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1 French

Definitely French. I speak Spanish and English and I'm studying French and the sound is amazing. I would love to marry a French girl

As a fluent Spanish (Madrid, Spain) and English (North Carolina, US) speaker there is no language that compares with French. I would trade both languages I know just to know French.

English: easy but not that much shades and make all voices appear to be high-pitched ; Spanish : nice to hear but Spanish peoples always speak so loud ; Italian : nice to hear but to much repetitive vowels sounds (as "a" "i" and "o") ; German : sounds nice and looks a lot to French in pronunciation but you better run if a German yell at you, it scares (a lot) ; French : various sounds with not that much repetitions, fluent and don't make a high-pitched voice to everybody.

It's the world's romance language

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2 Portuguese

Whether from Brazil (Brasil), Africa or, of course, Portugal- it's simply lulling to the ears, no matter where you're from. One of the Romance languages; its structure is great while its soft nasalized tones and "sh" endings are not only easy on the ear, but more than pleasing in their almost sung form. I'd vote it top 5 if not "numero um"!

Most melodic language in the world.

I think Portuguese is the most beautiful language in the world

€No matter what one is saying, the language Portugese just sounds like a song. The soft consonants are so sweet and calming to listen to. French is NOT better sounding "it sounds like they’re tryna hack something up half the time.

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3 Spanish

I was always curious and eager about learning this beautiful language. It first appealed to me because I didn't understand it when I heard Spanish songs in the past. I speak French, English, Arabic, Armenian and Spanish (although I am still not fluent with Spanish yet) and I am from Canada. I must say that Spanish is music to my ears. It sounds great and is so romantic. Anyone who will hear a good song in Spanish will love the language. The love songs in Spanish will make you see how romantic the language is and make you love the language even more. I would easily trade my Armenian and Arabic just to be fluent in Spanish. It is an easy language to learn especially if you already know French because both languages have a similar grammar and words that are almost the same.

It is a beautiful language, easy to learn, widely spoken and Spanish people are very friendly. I would trade in my English language to speak Spanish.

Spanish is like spring after winter. When I hear this beautiful language, it seams to me my ears start blooming. Surely the most beautiful language to explain feelings... I speak Armenian, Russian, Lithuanian, English and already 2 years learning Spanish, and I can say, even my mother tong is not that pretty like Spanish... Also its depend on nation and culture. Spanish speakers all are such an amazing and adorable people, that I want to be able to get in touch with them on their own language.

Most beautiful and romantic language in the world.

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4 Italian

It's got staccato, it's got bella figura and it's got a natural flow like now other language. It's a like a sunbaked, elegantly worn down version of Latin with sprinkles on top. It's got the warmth of Portuguese, the clarity of Spanish and the sophistication of French. If there is a heaven, they surely speak Italian over there.

This is modern Latin. It is a very poetic language and has some of the best literature. I am a native English and Spanish speaker. And I must say that Italian flows the way a language should. Only Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian come close. French sucks.

Italian is melodic, vowel heavy, and all around pleasing to the ear. Depending on the speaker there are times Italian sounds as if it is being sung there is a reason why it is the language of Opera. Which opera is in itself one of the greatest art forms the Italians have gifted humanity amongst others.

The best musical language ever.

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5 Japanese

It flows perfectly, though the grammar is a bit difficult to grasp if English is your first language.

The Asians groups and singers are the best music all around the world in this moment

Japanese is one of my absolute favorite languages! It flows very beautifully and singing along with J-pop is not too hard because It's pronunciation, compared to Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, and the other East Asian languages, is pretty simple (plus it isn't tonal like many of the Asian languages tend to be). People think Japanese is whack because it's so hard to learn and understand and grammar rules and bla bla bla but when you look at it and the Romance languages it is much less complicated.

Every flows so neatly. Any song sounds beautiful in my opinion and I don’t even speak Japanese.

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6 Russian

Definitely the scariest white people.

