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1 The Dark Knight

"Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight. " - Gordon - BKAllmighty

I am a Marvel fanboy but The Dark Knight will always be the greatest, most epic and most haunting of all superhero movies. Truly mind-blowing. Kudos to Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and a flawless cast and crew for crafting the finest of all superhero movies and also, one of the greatest movies ever made.

An amazing movie, a great story, a superb cast and the Oscar for Heath is icing on the cake. The fact that the hero and the primary villain do not have any actual superpowers doesn't even matter as we watch their battle for control of Gotham rage on for a captivating 2 1/2 hours. The Joker is finally defeated in the end but the hero pays a stiff price in order to protect his city.

This is my all time favourite superhero movie and DC movie. Heath Ledger IS the Joker! - NickWillems

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2 The Avengers

What I found is a greatest reassemble of the Avengers and the first in a series to be the way for the pending "Infinity War". Surely, one of the greatest movie that Marvel has given to their fans in 2012. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

It was a great movie, the best of marvel. It's actors were great, and the cap/iron man feud kept you watching. It was not only great in terms of action, but the development of the characters was beautiful too.

The dark night is better but my brother made me vote for this. VOTE DARK NIGHT

The avengers is a most powerful superhero team. avengers is better than batman and x men superhero team

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3 The Dark Knight Rises

This one should definitely be in the top 3... An epic conclusion to the most amazing trilogy ever...

It's plain awesome and the end when you find out the one detective is robin and batman survives the atomic bomb and I never guessed cat woman kills bane so if that's not awesome enough then you got to see it for your self

This movie was terrible. How did Bruce find Selina in Gotham again? Why did he trust her considering she did nothing but steal from him, betray him, threaten him that a storm was coming and Bruce still trusted her implicitly. Terrible film on every level. Bane and Batman fought like two drunken brawlers. People who like this film are not true Batman fans. How can a little girl make a jump a bunch of full grown men can't make, one of which is suppose to be the worlds greatest athlete?

This is overrated - Triceratops

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4 Batman Begins

Batman begins is the most underrated superhero movie. Those who pick marvel movies to be better, just clearly live for the simple pleasures of action and pathetic storylines. All marvel movies have a political agenda. The Batman trilogies were more in depth. More symbolism, and what justice means. But people can't seem to appreciate action and stories complementing each other. Oh and Christian Bale is the best Batman, and even more complex then Kevin Conroy's and Michael Keaton's. The only marvel movie that stepped away from using pathetic political agendas was Doctor Strange.

Best one ever. Fun, and amazing

When I saw this movie for the first time (and incorrectly assumed that it was predecessor to Batman Returns) it was the first time I watched a movie that was deliciously dark. And it was so brilliant that it was jaw-dropping...

Best superhero movie ever!

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5 Guardians of the Galaxy

This film was so funny. The cast was great and I think the the best movie of 2014.

Very surprising to me and very fun to watch. Definitely watch this movie. - TheLastSiren

This may not be close to the comics at all but the acting and action is great. It's also really funny. It should be on the top 3.


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6 Spiderman 2

How is this not in the top 10?! It should be at least number 3, it's still the best film in the series to date!

Interesting. Would have sworn that everyone loved this movie more than the first Spider-Man. - BKAllmighty

Great movie but I honestly think that it's better than the first Spiderman film

I think the best superhero and emotional movie of all time

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7 Captain America: Civil War

The Best Pure Superhero Movie EVER!. This Movie has kicked DC fans right on their ASS!

I think the dark knight deserves 1st spot... But in my opinion this one is at least top 3, I'm not sure if I like this one or avengers more, but I believe this one should definitely be higher on this list, top 5 at the very least. This movie was great!

