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1 2013 New Zealand National Rugby Team

The New Zealand All Blacks, by far, are the most consistently successful sports team in history over the past 100+ years. Over the past 4 years they have maintained a winning percentage of 94.44% Their winning percentage since 1903 is 77.09%...yes that is a winning percentage of 77.09% over a period of 112 years.

Not to mention they have maintained the number 1 world ranking for 11 out of the 13 years that the ranking system has been in use (since 2003), longer than all other teams combined. They have won the rugby world cup (a once every 4 years event), 3 times, the first country to do so. Last year (2015), they became the first country to win consecutive world cups. They are also the only international side with a winning record against every opponent; and since their international debut in 1903 only five nations have defeated New Zealand in test matches, (England, France, Wales, Australia and South Africa).

New Zealand competes with Argentina, Australia and South ...more

4 million people, dominating a brutal global contact sport, playing nations 10 times the size with so much more resource, winning 80%+ of their games for over 100 years. Is there any doubt the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team is the best sports teams of all time?

Best sporting team in the world hands down

If we are basing this discussion on a National Sports Team, over a History of more than 100 years +, with a win/loss ration of more than 77%, losing only to 5 other National sides in their History, then the NZ side certainly has merit to hold this esteemed title. They are the only National Rugby side to win 3 world cups since its inception in 1987, as well as the only side to win back-to-back world cups in 2011/2015. To have lost only 4 games since 2011, and at their largest sporting stadium in NZ, Eden Park, they have played there 34 times, and have not lost a game there. This dates back to 1994...

Soccers great Brazil has won the world cup 5 times, with the inaugural tournament beginning in 1930, 57 years before the 1st Rugby World cup. Ice Hockey National sides like Russia/Canada have won many more World Championships, but these are yearly, and if we used the yearly world rankings to compare the All Blacks ( as the rugby world cup is every 4 years, rather than yearly like ...more

2 1927 New York Yankees (Baseball)

I think the reason the Yankees are not number 1 is having to put a year in front of them.

Sure the yankees are world famous and the most prolific winners in baseball but they're not always the best. The days they're not that dominant either to be completely honest.

The All Blacks may not have the same extreme 30 team competition but they have fierce competition and to be honest they're also not just players from anywhere on earth paid big numbets to get results. The all blacks are loyal players playing for their nation not their paycheck.

The yankees aren't an all time great team they're just a team of champions that might be gone to another team the next year.

The all blacks not the richest and wealthiest but it's a nation with immense pride in the game and jersey that haven't just been the most dominant in history. they're the best and top rated every single year. A champion team.

Absolutely should be the top on this list, no disrespect to the new ...more - jpdench3

Just say the name "Yankees" the Greatest of all.Ha! Ha! The Red Sox,what a laugh.

Writers and sports fans consider this the best team of all time. With Babe Ruth hitting 60 HR's and Lou Gehrig behind him in the lineup, this team would still win as many games today as in 1927.

Not no. 1? Let me explain, not only did the Yanks destroy every opponent offensively, but they also had the best ERA that year. Plus, this squad returned the next year and dominated almost as easily; unlike the team above them.

3 1972 Miami Dolphins (NFL)

Someone said that the 1979 dolphins went undefeated (14-0) (You would have to go 17-0 to get a perfect regular season now a days) But they are the only team to not lose a game the entire season in football history. They battled through the injuries and all the other hardships in their way to get the perfect season that is a great team my friends

Undefeated plus 3 straight Super Bowls! Best 3 year record in NFL!

They were the best they were insane everything about them was good

No name defense + underrated offense = undefeated season.

4 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens (NHL)

Best Hockey team ever assembled. Only regular team that could hold their own was some of the excellent Russian teams of the 70's. Nothing on this side of the pond.

The all star game that season consisted of half of their team, the stingiest defense led by the big 3 in Robinson, Savard and Lapointe, as well as the 3 of the top 5 scorers. An 80 game season which they lost just 8 games and a record 132 points that still stands today, of course when you have the greatest coach of all time (Scotty Bowman) he makes it look easy.

Has any other team won 1/4 of overall championships?

What can I say... oh wait: 24 cups, The Rocket, Jean beliveau etc...

5 1993 Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

#Myfavoriteteam! Love their teamwork and skills! Best team yet!

I agree! This was the best team ever! All very talented players, coaches, and owner. I witnessed the Super Bowl and I'll never forget the experience.

Best team

Deepest and most talented team ever assembled. Not to mention the great coaching. - georgejungismyhero

6 1967 UCLA Bruins Basketball Team

The NCAA gave Indiana Hoosiers a banner stating that the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers are the best team in NCAA history going 32-0. You don't get a banner unless it is true - westofohio

With Lew Alcindor leading the way, this team was dominate. John Wooden had a lot to do with the success, but going 30-0 for the season, was something else!

