Best Surf Spots

The Top Ten

1 Pipeline
2 Teahupoo
3 Jefferys Bay
4 Bali
5 Gold Coast
6 Trestles
7 Bells Beach
8 Margeret River
9 Mavericks
10 Back Beach

Best beach break ever man it's so wicked like all the best surfers come here I reckon all you guys out there should give it a go! - erniemitchell

The Contenders

11 Front Beach
12 Strands
13 Salt Creek
14 San Eliho
15 Waimea Bay
16 Zayulita
17 Sebastian Inlet

Pretty consistent best on the east coast and in Florida so that's good its not pipe or even huntington but its ok

18 Sardinia
19 Chicama

The world longest wave

20 Soorts-Hossegor
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