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1 The Dark Knight

"Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight. " - Gordon - BKAllmighty

Christopher Nolan made a fantastic crime thriller about the hypocrisy of law enforcement and the true meaning of justice, that's also a kick-ass action movie where where a guy in a bat costume punches people and a clown blows up a hospital. Every single event in this movie has a deeper meaning, but watching this film at face value it still super entertaining.

RIP Heath Ledger, best Joker

I am a Marvel fanboy but The Dark Knight will always be the greatest, most epic and most haunting of all superhero movies. Truly mind-blowing. Kudos to Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and a flawless cast and crew for crafting the finest of all superhero movies and also, one of the greatest movies ever made.

Greatest all time

2 The Avengers

The dark night is better but my brother made me vote for this. VOTE DARK NIGHT

My favorite ever! - Cloudten

This movies is life


3 The Dark Knight Rises


This one has to be no.2 or number 1. I felt it was better than the dark knight because there was more batman story than villain doing crazy things and much more heroism and the oration in the end was epic. This has got more to do with Batman being forced by people to be Batman which ultimately proves that the people accepted him as a hero. So he technically defeated Jokers main objective of making batman a villain. Also, there is and interesting end and the climax was the best of the three films. Dark Knight cannot be better than this movie just because there was joker, I mean seriously.

I think this movie deserves more appraisels then it got.

This one should definitely be in the top 3... An epic conclusion to the most amazing trilogy ever...

4 Spider-Man 2

Greatest superhero movie yet due to character build up, emotion moments and twists that are good and much better than the unforgiving 3rd movie

How is this movie so high up it sucked - jackjack1


The Dark Knight and the Avengers are really good, thought out movies and deserve top 3 status but Spider-Man 2 is the best. This version had a tougher but more conflicted Peter Parker, not some naive kid. He had to battle his best friend and his scientific mentor, at the same time. Not being treated like some second rate superhero by Tony Stark. Spider-Man 2 is an awesome movie.

5 Batman Begins

Batman begins is the most underrated superhero movie. Those who pick marvel movies to be better, just clearly live for the simple pleasures of action and pathetic storylines. All marvel movies have a political agenda. The Batman trilogies were more in depth. More symbolism, and what justice means. But people can't seem to appreciate action and stories complementing each other. Oh and Christian Bale is the best Batman, and even more complex then Kevin Conroy's and Michael Keaton's. The only marvel movie that stepped away from using pathetic political agendas was Doctor Strange.

Logan deserves its spot. Batman Begins can't even compare to that masterpiece. So no, Marvel doesn't have pathetic agendas. They can get pretty dark too. - MillieTrina_Prower

The Dark Knight sucked up the votes for this - DankShaggy

Best one ever. Fun, and amazing

When I saw this movie for the first time (and incorrectly assumed that it was predecessor to Batman Returns) it was the first time I watched a movie that was deliciously dark. And it was so brilliant that it was jaw-dropping...

6 Logan Logan

Should be #2, only equaled by The Dark Knight. Logan is a beautiful, sombre, touching, brutal, dark and tragic film, one that truly redefines superhero movies. In fact, it bares little resemblance to most of the genre, and though there are plenty of gritty, thrilling action sequences scattered throughout, the film feels more like sombre, touching drama with bursts of explosive action in between. The dynamics between Logan, his daughter Laura and Charles are compelling and extremely well-defined, with a variety of touching character moments bolstered by a script with lots of emotional substance. The film also explores themes such as mortality, regret, death, fatherhood, responsibility, love and hope, which are uncommon in many superhero pictures. The cinematography is bleak, but beautiful nonetheless and highly well edited. The action sequences are extremely violent, but also well-handled so that they feel real. They are fluid, intense and very hard-hitting. The extreme blood and gore ...more

It wasn't the exact portrayal I wanted to see in bringing Wolverine from the comics to the big screen...but it was damn close. Would of loved to see a Weapon X movie faithfully loyal to the Barry Windsor Smith classic. That would of been a great start with this movie being the perfect end. Anyhow how can anyone not see this movie (wolverine fan or not) and not be touched? Its gritty realism, with a standout performance from Hugh Jackman (oscar worthy really) to the somber feel that accentuates Wolverine perfectly. It underlines really that Wolverine, despite all his will, heart and determination to do what is right that ultimately he is doomed by his very nature. Logan wasn't just a great superhero movie it was a great movie period.

Best marvel movie way better than avengers I mean avengers is great but too overrated

What a great movie seriously - Dandeman7

7 Guardians of the Galaxy

My favourite marvel movie

Best marvel movie

This film was so funny. The cast was great and I think the the best movie of 2014.