7 1998 Chicago Bulls (NBA)

Jordan was great in the 1998 season he raked up his 5th NBA mvp award ( tied for 2nd all time) the Bulls won the NBA championship beating the Jazz in 6 games

This team was stacked with great players, some of the greatest of all time. However "mistahslut" you would be stupid to think this was all because of MJ. But then again after reading your comment you clearly are stupid... Or 5 years old.

Before "The Three Kings" in LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, & Chris Bosh, there was "The Triple Threat" with Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, & Michael Jordan - AP1090

Best NBA team ever

8 1985 Chicago Bears (NFL)

Best NFL team ever! And probably best team ever...Not undefeated so maybe that's keeps them not #1 but just they are the best

The bears are awesome they have some groove to just watch the supper bowl shuffle

Nothing better then singing the Super Bowl Shuffle before the Super bowl.

The Bears where the best football team of all time hands down

9 1996 Chicago Bulls (NBA)

Name any other team with athletes so talented, they could bring their city/state six championships in eight years. This wasn't just dominance, this wasn't just force, this was gravity. Each time they jumped, you knew you were the ones going down.

Why is the 98 team ahead of the 96 team if the 96 team is considered the greatest NBA team ever?

Everyone knows Michael Jordan was the star, but his court partners were just as good. Kerr, Salley, Rodman, Kukoc, and Scottie Pippen. - ProThrowbacks

72 and 10. No other NBA team should be ahead of them. - danajs24

10 2008 Jamaica Sprinters Track Team

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11 1983-84 Edmonton Oilers (NHL)

I would think there definitely better than the '76-77 Canadiens. Best NHL team ever.

Sport teams that are best should be heard of, This team is heard of the most along with Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal... half of those teams up there no one has ever heard of...

It takes a spectacular team to beat another team in the Stanley Cup who has won 4 straight stanley cups. And the 83-84 Oilers did just that. Best hockey team ever.

Should be listed higher

12 1962 Green Bay Packers (NFL)

11 hall of famers 11 and lombardi notice lombardi trophy


Lombard's packers were the greatest N.F.L TEAMS OF ALLTIMES REMEMBER THEY BEAT

13 2008 USA Olympic Basketball Team

It was nice to see the USA dominate basketball at the Olympics once again. The 2008 team was really a showcase of how basketball was to be played in the big forum. - ProThrowbacks

They absolutely murdered everyone else

Usa basket ball is always good

The 2008 basketball team was good,

14 1961 New York Yankees (Baseball)

Arguably the best team ever until the 1998 Yankees. THAT team was amazing, but 1961 was epic

Lets go yankees

Their 5th Pitcher Ralph Terry was a #1 starter on most any other team that year. They were dominant and did so many years in a row. Without Maz's fluke home run they win many many in a row.
Best TEAM ever

In my opinion the Yankees are the best team ever and nobody will ever reach as many world seris as the yanks 27 baby!

15 1929 Philadelphia Athletics (Baseball)
16 2009 FC Barcelona (Soccer)

Best team in all time football teams

I can't understand how soccer teams are so far down on this list. This team should be nr 1. Biggest sport in the world and they totally dominated the game in Spain and Europe winning everything there is to win in 2009. No contest. National teams from the MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL are jokes. Try conquering Europe and the real world, not the fake world series, before you put they yankees up there.

There good

This team crossed the limits of beauty of sports

17 2003 New England Patriots (NFL)

Why 2003? 04, 07, 14, 16 are all better. - IsaacM

They have won many super bowls in the past few years the have a great team with great couches!

The best 2000s franchise so far

Pats are awesome

18 1998 New York Yankees (Baseball)

Greatest of all time.

No they are not. I am a Red Sox fan and I think they should be the best. (Even though I live in new york)

They were always heroes and destroyed the pads in the world series. They did not have just 1 or 2 or 3 amazing players, everyone was great. Plus who was the rookie call up who hit 5grand slams I think.

The Yankees have the 3rd greatest record in a single season. Out of the Top 3, they actually won the World Series against a powerful Tony Gwynn and Trevor Hoffman

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19 2017 Melbourne Storm (Rugby League)

Best Attack and Defense by a long shot - TheStormBolt

Finished 1st in the NRL after only losing 4 games before winning the premiership against the Cowboys 34-6 - TheStormBolt

20 1992 United States Men's National Team (Basketball)

Placing this team this far down the list discredits the entire list. This isn't a matter of opinion, it's sports history! What a disgrace to sports journalism!

This was the best sports team of all time. How can you not agree. I guess if you were not born yet or not old enough to comprehend the magnitude of awesomeness. This was the best collection of skilled athletes put on one time at a great time in American sports. Check the roster again if you don't think this team was the best ever.