I think this language sounds beautiful and is very sexy when women talk. The pronunciation I love the accent, the richness of the Russian language is impressive, not to mention the challenge of learning their alphabet as fun and interesting at the same time, it is a rather difficult language, especially for me, I'm Spanish and both languages seem very little, but the nice thing is also difficult. I recommend it.

Russian is very different from its Western European counterparts when it comes to studying it. The language itself is very flexible, with decent pronunciation. The richness of the vocabulary leaves a wonderful impression. And Russian poesy captivates immensely. The perception of it differs so much from, let's say, the poetry of Shakespeare in English or from French poetry. You feel some other kind of energy and liveliness of the language. It is hard to learn, but opens wonderful prospects. Reading Russian authors in the original language is way more enjoyable than in translation, because translations miss many aspects of the Russian language that are just untranslatable.

The Russian language is very beautiful to my ears!

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7 English

The way English is worded is just amazing. Because of the sheer amount of its vocabulary, you can express yourself in a sophisticated manner while being understood. There are a lot of words which have just slight differences amongst them in terms of the meanings, which adds to the richness of your expressions. There are a lot of authors who contributed to the richness of this pretty language, most notably Shakespeare, who furthered the development of early modern English. Also, there are tonnes of classic love songs written in this language. Personally, I think it is a language of love and romance. Also, it has developed over a long history, which makes the language itself reflect a rich heritage, which should be cherished and preserved for generations to come. Also, the culinary heritage which developed along with the language adds flavour to it. If you look at the historic architecture throughout England, you cannot stop but appreciate the perseverance and the artistic sense of the ...more

Personally, my favourite English accents are both American and British! Love them so much. The most mesmerizing thing about this language is that it has got so many varying/differently sounding accents. All of them, American and British in particular, sound so beautiful and familiar!

English is definitely my favorite language. I'm Brazilian of Portuguese ancestry. In this contemporary world of ours, language learning has become an easier task. I know all Western languages but am only fluent in English and Portuguese. Somehow I have this feeling that things said in English carry a stronger portion of reality. Do not ask me where I got that feeling from. I wouldn't be able to tell you concisely...

English is rich and eloquent. People keep mentioning the vocabulary and that is absolutely why I love English. Some words are really pretty. "Eloquence" is one I love, and I used it earlier too! (Well I used eloquent, but same difference). :P

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8 Arabic

It's very beautiful not in a sweet way but it sounds strong and structured with with very unique letters and sounds. Arabic poetry is absolutely breathtaking

Sound great when men speaks arabic

It Is the most poetic classical rich language ever! And has the most divers sound system that isn't in any other language! In other words it is the queen that you will find out after learning it that many words we say is originally Arabic!

Just the sounds, it's really beautiful if you actually listen to it

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9 Farsi

When you speak Farsi is very calm the tone isn't high

Beautiful language. If Arabic was sour or bitter, Persian would be sweet!

Arabic is sour! Farsi sounds like some Arab got boozed and smoked some water-pipe and then started speaking.

If its only about how languages sound then I should say yes it sounds good.
Ihim.. it sounds good and this fact is what gave this lang opportunity to evolve and become the body of the biggest tree of languages which they call indo European.. Without being harmonic and having the capability of making endless new words and the sentimental accuracy which this language gives it couldn't spread itself this wide without the point of sword. despite the fact of creative inherent of this language is clearly ascertainable by studying its literature one other point is that this lang was affected by its inhabitants and its environment that caused the fact that this lang can cover a wide range of concepts and it do not need to give a same exact concept several names or to invent several names for different conditions of a same object there for exactly like numeric system it can call an object in different conditions by using close to exact adjectives which is not the same for example in Semitic ...more

Let's call it Persian. - Mona_rs

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10 Sinhalese

Not just Sinhalese sound beautiful, it's letters are the most rounded letters in the world. it is believed that Sinhalese letters became that beautiful due to the reason language is well civilized and organized. Some scientists doubt that Sinhalese has a different influence of some unknown source (aliens or any other) due to its uncommonness with compared to other languages. Unfortunately less amount of people use Sinhalese and it used as an official language only in Sri Lanka.