Although I'm not the biggest fan of super hero movie's this one's still one of my favourite movies

8 Captain America: Civil War


The Best Pure Superhero Movie EVER!. This Movie has kicked DC fans right on their ASS!

This is a pre-Endgame vote. Civil War isn't as deep as TDK but as a pure superhero movie this is tops! Definitely the funnest and funniest and has the best action sequence ever!

This should definitely be number 1 - SimeOh

9 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Easily the best MCU movie. It's so good - RyanSmith123014

Captain America: The winter Soldier is the second greatest superheroe movie behind only the dark knight, Great acting and great story

This and dark knight

Captain america is by far my favorite hero and the move is just pure awesomeness

10 Iron Man



It’s the film to introduce new people into the superhero genre - Sa26

The best origin story of the mcu
He wasnt bit by a spider
He wasnt a son of a god
He wasnt born with superpowers
He has only one superpower,
That was the intelligence
They can take away his toys and gadgets but they can't take one thing away that is I AM IRONMAN

Well, more realistic superhero than Batman, I think. He's not the one who'll get upset if the city bank is robbed, he won't run after the thief who snatched the purse(like spider man), but he will definitely save the world when needed the most. He won't get too sentimental while putting his life on line (remember the avengers). He doesn't fear that his superhero identity will cost the people closest to him(Just think of a Batman, always fearful of getting exposed). He creates trouble, he solves trouble. He will break his own morals if needed (not like batman, who let others die for his secret). And of course, coolest actor portraying the coolest character, he is simply the best.


The Newcomers

? Hellboy (2019)
? X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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11 Avengers: Infinity War

I enjoyed it. Scarlet Witch still sucks, but an overall good movie. Endgame was also somewhat enjoyable.

A villain protagonist, a lot of depth to the plot and some extremely heartfelt moments. An unprecedented cinematic experience.

The Best Period.

It had practically every marvel superhero, and all the infinity stones! Also the villain wins! The greatest super hero movie.

12 Spider-Man

My favorite

This was a amazing movie. - B1ueNew

I love this movie so much! Willem Dafoe was GREAT as Green Goblin. - Solarian

a superb adaptation of the web hero - MatrixGuy

13 X-Men: Days of Future Past

Insanely Good

I Just Watched this film, It will go into the top ten soon! Whilst it is not better than the Dark Knight. It is personally better that the others

X men days of future past was best x men to date the early movies are this was best one the character are good it can funny and dark in the story.

Just watched this. Very very good movie.

14 Avengers: Endgame

While this movie does have some glaring problems, such as its plot holes and overall slow first act, it's still one of the best superhero movies I've ever seen. Aside from living up to the hype, it also offered a satisfying conclusion to a 22 movie franchise.

It must be in 1st place

That last fight with all the MCU heroes together was so epic - Sa26

Quite possibly one of the greatest movies ever made. When you can also empathize with the villain, you know you've got a fantastic movie.

15 Deadpool


Although the content is rough, it is still a HILARIOUS movie. Ryan Reynolds is really funny - Dandeman7

I love this movie. It's so awesome! - MeeMeeCandy777

My new favorite superhero movie. This breaks all the rules and doesn't have a dull moment in the entire movie plus it is hilarious and irreverent. Awesome.

16 Batman

This movie was great - SimeOh

So old, but still good. I just don't get how Michael Keaton could be the good guy in this movie, but be the bad guy in Spider-Man Homecoming! - luckycayden

I love batman

Tim Burton defined the approach of Batman. It is much closer to the comics than the Dark Knight trilogy and Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson are perfect as Batman and The Joker. This should be #1.

17 X2 - X Men United

Seriously? X2 is the best X-Men movie other than The Wolverine. It should be at least Top 10 and at no means under Daredevil.

Both Wolverine movies sucked.

18 The Avengers: Age of Ultron

I love the end credit"i will get them my self "

The best movie of 2015 and 1 of the best by marvels

The Avengers Strike Back! - Leoda1234

Good, but could have been better.

19 Batman - Mask of the Phantasm

This Is Totally Kickass - BeatlesFan1964

20 The Incredibles

Endgame and black panther have a 97 also rt are shills for disney and pixar

Great movie. - luckycayden

You would think that a superhero movie to based on a comic book would be horrible, but the Incredibles is one of the very few that break the rule.

Has a 97 on Rotten Tomatoes, higher than any other superhero movie out there.

21 Iron Man 3

I LOVE THIS MOVIE, but Iron Man 1 is better. - luckycayden

Loved the film. The only thing I didn't like was the Mandarin twist.

Awesome movie...don't get the hate

I thought Iron Man 1 was better, but this is my second favorite Iron Man movie

22 X-Men: First Class

Great movie

Why did I have to be the first person to post this one on here?! Lets at least get this one in the top 15!