They would eat the 2008 team for breakfast

11 Hall of famers. 11! You cannot beat that. The level of skill and talent in this team's possession is simply unfathomable. I can't believe this is not no. 1. This team made the sport of basketball a world phenom.

21 1989 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

When I think American football, I think Joe Montana's 49ers.


Most dominating NFL team I have ever seen.

I TOTALY AGREE! Joe is without a shadow of a doubt the best quarterback ever! The absolute best! Joe has everything the perfect QB should should be they broke the mold I give credit where it's due and I love the nfl in general but there's nobody as great as Joe Montana! You can keep the Farvres and the Simms give me joe all day every day!

22 1975 Cincinnati Reds (Baseball)

The record says it all

The reds were the best in 75 76 years

Should easily be in the top 5 come on if not number one.

The "Big Red Machine"! From every fielding position, the entire pitching staff, to the Manager (Sparky); this team deserves to be ranked up at the top among the best. The different personalities that enveloped this team were tremendous. Both defense and offense were top notch. This is rarely the case by other great teams in any sport. But what really set this team apart was every player had a desire to win and it showed in their play. Charlie Hustle (P.R.), Little General (J.B.), The Destroyer (G.F.), The Chief (C.G.), Junior (K.G.), and Little Joe (J.M.). This was a TEAM for the ages!

23 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

They are the best

Go Steelers

Best team ever - the thing about football is there are two sides to a team - three if you include special teams. Either way, this TEAM was great both sides of the ball.

Look how many hall of famers and all stars were on this team. They dominated!

24 1984 Detroit Tigers (Baseball)

Go 9 it

35 and 5! Best start ever!

It's Won not one! LOL signed best fan from 1984

They one the world series against a overmatched padre team who had to beat the... CUBS!

25 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors (NBA)

They are the best team in the world

Lol brown people are kinda funny

This is the pro-god team

WITH the numbers curry put up that season this may well have been one of the best basketball teams

26 1999 Manchester United (Premier League)

The best

Manchester United is the most successful club in England


I hate Manchester United my top 4 least favorite preimer leuge teams

2.Manchester United
3.Man City

27 2013 Indian Cricket Team

All time great.

Indian cricket team is great now... The talent is new and the captain is experienced...

Indian cricket team is the best - jayanth

Best side from me

28 2013 Australia National Rugby League Team

The team is the most successful in Rugby League World Cup history, having contested all 15 and winning 11 of them, failing to reach the final only once, in the inaugural tournament in 1954. Only four nations have beaten Australia in test matches, and Australia have an overall win percentage of 63%

Way better game than baseball. Baseball is sooo boring

There the aussies at number one day light then second

29 2014 Real Madrid (La Liga)

The most successful champions league team in the world IS REAL MADRID! No one cares about La Liga it's now all about the Champions League. It's the second or maybe the toughest tournament in soccer history!

LOL Real Madrid should be the first, not some NFL or NBA team, football is the most popular sport in the world.

Go barcelona


30 2016 Cleveland Browns (NFL)

Best thing I've seen on this website...

Seriously?! They were 1-15. Enough said.



31 2008 Boston Celtics (NBA)

66-16, nearly lost in the first and second round of the playoffs. The team beat the odds and won the Championship over the LA Lakers in 6 games.

32 2007 New England Patriots (NFL)

No matter what you say that was one of the best teams in NFL history. Just because one lucky game from Eli should not subtract from their 5 months of utter dominance.

They were so close from winning the super bowl

33 1986 Boston Celtics (NBA)

Better than today's Warriors team. Perhaps the best team ever assembled. They were incredible. If you don't believe it or haven't seen it yourself just YouTube it.

These Celtics should be in the top 15 at least. For those that disagree, take it up with Kevin Mchale, Larry Bird. and Robert Parish

34 2004 New England Patriots (NFL)

Both the new england teams should be up there because they are amazing with tom brady on their side - ballaboi17

35 1998 Denver Broncos (NFL)

Elway, Davis, Atwater enough said. The 1998 Denver Broncos are and will forever be the best sports team of all time. I would like to see somebody name at least one single team from any sport of all time that is better than the 1998 Denver Broncos.

36 2001-2002 Detroit Red Wings (NHL)

More future hall of fame Rd than any sports team in history. Best players from all over the globe.

Also, I think that with the amount of future hall-of-famers on this team, it may be the only team in the history of the four major North American sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) that could compare to what I think was the greatest team in any sport assembled for any event, the 1992 Summer Olympics USA Men's Basketball team. By the way, just for the record, whoever voted for the 2008 USA Men's Basketball Team over the 1992 one, they're a bunch of idiots.