The dark knight might be my favorite superhero movie but this is my favorite marvel film and the superhero movie that every time I talk or think about it, I want to watch it again.

the best

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8 Iron Man

Well, more realistic superhero than Batman, I think. He's not the one who'll get upset if the city bank is robbed, he won't run after the thief who snatched the purse(like spider man), but he will definitely save the world when needed the most. He won't get too sentimental while putting his life on line (remember the avengers). He doesn't fear that his superhero identity will cost the people closest to him(Just think of a Batman, always fearful of getting exposed). He creates trouble, he solves trouble. He will break his own morals if needed (not like batman, who let others die for his secret). And of course, coolest actor portraying the coolest character, he is simply the best.

Well, more realistic superhero than Batman, I think. He's not the one who'll get upset if the city bank is robbed, he won't run after the thief who snatched the purse(like spider man), but he will definitely save the world when needed the most. He won't get too sentimental while putting his life on line (remember the avengers). He doesn't fear that his superhero identity will cost the people closest to him(Just think of a Batman, always fearful of getting exposed). He creates trouble, he solves trouble. He will break his own morals if needed (not like batman, who let others die for his secret). And of course, coolest actor portraying the coolest character, he is simply the best.

Cocky, Badass, Super rich, Billionaire, Style, Class, GENIUS ETC... Tell me which movie had that? Closest movie to it would be The Dark Knight.

Masterpiece...just watch one time you will become a fan of this movie...guarantee100%

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9 Spiderman

a superb adaptation of the web hero - MatrixGuy

It is no wonder the best superhero flic ever.
Should be at the top spot.

The coolest superhero, your friendly neibhour Spiderman, it is the best superhero movie and it felt so real, Spiderman is not only the best superhero movie but also my favourite superhero

This was so overrated

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10 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain america is by far my favorite hero and the move is just pure awesomeness

This movie had serious balls to step away from Marvel's usual "let's make it fun" thing. Great villain, great cast, great story. - TheLastSiren

Are you joking this movie was amazing Hail Hydra

The movie is so overrated. Nick Fury was laughable. Captain America sucked as usual. Plot was predictable. I hate this movie. Iron Man 3 is way better.

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The Newcomers

? Blade II

I loved this movie. Better than the first Blade even! Trinity sucked, though...

I loved this movie. My all time favourite marvel movie. Jared Nomak and the Reapers were very scary and it had lots of ultra violent/violet ray action! - NickWillems

? Spider-Man

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11 Deadpool

My new favorite superhero movie. This breaks all the rules and doesn't have a dull moment in the entire movie plus it is hilarious and irreverent. Awesome.

The funniest superhero movie yet and the second best only behind The Dark Knight.

Not only is this the best superhero movie, I think it's one of, if not, THE best action movie out there

Finally not a generic superhero movie, this, the dark knight trilogy and logan are like the only superhero movies worth watching

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12 Batman

Tim Burton defined the approach of Batman. It is much closer to the comics than the Dark Knight trilogy and Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson are perfect as Batman and The Joker. This should be #1.

Because it's one of the most influential superhero films ever made, a classic, and a masterpiece.

Who said an old movie with almost no special effects can be good? I did

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13 X-Men: Days of Future Past

I Just Watched this film, It will go into the top ten soon! Whilst it is not better than the Dark Knight. It is personally better that the others

X men days of future past was best x men to date the early movies are this was best one the character are good it can funny and dark in the story.

Just watched this. Very very good movie.

This is better than the winter soldier,sorry. Each xmen shined here, the visual effects were the greatest I've seen on an action movie to date (my personal favorite) just behind the dark knight rises.And the plot and character development flowed so naturally it was a total nerdgasm. This movie is the best xmen film and it deserves, legitimately the #10 spot, to say the least.

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14 The Avengers: Age of Ultron

I love the end credit"i will get them my self "

The best movie of 2015 and 1 of the best by marvels

Good, but could have been better.

Why do people like this cancer? - Ale9991

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15 X2 - X Men United

Seriously? X2 is the best X-Men movie other than The Wolverine. It should be at least Top 10 and at no means under Daredevil.

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16 X-Men: First Class

Why did I have to be the first person to post this one on here?! Lets at least get this one in the top 15!

