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21 Just Hold On Just Hold On V 1 Comment
22 Rage the Night Away Rage the Night Away

The title should be "rage the night away" right? It is one of the best

This should be in the Top 10. This song has powerful, dirty beats.

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23 The Power of Now The Power of Now

Most rocking fantastico song love you steve aoki

24 Singularity Singularity

This song makes me feel like I'm swimming in the ocean of the universe. N just when it's time for the drop I feel like all the power of that universe has been sucked into my belly as if it was a blackhole... One powerful powerful song

25 Omega Omega
26 Come With Me Come With Me

Listen to this song, the chorus will hook you like no other song, believe me.

27 Steve French Steve French

Kick ass beats..can't get out of head

28 Flight Flight

Steve Aoki ft R3hab track Flight
Best ever

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29 Tribal Swag
30 Earthquaky People Earthquaky People
31 Can't Stop the Swag
32 Cudi the Kid Cudi the Kid
33 Freak Freak

This is like the best song why isn't this at the top spot? /

34 Free the Madness Free the Madness

Amazing mix, bringing the best of rap and electronic music together. Great beat/music, and meaningful lyrics.

35 I Love It When You Cry I Love It When You Cry

This song is amazing! Should be in top 6!

Best song ever

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36 Feel the Madness Feel the Madness

On this list (the same person as the last question)

"Can't Go Home" featuring Felix Jaehn and Adam Lambert should be in this list.

37 Ooh Ooh

New song.. Its cool..

38 Michael Jordan
39 Get Ready for This
40 Annihilation Army Annihilation Army
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