They were great

This team had a coach in his final season who was already in the hall of fame, the legendary Scotty Bowman, who won his record 9th Stanley Cup with this team. Add to that the additions of hockey legends Dominik Hasek, Brett Hull, Luc Robitaille, and rookie sensation Pavel Datsyuk, to a team already stacked with hall of fame caliber players like Steve Yzerman, Sergei Fedorov, Brendan Shanahan, Nicklas Lidstrom, Chris Chelios, and Igor Larionov. Amazingly, this team was so deep that Robitaille and Larionov played on this team's 4th line! Also, 12 players from this team, all of the 10 listed above plus Frederik Olausson and Tomas Holmstrom, represented their countries at the Winter Olympics that season. No other team to this day has sent more players to the games. All in all, with apologies to the 1976-1977 Montreal Canadiens, in terms of pure talent of the players, this NHL team has no equal.

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37 French Handball team 2008-2015

6 time world champions now

What the heck is the French handball team

5 World Championships, 3 European Championships and 2 Olympic Games is the overall palmares of France male's Handball national team. Of these, 3 World Championships, 3 European Championships and 2 Olympic Games were in the last ten years.
France male's national team already own the most world titles in this sport.
This team's been so dominating in recent years that by 2012 France was the double reigning olympic champion and the double reigning world champion.
The reigning world champion (2015) may have failed to keep its olympic crown, France will have a chance to conserve its world crown at home in 2017 and to increase furthermore its dominance over this sport.

1st country ever to keep his olympic title (2008,2012) This is also the 1st country to win the 3 major titles (olympics, Europe and World) The first time in a row (olympics 2008,world2009,Europe2010) then they were back the defending champions in 2012 (OG),2014(Europe) and 2015(world).Basically, out of 9 competitions, they won seven (3 worlds, 2 euros, 2 golds medals) If you add this to previous titles, you'll find Thierry Omeyer, the goalkeeper of "les experts" with an insane prize list (olympics(08-12);Europe(06-10-14);world(01-05-09-11-15).Strong.

38 2004 Boston Red Sox (Baseball)

I am a Yankees fan but the Red Sox were really good

God squad

I think they should be at top 10

39 1927-30 Collingwood Magpies (VFL/AFL)

4 premierships in a row, A feat that will not be matched

The Perfect record in the greatest game of all Australian Rules Football.

A record yet to be beaten or equalled also 1927 team undefeated in all home and away games. Also record not yet beaten or equalled.

40 1970 Brazilian National Soccer Team

The best sports team ever.

Pele? The team around him made him. That is how good they were.

This team let alone contains Pelé, arguably the best player to ever play soccer, and other stars like Rivellino and Carlos Alberto. This team is viewed by Bleacher Report as the best national team ever and rightly so. For obvious reasons such as winning the World Cup and containing some of the best athletes in sports history.

They have to rank higher than this.

41 1908 Chicago Cubs (Baseball)

My Sports Team I'm A Fan Of I'm Huge Bigger Fan Of Is The Chicago Cubs I'm Their Only Fan Of The Cubs And My Favorite Players Of The Chicago Cubs Is Kris Bryant Anthony Rizzo And Their Other Friends I Love Baseball I What To Be A Bat Girl For My Favorite Sport Team So I Can Be Close To Kris And To Anthony And Their Friends And The Rest Of The Crew And I What To Party With Team Baseball Is The Best Sport Of My Life

42 1941 New York Yankees (Baseball)
43 2010 Spanish National Football Team

What a ridiculous full of American teams that probably are about as good as the Utd team of 99 on a very good day ( no disrespect to a great team from a gunner - Scholes Keane Beckham Giggs best British midfield I've seen - born in 73.)

They won the World Cup and consecutive euros.
This side was basically an all star team of the best Barcelona players and Real Madrid players. Probably the two best clubs at this time.

44 Wigan Rugby League Club

All time most successful Rugby League club. 21 League titles, 19 Challenge Cups, 3 World Club Championships

45 2016 Chicago Cubs (MLB)

Pulled off the impossible. Enough said.

46 2001 Miami Hurricanes (NCAA Football)

Best team in sports history.

Not even up for debate. They are the greatest ever.

47 1972 Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

The best team. They are the best

I don't think that very many people know that pro champs use to play exhibition games against the Harlem globetrotters who took this laker team apart.

This should be higher, it was the best big three in bball ever with 3 players in the top 5 scoring average of all-time
T1- wilt chaberlain
4 Elgin Baylor
5 Jerry west

48 2014 Kentucky Wildcats (NCAA Basketball)

Come on even know they didn't win the championship they were undiffeetid with a lose to the stupid badgers Kentucky should of won

49 2001 Seattle Mariners (Baseball)

Seattle Mariners forever

50 1976 Indiana Hoosiers (NCAAB)

They should be at least the best NCAA basketball team. Ahead of all the others on this list - westofohio

Best team in NCAA basketball history. The have a banner to prove it! They should be at least in top 20 - westofohio

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