This is the second best X-men movie after X-men: Days of Future/Past. It should be higher and Professor-X and The Beast are awesome in it.

This is one of the very best!

23 Superman

For the time period, this was the best adaption.

A disgrace that this film is so low on the list. The genre has been all downhill ever since this, though I liked Man of Steel fine enough. - truckturner

Christopher Reeves is the coolest Superman Ever! - westofohio

The grand daddy of them all, there would not have been a DARK KNIGHT movie without this one. It was up there with STAR WARS back in 1978 when it was released.

24 Thor Ragnarok

How dare hella break thor's favorite toy - jackjack1

It is the best superhero movie of all time! Why is Dark Knight the 1st? Thor is the most powerful superhero

It's a really great movie - Dvafan2

I seen almost all the superhero movies of marvels.. But thor ragnarok are best and also include lots of actions and comedy..
And hulk and thors fight are amazing mind blowing...
I can't explain..
I saw the movie first show first ticket 🎫...

25 X-Men

This is my favorite superhero franchise, but I think that the later movies were much better than the first one.

The actors were fantastic! - LadyLioness

The best super hero movie ever ps this is my opinion and this is a girl talking.

26 Black Panther Black Panther

What it got 97 percent rotten tomatoes best of all superheroes movies


Amazing! I recommend this masterpiece to everyone! - Solarian

Worst movie ever Sean

27 Spider-Man: Homecoming

Love it... - luckycayden

This should be WAY higher. I mean, Spider-Man 2 WAS my favorite Spider-Man movie, but this took the cake! - Solarian

This Spiderman is first one to have an actor to look the proper age of Spiderman and the first one to really take place in high school and a awesome villain

A funny movie with great action. It should be higher on the list but because this movie is new it has not gotten much votes. But I love this movie

28 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

It's amazing. Definitely deserves to be top 10 or 15.

A True Masterpiece!

This deserves to be higher. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse was such an amazing masterpiece.

So good

29 The Amazing Spider-Man

Get this off the list NOW! It has the worst villain out of any superhero movie - RyanSmith123014

I like the 2002 spiderman WAY better than this. Tobey Maguire does a better Peter Parker better than Andrew Garfield. - luckycayden

A much more faithful adaptation of the comic book hero. While Tobey Maguire captured Peter's loneliness and social inadequacy, he failed to capture Spider-Man's enduring spirit through his wise-cracks. There wasn't enough attitude that is an integral part of Spider-Man's character and that's what Andrew Garfield captured. Plus the genius level intellect was much better explored in this film. A much more satisfying adaptation of Spider-Man.

This movie sucks its nowhere near as good as the other superhero movies on this list this should get knocked down all the way to the depths of the list

30 Captain America: The First Avenger

The start of us loving Chris Evans as Captain America

31 Watchmen

Very underrated movie.

The Watchmen is basically if you took the realistic aspects of The Dark Knight and applied them to any of the super heroic action-based hero movies, making for a hyper-realistic depiction of what would really happen if heroes existed. It starts off with a group of what seems to be "America's League of Super Guardians" yet quickly transitions to the dark side of each character. You have Nite Owl, the self righteous hero who, though he always makes morally righteous decisions, never comes out on top. Miss Jupiter, the sex appeal of the team who is actually a pivotal character to the plot in the sense that she influences the actions of everyone. Dr. Manhattan, a god among men who chooses to isolate himself from mankind. The Comedian who doesn't care and is a rapist, murderer. Ozymandias, who thinks logically/statistically and has a a master plan. And Rorschach, a man with a black and white moral code in a world of grey situations. - JiggaMan

I would rate this movie above the dark knight! It introduces charachters wonderfully, narration but Rorchach is amazing and gripping, story is a solid 10/10,best costume award goes to miss jupiter in tight latex :-p, action is solid

I've never seen this movie, but I've read the book. If it's anywhere NEAR as good as the book, I'm gonna have to see it when I'm a little older. - Solarian

32 Iron Man 2

Great movie! Whiplash is so cool. And the Mark V suit is Tony's coolest suit! - luckycayden

33 Batman Returns

I want to watch this movie so BADLY! - luckycayden

This was the best of the original batman movies! Also batman forever was pretty awesome.

This is the best Batman movie after the 1989 one, with a great, sympathetic villain and a bigger Tim Burton effect.

This was so much better than batman forever and batman and robin

34 Kick-Ass

Kick-ass kicks the asses of all of these movies dude! I mean seriously! I think this should be at least #3. Also, Hulk was completely terrible! Jeez loo-eeze, this must be decided by Brits! Kick Ass rocks, Spiderman 3 and Hulk should be off the list, and not even on the contenders.