Extremely beautiful language. Words have powerful meanings. Sinhala people use less hand gestures and different kind of tones when they talk. Because they don't need them to express what they want to say in Sinhala. It sounds soft and civilized.

Being a native speaker what I adore about my mother tongue is the depth in it especially in literature, it's amazing how in some literary pieces one word with its multiple layers of meaning can give another total different layer of meaning to the whole text. And though it takes time to master the real beauty of the writing ability of it's letters with all the rounds and curves when written well with a good hand I presume it's obviously one of the most beautiful manuscripts ever

The most flexible and beautiful language on earth

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11 Ukrainian

Due to the lack of influence in the world is the only reason Ukraine is not number one. This language doesn't just sound beautiful, but also the articulator looks nice while speaking, which cannot be said about French.

Ukrainian has an amazing sound!

Ukrainian is most beautiful language! Ukrainian songs sound really good and they are very magnetic!

I love their accent!

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12 Greek

It sounds like all the European languages (Russian, Italian, Spanish... ) together and has a very nice sound.

One of the most beautiful-sounding languages in the world.

I have been to many countries, especially in Europe and Asia. Greek is by far the nicest language. It sounds so cool

The best. By far.

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13 Celtic

Celtic is not a language. It's a language family. If you're so unknowledgeable, don't use linguistic terms at all.

Gaelic, not celtic - SigmaV84

Celtic is a amazing language with amazing roots in history

Who ever said "Celtic is a amazing language..."
Make sure if you say something is amazing make sure it's a thing first
Celtic is not a language - Har-Jak

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14 German

I speak English and French fluently, but German is probably the best language and always will be. German is a language for people who are realists, and are to-the-point. It is a language to be respected and is not a language for wimps. It is very complex and requires a complex mind, in order to master it. It also has the best sounding consonants. Basque is my second favorite; for it sounds very pretty and has cool consonants like Germans; the only con is that it is sloppy and tends to lack the analytical/organization that German has. (Latin would be third, but it is extinct and not used enough to qualify for this listing.)

It simply sounds great, even though I don't understand a word. It sounds somewhat barbaric and I like it.

German is a very beautiful language with its grammar very easy and its simple combining of words to make a compound word. It is a very straightforward language and can sound in a very serious manner. This said, it can also sound very sweet as it's words, never confusing, with its vocabulary full of thought, and never barbaric. It was fun and easy for me, an English speaker, to learn this language, and I find it the best language for anyone to learn. The only reason why I think this language has a bad reputation is because of World War II

Lisa my friend speaks german

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15 Chinese

Chinese actually sounds pretty (I am talking about the ones from Beijing, not Taiwan) It is hard to learn the line structure but once you get the hang of it, pronouncing the word is too hard

Chinese is one of the most intelligent languages in the world. It has been developed for more than 5000 years. It is the most beautiful language in the world.

You will know the beauty of the Chinese language once you have learnt it. I really love the language when I started to learn Chinese since a few years ago.

Chinese rule the world

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16 Korean

I speak Hindi, Marathi, English, Urdu, little but of French and Italian and can sign ASL as well as Braille but out of all of them Korean is something I'm obsessed about! Been learning it for almost 3 years and it's amazing. I can write Korean too and it's so beautiful how the letter symbolise the shape of the tongue. I wish I knew a native Korean speaker so I could practise my skills with them. Never the less Korean is my all time favourite language and also K-pop is wonderful.

Have you ever heard the woman on the airports in Korea speak? Korean language is very beautiful in every way. It is phonetic and the Korean alphabet can literally pronounce any word, and spell out and able to pronounce any word in every languages of the World. Not all languages of the World is able to say that.

