Best Classes In Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a popular class-based FPS. which class do you like the most?

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1 Scout Scout

It's, Perfect with his 33% more boost and double jump, it's has to be the best class with his fight or flight choice, with 2 scouts on an enemy team, be prepared for unexpected flanks from this kid, even I need to say this, AND I LOVE THIS GUY, but his speed is just, I can't handle it. I'm sorry Scout lover, but he needs a nerf once.

I think scout is king of all of those peeps

Where is my ball ¿


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2 Pyro Pyro

Best class ever with good close ranged weapons. To hide from the Pyro get away from him and attack with far range

If you see this guy on the battlefeild, you might wanna run away

Fire everywhere


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3 Spy Spy

Can't imagine playing any other class than Spy, most fun by far honestly. - Danganronpa

Most original class ever and I love spy characters

He so cool and badass I love backstabing other people and scaring people! - Daviddv0601

Using the cloak is OP if going for backstabs and this class is vital for fast points in ctf

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4 Sniper Sniper

"I think his mate saw me... Yes, yes he did! " - Danganronpa

Best husbando but no homo

This polite, efficient Australian has a plan to kill everyone he meets... from across the map. The Sniper is a long-distance class, but he can get some kills up close and personal if the situation calls for it. He has a diverse arsenal, with a choice or rifle or bow, an SMG or Jarate (uran in a jar), and a Kukri. - Firmly_Grasp_It

Seriously, how is Scout #1? I find him really annoying. Sniper is best because he throws piss at people! (Professionally, of course)

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5 Engineer Engineer

Versatile. Sentries are OP at defense and they can hold their own ground w/ a shotgun

so op

A math-whiz from Texas, the Engineer specializes in solving practical problems. Problems like defending the base with his sentry gun, giving his teammates health and ammo with dispensers, and teleporting them straight into battle with teleporters. He is very capable of defending himself with his shotgun, pistol, and either a wrench or a mechanical arm. - Firmly_Grasp_It

A gentle texan, the engineer can build four types of buildings, a dispenser that provides health and ammo, teleporters one for the en and one for the exit and sentries the most powerful weapon in the game even more powerful than the heavy's minigun. You can upgrade your buildings to max level 3 with your wrench until it Is fully complete, the wrench can also be used as an offensive weapon. He Is also equipped with a shotgun and a pistol. He however does have disadvantages he has low health, it takes him along time to put up his buildings and once your buildings are gone you are left with only your shotgun, pistol and wrench not very impressive compared to other classes.

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6 Soldier Soldier

Rocket Jumping. 'enough said. - Daviddv0601

This is the most Well-Rounded Class! - buster

Rocket jumping is fun, rocket launchers are cool.

Most classes have a significant downside to them. The Scout can't do anything to sentries and has lacking range. The Pyro has the 2nd lowest primary DPS and is generally weaker at direct combat The Demoman is weak up close and from afar while the demoknight can be stopped in his tracks or picked off. The Heavy is slow and is often targeted. The Engineer's sentry has workarounds that allow any projectile weapon to kill one around a corner and is mostly an inferior scout in direct combat. The Medic has little options for combat when facing power classes. The Sniper is usually murdered by a decent player up close. The Spy's truest enemy is a constantly aware team, and even without that he's not difficult to take out upon discovery. The Soldier has no real crippling flaws, is never truly deadweight in any situation, the dominant combat class through and through. The Soldier is potentially the quickest class in the game for good rocket jumpers, can take out sentries decently, etc. The cold ...more

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7 Demoman Demoman

When I Play Demoman in MvM he always gets more points of damage each day.

Demoman with the right level of skill can put out massive amounts of damage. Although he is weak against scouts and pyros, the Demoman still is one of the most powerful classes

Demoman best claas

Always been my favorite character, I really love launching grenades

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8 Heavy Heavy



Most powerful

He's the best

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9 Medic Medic

Medic being last place is just wrong. Medic is the most important class in the game undoubtedly. Any competitive team HAS to have a medic. Ubercharges are OP and healing is incredibly useful. A team with a competent medic will have an enormous advantage over a team without a medic. I think people are just voting for their favorite class instead of the best and most important, like demoman and medic.

Medic is one of the only reliable ways to get healing. Only other ways are dispenser and health kits and those are rare.


Medic is OP, and if you have a brain, or at least played the game, you should know that this is a bad list. The medic is the best for healing, and ubercharge is really OP, letting you destroy anything and everything. If your team doesn't have a medic, and your opponents do, you will have a big chance of losing. Why is scout 1? He should be 2-4. Pyro statistically speaking is trash, and the competitive community/valve knows this, and valve is going to buff him. A lot. Soldier and demoman should be higher, as they are good for pushing with their explosives and jumping. Sniper can be 2, if you are landing those headshots, but if not, then he is almost impossible to use effectively. Engineer and spy are good, but not as good as the others above. Nevermind, the engineer is really good in some cases, like the dispenser, sentries (against scout) teleporters and even some of his weapons are OP, but that doesn't make him the best. Also, heavy needs mad buffs too. I bet the experienced to pro ...more

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