Who are you... I'm kick ass

Has anyone watch the original kickass with characters like big daddy, hit girl red mist seriously this should so what if he doesn't have super powers he could spider man's ass anytime anywhere. - Rvplove9

I think this is te best super hero movie, because is't so close to reality. They don't have superpowers, there is real consecuenses, unlike Batman who got stuff that dn't exicist, this movie got it all. My favourite superhero movies are

1. Kick Ass

2. The Dark Knight

3. Hancock

4. Kick Ass 2

35 Wonder Woman

This movie was great! Good concept, depth characters and I especially loved Gal Gadot's performance. SPOILER, it was such a shame that Steve died. The comics have him alive but the movies just gave way for more tragedy. Very compassionate. - MillieTrina_Prower

One of the Best movies in 2017

Please add this movie! It's excellent! Gal Gadot was amazing as Wonder Woman! I keep on asking for it to be added and it hasn't been yet. It's a GREAT movie. - NickWillems

what? 30

36 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Electrode is cool. Spider-Man, not so much! - luckycayden

Pretty underrated, in my opinion. I don't understand the hate unless they hate Dane Dehaan's portrayal of the Green Goblin. Other than that, good movie! - Solarian

This movie sucks very little action

You have to be kidding me it's better than Spider Man 3 but it still sucks - NickWillems

37 Spider-Man 3

This movie is better than The Dark Knight.

It's a good movie despite that horrible thing that I refuse to call "Venom". - Solarian

This is my favorite superhero movie other than The Avengers, this movie get a lot of hate that it doesn't deserve. This movie had 2 scenes that were just incredible, the scene where Spiderman and Sandman fight in the subway, and my absolute favorite, the scene where he's in the bell tower and he's ripping the black suit off. And I loved seeing Venom in this movie, and the end fight was badass. This and The Avengers are the greatest superhero movies ever.

Ok this movie had one of the most shoved in villains ever (venom) but I still don't see all the hate for this movie

38 Doctor Strange

A true masterpiece the best superhero in marvel history

This movie has a great ingredient such as a great CGI image and a interesting stories.

Man it's awesome, A new superhero with a fabulous origin story

Why is this 48? This should be number 1!.

39 Batman: Under the Red Hood

This is the best animated superhero movie ever! Amazing voice acting and great animation! The plot and dialogue are stupendous. This is my favorite superhero movie.

40 V For Vendetta

This movie is fantastic, the characters are rich in backstory, there are plenty of emotional moments in the film, and the horrifying actions of the lettermen are shown in glorious detail making you hate them with a passion.

41 Unbreakable

This has to be the most realistic superhero movie ever! Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are amazing in this movie!

Quentin Tarantino put this on his top 20 films released since 1992 and for good reason. Probably one of the most original superhero films out there.

Most underrated superhero movie ever

Yeah go m night shalyman

42 Robocop
43 Thor: The Dark World

This is a really great movie from beginning to end. I recommend this movie

44 The Incredible Hulk

This a good movie - trains45

Edward Norton wrote the whole script for the film (and even added the Tony Stark cameo) and did a great job with it! He pulled off Bruce Banner and Hulk looked awesome in this movie as well. HULK SMASH! - 666metalheadgamer666

My favourite superhero and I like it when he beats other super heroes badly and the best was then when he fought with Zeus... Love hulk!

This shouldn't be so low on the list. It's such an improvement on the first Hulk movie.

1 Comment
45 The Crow
46 Big Hero 6

This a good movie I remember watching it twice first time I saw half, 2nd time I saw the hole movie - trains45

It's great to see Disney do a Superhero movie, something they really haven't tackled before in their own Animation studio. Sure it isn't a complete mystery but does it really have to be? Too many superhero movies try to be overly complicated and epic, but this one had a lot of heart and if I had to guess it will create a new generation of comic book fans that'll grow up and make the genre even better than it is now.

Why are so many mediocre movies ahead of this kick-butt movie? - Solarian

I love this movie! It's exciting, funny, cute, charming, and overall, really good! - LarkwingFlight

47 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Even better than the original.

Amazing movie I loved it



48 Dredd

Dredd should be higher than #41 on the list

Top 5 material much better than silly willy dark knight

49 Ant-Man

How is Suicide Squad ahead of this? - Solarian

Good movie with a bit of humour. Loved the Falcon cameo! Hopefully Ant-Man ties into the avengers story soon.

50 Suicide Squad

Should definitely be in the top 20

Who put this here? It's not out yet!

It is horrific

Not exactly a superhero movie - Nirocart

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