I personally love the way Korean sounds. It's super easy to pronounce and it just sounds beautiful to me. Unlike Chinese, another beautiful language, there aren't any harsh tones? It's a lot less harsh sounding is what I mean. Japanese is also very beautiful and I can see why it's #6 but I just find it too choppy. Out of all Asian languages I have to say Korean is the one I find most beautiful for sure.

I personally love korean and the World of kpop, ever heard of BTS?

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17 Swedish

When Swedish people talk, it sounds like they're singing. Beautiful!

Sounds very sweet, like a mix between German and Italian, or like German without the harchness. Some people say that swedish is like German spoken under water. The most beautiful of the Germanic languages in my opinion.

I'm currently learning Swedish and love it. The language is easy to learn and clearly structured, but very pretty and melodic. I speak French and have found that Swedish is actually quite similar in some aspects. Overall a beautiful language and I've loved learning it.

I visited Stockholm this summer and the language and the city, they are both so beautiful!

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18 Hawaiian

Hawaiian sounds so beautiful it's light and soft and the songs sound good and like real music

True Hawaiian sound so soft and gentle and feels amazing to be able to speak it as we know Hawaiian language only has 1,000 native speakers and is endangered and should be brought back to life and fully restore

Hawaiian has only eight consonants, and every consonant in a word is followed by a vowel, so the words roll out of your mouth like a melodic stream -- perfect for singing!

Hawaiian is my #1 favorite language, and I have many favorites. It is so much more poetic than any other language, and the way it sounds is just so warm and beautiful.

Hawaiian is like- I don't know how to explain it- welcome. I dunno

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19 Finnish

Finnish is a beautiful language that deserves number one! It is exotic, unique, and wonderful in all aspects. You can look at other European languages and compare them all, but in Finnish they have a language of their own which is great. It's mesmerizing tone a words like lyrics make me think. I speak English and Spanish but nothing compares to Finnish. Not to mention J.R.R Tolkien based his language off Finnish. Makes you think doesn't it.

Finnish is 100% phonetic but yet very difficult to learn if you weren't raised with it like I was...and even I cannot deal with it sometimes lol. But as for a language to listen to, in songs especially, it really is one of the very easiest and nicest in my humble opinion

It is impossible to say that this isn't one of the most beautiful and exotic languages that exist today. It's uniqueness along with its beauty truly make it one of the finest there is.

I love this language!
Finnish, German and Russian are my favourite, but the just...
It sounds cute, hot, sweet, yummy and very sexy. I love how they say "Suomi" instead of Finland.

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20 Tahitian

Beautiful and tropical sounding language. Bougainville described Tahiti as an "earthly paradise" and the language sure shows it. Very similar to Hawaiian.

21 Icelandic

Chances are you haven't heard Icelandic, given how small of a country Iceland is. It sounds basically like elvish from the lord of the rings movies (Tolkien based it on Icelandic). Plus it hasn't changed in 1000 years, so it sounds like Vikings. It has an elegant fluidity with a unique edge, and lots of th sounds

This is the most beautiful accent in the world, should be number 1

A very soft language it is, with a very calming tone I would say that it belongs in one of the most beautiful languages. The island is very calming too, and mixed with the language it is a sight to behold. I have been speaking Icelandic for 3 Years now, and it is amazing.

Icelandic is basically a modern dialect of the most badass language of all time - Old Norse. No other language can sound so strong and warrior-like and yet so beautiful and ethereal at the same time. Icelandic is truly an amazing language. Far more beautiful than any Romance language.

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22 Catalan

I love the sound of Catalan. I just do.

It's loverly and it has a special place in my heart

Sounds like a mix of Romance languages

Better than Spanish, because I think it's more beautiful

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23 Dutch

I love dutch, definitely the middle of English and German, has latin, French influences like English, if the norman French didn't invade in 1066, English and dutch would share mutual intelligibility, very much like how Norway and Sweden are today, hence dutch and English are very closely related I speak both languages and some words and scentences need no translation at all

The Dutch language is interesting and easy to learn, because it looks a bit like the English.

