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1 Superstition

Yes, this is probably the greatest Motown record ever, I love it, it's just so badass! - Nintendonix

This is the only song by stevie wonder I really like

Great song I love the beat and the rhythm that is my favorite song ever since I was four would not change any thing about.

Always loved this song for the first time I've heard it!

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2 I Just Called to Say I Love You

Love the music composition.. Best ever.. Hearing since childhood

A similar song to this was submitted to Motown in New York City in 1982 and turned down

The most WONDERful song of his! The very tune of it- it gets you grooving and mushy at the same time! Intoxicating!

Love this song me and nmy husband

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3 Living for the City

A fantastic song about a black man growing up in "hard-time Mississippi", and sound effects of him walking around the city. - nick822

Only nonmusicians who do not understand music would like superstition more than this song

Amazing sound effects, definitely.

Hard life never sounded so good. Songs in the key of life is his best album but this is his bes song.

4 Sir Duke

Everyone knows the tune of this song, and it has great lyrics where Stevie talks a lot about the world of music "Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand. " - nick822

I like the song and I have heard this many times not knowing who made it

Though the phrase "Sir Duke" has little or nothing to do with this song, it is very catchy and my favorite Stevie W. Song by far.

This song is amazing. I love his voice on this one, and the bassline is so good!

5 My Cherie Amour

This is song is really sweet and relatable to me. I know exactly how this song was about!

Lovely as a summer day

6 I Wish

I wish those day *horn blast* could *horn blast* come back once more!

I love the song I wish I listen to it all the time when I am not busy

Ebony And Ivory doesn't count!

I see myself doing all of the things the song speak about.

7 Isn't She Lovely

It's truly a beautiful song, and one of his best.

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8 Part-Time Lover

Perfect songs, legend stevie

How to begin with? Rhythm? Lyrics? Passion? Vocals' Speed? Once you hear it, you'll never forget it. Sth like brainwash! Emotion revives a Special Love, even though the song implies the opposite..

God it's what I was looking for, love

This is the best for sure!

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9 Knocks Me Off My Feet
10 Higher Ground

Yes, this really should be top ten. Not only the number of people who have done it but the diversity of the artists who have covered it.

Look at the number of others who have done this song. Everyone loves it, I'm real surprised it's not in top ten.

Just got even better after Red Hot Chili Peppers covered it

Not even on the top ten? Damn :(. My first place

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? Positivity
? Shelter in the Rain

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11 Ribbon in the Sky

A beautiful song, probably one of his most famous, this is the first song I heard of Stevie's. And loved it. - nick822

What a great slow dance song. To feel this way everyday would be something special.

Love this song, it was sung at my wedding!

In my top five songs of all time

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12 As

This song was the key song at a wedding I was in and I listen to it very well. I was able to appreciate the lyrics and the feeling this song was written to evoke.

Musically brilliant. Layered, deep, rich, powerful. Flawlessly written, produced, and performed. I'm a 60-something white guy, and have listened to this song repeatedly since I was 19-20.

Absolute best on his chronology.

My brother asks me to play at his

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13 Ebony and Ivory
14 Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours

How is this song not higher up on the list?

15 Summer Soft
16 That's What Friends are For
17 For Once in My Life

I have listened to a lot of his songs a few times over, but this is the only one that instantly loved, so I have to say this is the best in my eyes and ears.

It's happy! And it makes me smile. - Britgirl

18 Lately

One of his most underappreciated gems.

19 You Haven't Done Nothin'

Stevie combined his funk with political statement here against the liar Nixon. "We are sick and tired of hearing your song, how you're going to change right from wrong"

Kool 105 & cruisin oldies 950 am.

20 Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday

Feel good song of great moments

21 Fingertips, Part 2

Amazing and he was only 12 years old.


22 I Believe
23 Master Blaster

Come on people this song is the funkiest rootiest most joyous song ever

That bass and that voice. Best. Period.

24 You are the Sunshine of My Life

Wow! This is a crime. This should be top five. I realize with Stevie, there's a lot to choose from, but wow.

One of the greatest recordings of its time... this should be higher! Great tune, in every way.

Why is these 18th? Is a really good ballad, and one of the most important songs from the master of jazz Stevie Wonder. If you haven´┐Ż't listened it, DO IT NOW!

25 Golden Lady
26 All In Love Is Fair
27 Rocket Love

How can this song be missing. Stevie Wonder seems to be at his very best when I hear this classic. Love hearing this all the time.

Absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking song. Severely underrated... - atomicpowur

Wonderful song of Wonder!

28 For Your Love

For you love! I would do anything, just to see the smile upon you face!
For your love! I would go anywhere, just you tell me and I'll be right there. - UsherYeahYeahYeah

29 Send One Your Love
30 I Ain't Gonna Stand for It
31 Power Flower
32 Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing
33 Overjoyed

Best song in my opinion! Pure genius with a perfect melody

Never get tired of listening to this song.

27? Really? 4-5 is more like it.

Best among the rest

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34 A Place in the Sun
35 Skeletons

I'm happy that Grand Theft Auto V introduced me to this song.

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36 Pastime Paradise

What a classic track,even Coolio sampled this beat and the chorus in his song Gangsta's Paradise

37 Visions
38 If It's Magic
39 All I Do

Great song!

40 I Was Made to Love Her

Stevie's voice is so great on this song and Jamerson's bass line is sick!

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41 I Love Every Little Thing About You
42 Travelin' Man
43 Do I Do

The album version (10 mins long) is an absolute banger of a song.

Great song

44 Uptight
45 With a Child's Heart
46 Whereabouts
47 Too High
48 Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)

One of my all time songs favorites sung by Aretha Franklin!

49 You and I

Most romantic song - perfect wedding song. Wish I could find the original very grainy but great video of Stevie singing this with his afro back in 1985.

50 That Girl
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