simplistic language in terms of pronunciation, but the execution is what makes all the difference


It is far less wanky than French but even more beautiful than Spanish! It has the best of both languages

It has similarities to many languages but it has its special charm. Sounds both delicared and strong

Better than Spanish, because I think it's more beautiful

It's loverly and it has a special place in my heart


People don't known about Bengali. Cause they only know Hindi. Indian Bengali very sophisticated to say and listen. And mind it I'm not talking about the Bangladeshi bengali.

Bengali is a beautiful and complex language and its actually my mother tongue so I voted for it not just because it's my country but if I were to not be Bangladeshi then I would still feel the warmness of this beautiful language

Well, listen to Bengali SONGS.Bengali is a very rich language, both musically and literally.I won't say it's the best sounding ( for the simple reason that there are millions, literally millions, of languages in the world), though it is pretty sweet and best sounding of all languages I know (I.e English, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Spanish).However, if you learn Bengali and read Bengali books, you will find a lot of great books that you are missing out on.Same is with songs, since Indian Classical is one of the most complex genres of music in the world (Even John Lennon of The Beatles flew over to India just to learn Indian Classical music.

Bengali is one of Apabhramshas from Sanskrit, and it is very beautiful. I am an American, living in Bengal for about 10 years, and I am fascinatewd by it's rich literature. Although, the language spoken today by many Bengalis by mixing English and Hindi to it really makes the quality of the language to low. But, real Bengali (mainly Sadhu Bhasa) is very beautiful with melodic Sanskrit words. Bengali is also one of the most sweetest languages in the world, trust me, if you learn Bengali and explore its literature, you would be fascinated. Just hear Bengali songs and they are so beautiful. It also has a vast literature with world renowned poets and writers like Rabindranath Tagore. But, the Bengali spoken in Bangladesh is a different dialect and uses more Islamic words due to rapid Islamisation since their partition from India in 1947.


I already speak many languages like Hindi, Marathi, English, sanskrit besides all those languages I like Korean. All those language which I use to speak are easy and sounds good. But I always wanted to learn the language which is not spoken india much. So I have been finding the best language for me so it toke some time and the language is Korean, why?, because I like its soft ness and how it sounds.

I can speak hindi, marathi, English, French and now I am learning Korean. This language is just so cute, polite and nice to hear. I really find their tone of speaking so amazing. It just makes it more attractive. French is polite too but it's not cute and I "personally" feel it's more formal.

I'm surprised this language is not ranked much higher. Maybe in a true poll it would be different?
I won't bring up the influence the pop culture this nation has produced - someone else can do that or you can just turn on the T.V. lol. South Korea is polarizing, it's controversial and sometimes downright ridiculous. I haven't realized the full potential of the country until I actually decided to make a trip and stay there for a few months while working different jobs. I truly recommend it to people to choose South Korea as their top priority if you ever want to plan an Asian trip. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I thought we had it all.. My perspectives towards Asia had changed 180 once I visited South Korea (Japan as well). I don't think USA or any other country can no longer create false stereotypes out of insecurity - they're a very strong country with the entire population just ingrained with grit, hard work and progression.

I'm going on tangent here but... the ...more

You'll know what I'm talking about if you watch k dramas. Korean is just beautiful to the ears you'll want to learn how to speak it fluenty and it's so calm and beautiful!.


It is a unique language. It combines more cultures and visions. Latin, slavic, germanic and balcanic. Tragedies, poetries, nature, history, mountain, sea, Dracula, Transyvania. All in one!

It is such a beautiful language, but it is so rare hidden, unknown almost. It is one of those languages where if you heard it in public by another person, you get excited and almost want to go talk to them. I speak Spanish, Romanian, German, Indonesian, and Japanese and haven't that feeling with any one of them before, It definitely deserves a higher spot

Why isn't Romanian higher? This is by far one of the most beautiful languages in the world! It sounds like a perfect combination of different languages creating one unique masterpiece! The sound of the language is just gorgeous and pleasant! I could listen to it all day and not get tired of hearing it. I love it!

I've learned Italian, French, Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese but this by far is my favorite language. Just speaking it makes you feel like your French, Italian, and Spanish in one! It is such a beautiful language, even when it is spoken by a male and female. IT can rough and soft, cool and cute, best language in the world :)!


Finnish is a beautiful language that deserves number one! It is exotic, unique, and wonderful in all aspects. You can look at other European languages and compare them all, but in Finnish they have a language of their own which is great. It's mesmerizing tone a words like lyrics make me think. I speak English and Spanish but nothing compares to Finnish. Not to mention J.R.R Tolkien based his language off Finnish. Makes you think doesn't it.

Finnish is 100% phonetic but yet very difficult to learn if you weren't raised with it like I was...and even I cannot deal with it sometimes lol. But as for a language to listen to, in songs especially, it really is one of the very easiest and nicest in my humble opinion

Finnish has such a beautiful sound. As a native English speaker, Finnish has very long words but the words don't have hard sounding words. Like the phrase "ostin tietokoneen tuhannella eurolla" sounds so pretty when it roles off of the tongue. It's much softer than the surrounding languages, like Swedish, Russian, or Norwegian.

It is impossible to say that this isn't one of the most beautiful and exotic languages that exist today. It's uniqueness along with its beauty truly make it one of the finest there is.


Breton is the superior celtic language it is the most expressive language and the world and can only be spoken by intelligent people.

I'm sure this meant something different, as celtic is a language family. I personally really enjoy the celtic language Irish, also known as Gaeilge.

Celtic is not a language. It's a language family. If you're so unknowledgeable, don't use linguistic terms at all.

There actually was a proto-celtic language that was spoken a few thousand years

Haitian Creole

90% of the language is based on the elegance of modern-French, and bares some influences from Portuguese, Spanish, Taíno, and West African languages; so it is not hard to see why it is such a beautiful language. Oh the romantic ballads of the beautiful troubadour music is absolutely breathtaking! It is also mutually intelligible with Antillean Creole and to some extent Louisiana Creole, which are both French-based in the hemisphere. I'm a native English speaker, who learnt French and Spanish and am picking up the Haitian Creole rather nicely.

An underrated language, with such an interesting culture to go with it! Haitian Creole is so melodic!

It's a derivative of French, so of course its beautiful!

Gwo twou sen fon


A truly elegant language, the base of many other languages, including French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and, of course, English. These are referred to as 'romance languages', if you did not know. It is not very complex. Now, you may be thinking, "That is just because we speak a language inspired by it.". Well, actually, ever language I know of has a form that uses the symbols used in Latin. One such example of this is the language of Japaneses 'Roomaji' (Ro-ma-jee). Some examples of beautiful words of the Latin language are caeruleus (blue), calidus (warm), poma (apple), lac (milk), pectoris (heart), and os (mouth).

Flexible, sophisticated and precise. It seems to me it must be the western language in which you can express ideas with the minimum number of sounds. Italian, Spanish, French are poor cousins. But, on the other hand, Latin is almost useless nowadays, so I would go with Spanish for pure practical reasons.

Roma Caput Mundi. Rome is the world. These words have power and a sense of finality. The pure language spoken by the most civilised nation of our history

This beautiful language reflects the magnificence and the power of the civilization that spoke it!

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