Beautiful language and as an English-speaking person I have to say that Dutch is in my opinion a better-sounding language than English. I'd go as far as to say that it sounds better than French and Portuguese and is definitely the best Germanic language. - MagmaFox

Dutch is a beatiful and easy language because it’s so simple too learn and it’s like the softer version of Germany.

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24 Haitian Creole

90% of the language is based on the elegance of modern-French, and bares some influences from Portuguese, Spanish, Taíno, and West African languages; so it is not hard to see why it is such a beautiful language. Oh the romantic ballads of the beautiful troubadour music is absolutely breathtaking! It is also mutually intelligible with Antillean Creole and to some extent Louisiana Creole, which are both French-based in the hemisphere. I'm a native English speaker, who learnt French and Spanish and am picking up the Haitian Creole rather nicely.

It's a derivative of French, so of course its beautiful!

Gwo twou sen fon

25 Tamil

Feeling very upset to see Tamil in 35th rank... as per record Tamil is the most oldest language among all these languages... No language can come even close to Tamil pronunciation, Detailed and to be honest mother of all languages...

It is undoubtedly one of the ancient and the most beautiful language in the world.

Tamil is the oldest language in the world and it is unique language which have all the capacity to gain the best the best language position Tamil must be in the first position.

It must be in top

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26 Swahili

Sweetest sounding language in existence. Makes you travel to cool coasts of East Africa. Should be higher in the list

This is my favorite language. I love African languages and this one is just the best! I wish it was more widely-spoken because it is so awesome and underestimated. Until then, I have to stick to French.

It is the best language I love most, it sounds good and easy to learn it.

The fact that swahili has a unique pronunciation of words like Marekani meaning America, makes it a cool language!

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27 Hungarian

Please listen to some Hungarian music on YouTube and you'll believe it to be one of the most beautiful languages in the World.

You can't not express yourself with this language. Infinite possibilities.

The music is awesome, and when you hear it, you'd get interested to learn it.

Very unique.

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28 Bengali

It is a language which deserves to be at top 5. Modern Bengali sounds absolutely rubbish, but pure Bengali sounds so clear and good. You'll fall in love with someone after you've heard the sweet Bengali words from them. Absolutely brilliant language.

Bengali is a very sweet language. Bengali is my first language and I'm proud to speak Bengali. Its softness seems like music to your ears.

It is a very sweet language. It is said that if we abuse someone in this language it sounds perfect!

The ever best language which can tell my story is this language
rather I grew up with the stories in this language..
Bangla Amar Sobchey Priyo,
chhilo ache o thakbe

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29 Estonian

Just because a language is not widely known doesn't mean it doesn't sound good.

Probably most elvish-like language in terms of beauty

It sounds so pure and innocent. Truly a gods gift

Best language for songs

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30 Scottish Gaelic

This and Irish Gaeilge are definitely languages of peace. I haven't heard an angry song written in these tongues. There is a lot of art and history as well. Though they may not be needed most places like English is they are still something worth keeping alive. Don't let anybody tell you different.

Scottish Gaelic is the purest language to speak, no doubt about it. The way it rolls off the tongue and feels as you speak it is more flowing and tangible than any other language I've ever spoken.

Such an interesting sound. I am learning it now. So under appreciated.

So beautiful and also bold. Scottish Gaelic ("Gaidhlig" as its speakers call it) needs more people speaking it.

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31 Wolof

It sounds like wolf

Perfect sounding

yes wolf.

32 Romanian

Very lyric language. Sounds like honey

Romanian has the beauty of Italian and a touch of russian to it. Gorgeous.

It is such a beautiful language, but it is so rare hidden, unknown almost. It is one of those languages where if you heard it in public by another person, you get excited and almost want to go talk to them. I speak Spanish, Romanian, German, Indonesian, and Japanese and haven't that feeling with any one of them before, It definitely deserves a higher spot

It is a very special language, it is even better than Spanish, Arabic or Italian.

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33 Norwegian

I know a little norwegian. I think the pitch accent sounds great.

