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South Park has had some great musical numbers, but which are the best?

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1 Kyle's Mom Is a Big Fat Bitch

Who hates this song? It's funny and offensive. Their are 2 versions of the song. The one from Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo and the one from the movie. The one from the movie is way better. The song is also very catchy.

This song is stuck in my head. - cosmo

First South Park song I ever heard

That song is HILARIOUS! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

2 Gay Fish

Because I'm a g** fish!

3 Minorities at My Water Park

This song is the best.. Catchy as hell.. and cartman has an awesome voice in this

4 San Diego

"San Diego come, Take a load off" - Cosmic558

5 Uncle F****

Shut your f face uncle f a!

You're a bo**r biting b****** uncle

6 Let's Fighting Love V 1 Comment
7 Poker Face
8 Blame Canada

Love this song so much.

Blame Canada, Blame Canada!
They're not even a real country anyway.

V 1 Comment
9 In My Safe Space
10 Chocolate Salty Balls

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11 Where My Country Gone?
12 The Circle of Poo
13 I Love You Jesus
14 Make Bullying Kill Itself

So catchy yet hilarious. I love South Park - Jonerman

15 You Gotta Do What You Wanna Do
16 Mountain Town

I love the most offencive song ever but mountain town wont leave my head

V 1 Comment
17 Ballad of Paris Hilton
18 Taco Flavored Kisses
19 The Most Offensive Song Ever
20 Stan's Skiing Montage
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2. Let's Fighting Love
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1. Kyle's Mom Is a Big Fat Bitch
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