This is the second best X-men movie after X-men: Days of Future/Past. It should be higher and Professor-X and The Beast are awesome in it.

2nd best superhero film after batman begins

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17 Iron Man 3

I thought Iron Man 1 was better, but this is my second favorite Iron Man movie

This sucks. It is not bad but it shouldn't be in the top ten

So the best, the effort put into this film is amazing

Now this is what I call a good movie

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18 Logan Logan

Should be #2, only equaled by The Dark Knight. Logan is a beautiful, sombre, touching, brutal, dark and tragic film, one that truly redefines superhero movies. In fact, it bares little resemblance to most of the genre, and though there are plenty of gritty, thrilling action sequences scattered throughout, the film feels more like sombre, touching drama with bursts of explosive action in between. The dynamics between Logan, his daughter Laura and Charles are compelling and extremely well-defined, with a variety of touching character moments bolstered by a script with lots of emotional substance. The film also explores themes such as mortality, regret, death, fatherhood, responsibility, love and hope, which are uncommon in many superhero pictures. The cinematography is bleak, but beautiful nonetheless and highly well edited. The action sequences are extremely violent, but also well-handled so that they feel real. They are fluid, intense and very hard-hitting. The extreme blood and gore ...more

An epic conclusion to Jackman's 17 year run as the Wolverine. Couldn't have been any better. Charles thought he was killed by Logan which makes his death all the more tragic. And the ending... I will never forget the moment when Hugh Jackman closed his eyes. No film ever left a mark on me as significant as this one. It is not just mindless slashing and cutting - the R-rated violence actually makes sense and is an integral part of the film. One of the greatest pros of this film is the portrayal of Logan's relationship with Laura. If any film can knock Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Dark to the 2nd position, it's LOGAN. Goodbye Wolverine!

Very gritty, violent, emotional, heartfelt movie. It separates itself from the flood of formula based superhero movies that are so popular today. This is a movie that you will REMEMBER. Perfect sendoff for Hugh Jackman after 17 years as wolverine. In my opinion, this is the best superhero movie ever

10/10 better than the dark knight

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19 Man of Steel

I love this movie. I don't understand why everyone hates it, and at the end battle between Superman and Sod ZOD is the one throwing him through buildings and punching him through cars and blasting buildings with his heat vision. And Superman TRIED to take the battle into space to avoid destruction, but ZOD was the one who punched him through a satellite and brought it back to earth. And the soundtrack was just amazing. And Henry Cavill is the best Superman ever. And so was Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Michael Shannon as Zod and Russell Crowe as Jor-El. And the plot was awesome and (Spoiler Alert) the scene where Superman has to kill Zod HE TRIED TO AVOID IT BUT ZOD WAS GOING TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE WHY DO YOU HATE SUPERMAN FOR SAVING INNOCENT PEOPLE? All the action was completely awesome and the plot was so entertaining. I loved the first 20 minutes on Krypton. I loved the scattered flashbacks to Clark's life on Earth. They always seemed to be in the perfect places. This movie is ...more

Absolutely badass and hugely entertaining. Fantastic action and soundtrack. One of the greatest!

Super is the oldest and strongest of all superheroes he is the king of comics and superhero films

This movie is amazing.

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20 The Amazing Spider-Man

A much more faithful adaptation of the comic book hero. While Tobey Maguire captured Peter's loneliness and social inadequacy, he failed to capture Spider-Man's enduring spirit through his wise-cracks. There wasn't enough attitude that is an integral part of Spider-Man's character and that's what Andrew Garfield captured. Plus the genius level intellect was much better explored in this film. A much more satisfying adaptation of Spider-Man.

This movie sucks its nowhere near as good as the other superhero movies on this list this should get knocked down all the way to the depths of the list

So much better than the original three, especially three.
I'm also surprised Spider-Man (2002) was voted above this AND Spider-Man 2 (2004).

Spider man the boss

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