I find it a bit odd that Swedish is ranked above Norwegian. Both have a fluid, melodic nature to them, but Norwegian's pitch accent gives it a sing-song characteristic that puts it ahead of Swedish for me.

I fell in love with the way the language is written. Very beautiful

It's like a softer, sexier, more beautiful and flowing version of english,

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34 Guarani

Haven't heard of half of these... - markusw0207

Modern Paraguayan Guarani is a very expressive agglutinative language with nasal harmony. But Guarani, in the forms of Língua Geral Paulista and Língua Geral Amaz'nica, was once the lingua franca (unifying language) of Brazil. And how can I forget to mention all the pretty polkas in Guarani?! It is a lovely language that has been hidden in the shadows of Spanish and Portuguese.

35 Persian

It just sounds romantic and friendly... Even if your angry it just sound friendly

A classic language (others are Greek, Latin and Sanskrit), nice and beautiful poetry. One of the most important languages through history. Persian was a lingua franca in the Ancient and Medieval times.

Farsi already is on this list, so don't waste your vote here

Whats the difference between Farsi and Persian? Farsi=Parsi and in english parsi is : PERSIAN
i'm iranian... the correct pronounciation of my language is PARSI wich arabs say Farsi because their language has not the sound "P" and english speakers call it Persian. I don't know why you seprated these twoes!

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36 Faroese

Such a rich and perfected Norse language with a dewy, sculpted sound.

37 Turkish

When I first took a class to learn Turkish (they call it Turkce) I couldn't wait for the next session. And the first time I learned a complete Sentence I was repeating it day and night. It is the language of soul and I think it's true that it's the first language that humans have spoken. It has very solid norm and rules and once you learn the pure Turkish you know that it's the language you want to speak.

Yes, Turkish is, for me, the most melodic language, because there is a vocal harmony...

Turkish is an ancient language refined over thousands of years. It is derived from a group of people who immigrated in waves from the Altay mountains of Asia to what is now Turkmenistan, and almost a thousand years ago, Turkey. Over the years, Turkish has adopted the best from many languages, from Arabic and Persian to French. But nothing is more beautiful than it's Turkic roots. As a Turkmen (from Turkmenistan), I have a lot of respect for the language of my Turkish brothers.

In Love with the Language

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38 Polish

It sounds like slavic version of French. It's perfectly combined with music and VERY DIFFICULT to learn.

I love Polish and Poland. And language is very, very hard but awesome.

I must say nothing soothes my aching soul more than a beautiful Polish woman speaking her mother tongue.

Very slavic, very hard, extensive vocabulary - just fabulous

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39 Latin

Brilliant language! Flows well as well as sounding nice. I wish it were still spoken today!

Flexible, sophisticated and precise. It seems to me it must be the western language in which you can express ideas with the minimum number of sounds. Italian, Spanish, French are poor cousins. But, on the other hand, Latin is almost useless nowadays, so I would go with Spanish for pure practical reasons.

Laconic, deep, strict, flexible, beautifully structured.

I'm learning Latin rn

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40 Telugu

Its called the Italian of the East but I would say Italian is the Telugu of the west

Probably most beautifully audible language in the world.

You can easily notice this when listening same song in many Indian languages. This is because it's the only language where south & north Indian languages meet to form new language with all beautiful words from each. (It borrows all beauty from all Indian languages needless to say that is the advantage of telugu)

This is the only language as far as I know, "what you read is what you speaks or pronounce".

Not the case in many languages (European and Indian and Asian) for ex: in English Tsunami => read as Sunami... (psychology, know) something like that.

There is no confusion in writing and reading in this language.

Every word in Telugu ends with a vowel sound. It is the only eastern language which has this feature. It makes the language like a song. Italian is the only western language which also has this feature. That's why Telugu is called as Italian of the East.

Telugu is a beautiful blend of Sanskrit and Dravidian. Nijama added some arabic flavour, Modernization added english flavour. Original telugu sounds sweet.

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41 Urdu

Should be in the top 5 at least. It's a mesmerising language

Amazing sounding language. It is a mixture of turkish, arabic, and Persian languages

This language is very beautiful

The language of Kings and poets. I love polite it is and how pleasant it sounds.

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42 Punjabi

Punjabi flows beautifully, deserves to be in the top 15 at least. Had tones of sweetness with a touch of roughness. This is a language that can convey emotion uniquely.

Punjabi language deserve place in top ten

Punjabi deserve to be in top ten. It has a complete grammar and linguistically correct.

Sweet language. As the script of punjabi gurmukhi written by guru sahibs. Mostly popular for saints scripts and punjabi songs and folk tune. I like punjabi beat and I recommend to every one to listen worldwidely.

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43 Basque

A very ancient and Mysterious language spoken in north Spain and maybe the oldest of Europe

As basque myself, I'm proud of knowing this particular language, which I consider a treasure. Learning the language shows particularities about how old it is, comparing roots, expressions and the sentence construction. For example: "aizkor" means "axe", knowing the root "aiz" (or aitz, atz, az…) means "stone", or "rock". An axe was a stone with a handle once!

It also shares multiple words with its flatmate language, the Spanish, due the lack in basque of some "modern" terms.

There is as well another important aspect of the language, as it is a very earth-integrated. There are thousands of words to designate particular trees, or animals, the sea state, types of wood, weather. Some other words have a very poetical meaning, such as the word for "moon", "ilargi", what literally means "dead light" or "light of the dead".

Maybe our ancestors thought the shine on the moon was the souls of those who died on the earth.

Euskadi is one of the few surviving pre-Indo-European languages in Europe. The language has had to be fought for during Franco's regime. It is a stubborn language that will not die, you gotta respect that! Gora gora Euskadi!

44 Irish

Easily the most graceful sounding accent in the world, and the type that makes us all crave an Irish lullaby before bedtime. Musical, poetic, emotional, and bound to bring a tear to your eyes when sung with the right voice. This is the most beautiful voice of all the heavens greatest.

Listening to a soft Irish song brings tears to the eyes while a harsher one will make your blood pump. It's beauty is impossible to describe.

I was in Ireland over the summer, this language is written everywhere from road signs to doctors offices, it's a gorgeous language!


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45 Hebrew

It is the language of the prophets
Of the sign up on the wall
It is old and sacred
It will open up your soul

It's both extremely simple and extremely deep and multi-faceted at the same time. It's unlike any other language for that characteristic and it's sonority is very sing-song, soft-sounding and unique.

Hebrew is unique in its ability to be read without being understood. When spoken properly, it flourishes in a harmonious blend of power and grace.

ew no

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46 Quechua
47 Galician

Really beautiful language and mother of portuguese (4th position)!

En todo estás e ti es todo,
Pra min y en min mesma moras,
Nin me dexarás ti nunca,
Sombra que sempre me asombras

The most ancient ibero-romance language of the Iberian peninsula and mother of the Portuguese language spoke mostly in northwestern iberia

48 Yucatec Maya
49 Czech

My mother language. It's hard but very dynamic language.

Czech is just awesome, if you'll heard I'm one who speak fluent czech you must found that czech is awesome language. Is really hard to learn, sometimes is hard to talk but still is beautiful.

Can be challenging to learn, but result is definitely worth it

Its only hard because of the 'ř'.

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50 Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the best of all languages I've heard till yet. Mother of all languages. Gods used to speak in Sanskrit. I am proud to say I am learning this language which has a way lot of influence in Indian history. Also, this language is usually used by priests to do any sorts of prayer.

Sounds wonderful and sweet. It is considered to be language of gods and its alphabetic symbols are universal and derive from the nuture around us. Most of the languages are derived from sanskrit.

It's the mother of all languages, the most powerful, the most sweetest all the body parts get energized on listening it.

No such thing as British english their 3 different countries. You dicks!...

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