Best Classes In Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a popular class-based FPS. which class do you like the most?

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1 Scout

A kid from Boston, Massachusets who runs fast, can double-jump, and is good at flank-and-retreat offensive tactics. The scout fights with a scattercannon, a baseball bat, and a choice of a pistol or a radioactive energy drink - Firmly_Grasp_It

Scout is a good class for moving fast, sneaky tactics, getting over other players, and much more. Taking several hits from the scattergun will send you to the canvas - hard! The pistol does well at a medium range and the bat hits fast and deals not too much damage but makes up in speed. The Scout is very good for flanking and attacking from sidelines, but only barely decent in health so you need to scramble for a health pack every chance you get.

A smug, annoying kid from Boston, he is the fastest class in tf2 and the only one capable of double jumping, he is equipped with a scattergun that does more damage close up than far away and is very fast at both firing and reloading, an overpowered pistol and a baseball bat because who doesn't love bashing your enemy's brains out with a piece of sports equipment? and to top it all of the scout has the funniest taunts in the game, no class comes close to how hilarious this guy is. However he does possess some disadvantages his low health and that he is useless at taking down sentries but can run past.


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2 Pyro

An insane, mute pyromaniac from parts unknown, little is know about this fire loving individual all we know is he LOVES to burn enemies to a crisp. His flamethrower makes him the deadliest class at close range and even if you get set up in flames but manage to escape don't be glad you can still die from the afterburn. You might think your safe from a distance but don't because with his flare gun he can set you on fire from far away. This monsters only minor weakness is his lack of ranged weapons only possessing a shotgun, flare gun and scorcher shot plus the ones that can set you on fire (flare gun and scorcher shot) require some accuracy to use so bad luck if your terrible at aiming.

The pyro looks like an annoying and overpowered pyromaniac to you, right? There is just many things that people learn when playing pyro: 1. It does critical damage at close range, but weaker at the longer ranges- Snipers gains advantages over this. 2. It has pretty decent health at 175, pretty good compared to Scout, Spy, Sniper and Engineer which all have 125 health. 3. It looks pretty nice and is a reasonable class to play as, especially for those beginners to Team Fortress 2. So, I think you should agree with me that the Pyro is an essential class to have for any team.

A flamethrowing mute from parts unknown, little is known about him (or her). Good at catching enemies around corners and stopping spies. Besides his flamethrower, the pyro comes to battle with a fire axe and either a shotgun or flaregun. - Firmly_Grasp_It

Fire everywhere

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3 Sniper

This polite, efficient Australian has a plan to kill everyone he meets... from across the map. The Sniper is a long-distance class, but he can get some kills up close and personal if the situation calls for it. He has a diverse arsenal, with a choice or rifle or bow, an SMG or Jarate (uran in a jar), and a Kukri. - Firmly_Grasp_It

Seriously, how is Scout #1? I find him really annoying. Sniper is best because he throws piss at people! (Professionally, of course)

He is really cool, he can kill people in an instant and he is really fun to use with his balanced gameplay and he has the coolest hats in the game! - davidcat

Best husbando but no homo

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4 Spy

Hailing from France, this sneaky traitor can sneak behind enemy lines, disguise as an enemy, and then stab them for a one-hit kill once they turn their backs. With the aid of his cloaking device, he can move slowly and invisible, or even fake his own death. He can also disable and drain engineer buildings with his electro-sapper, and his revolver packs a punch. - Firmly_Grasp_It

One of the hardest classes to master. But once you master him, you can (ALMOST) take on the entire enemy team (Just make sure that they don't know who the spy is). But why no one votes for him is because he is WEAK in health. But I still love him, and I VOTE FOR HIM.

You see the only reason everyone doesn't vote for it is because of his great AWESOMENESS but it's hard to master, once you're done you are dominating and making people who vote for the other classes rage.

As long as you master the spy (in a few years), you can literally take out a entire team. I was a noob back then, I didn't even know that you could backstab, I though spies ran at people with knives. So that's what I did. I ran straight up to a pyro. :D

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5 Engineer

A math-whiz from Texas, the Engineer specializes in solving practical problems. Problems like defending the base with his sentry gun, giving his teammates health and ammo with dispensers, and teleporting them straight into battle with teleporters. He is very capable of defending himself with his shotgun, pistol, and either a wrench or a mechanical arm. - Firmly_Grasp_It

A gentle texan, the engineer can build four types of buildings, a dispenser that provides health and ammo, teleporters one for the en and one for the exit and sentries the most powerful weapon in the game even more powerful than the heavy's minigun. You can upgrade your buildings to max level 3 with your wrench until it Is fully complete, the wrench can also be used as an offensive weapon. He Is also equipped with a shotgun and a pistol. He however does have disadvantages he has low health, it takes him along time to put up his buildings and once your buildings are gone you are left with only your shotgun, pistol and wrench not very impressive compared to other classes.

The engineer is the second most important class next to the medic. He is very much underestimated because of how many people suck at playing him. Having a good engineer wins games. Same goes for medic. This is not at all true for any other class. Sentries help do significant damage to the enemy team. Dispensers give your teammates ammo and health fast. Teleporters transport your teammates to the front lines fast and frankly, they win games. Engineer is by far one of the most important classes.

I mean I am a battle engie main so yeah this class is for me... Widowmaker, gunslinger or jag, and whatever pistole u prefer is my loadout... It's amazing when used right - UWU

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6 Heavy

A large-set russian man, the Heavy is probably the most well-known class in the game. He is slow, but makes up for it with the most hit points in the game. He comes to battle with a minigun, his fists, and either a choice of a shotgun or a sandvich which brings him to full health. - Firmly_Grasp_It

An offensive heavy who knows the map well and can predict opponent placement and tactics is the most destructive/disruptive class. Medic or solo. I've gotten so good going solo offensively it kinda took the fun put of the class because a lot of people hate on all the kills/domination per life.

A big, buff russian man, the heavy is the strongest class in tf2, his massive minigun is the powerfulest weapon in the game (excluding sentries) and he has the highest health out of any class (300). He also has a choice between a shotgun and the almighty SANDVICH that is basically a portable health kit, for melee he uses just his bare fists meaning you can literally punch an enemy to death. Also his stupid sounding russian accent and the fact he calls his fellow teammates BABIES makes him hilarious. He however does have his downsides, he is very slow, the slowest class so often gets targeted by snipers but you can unlock items like the gloves of running urgently that increases your speed by 30%.

He's the best

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7 Soldier

Most classes have a significant downside to them. The Scout can't do anything to sentries and has lacking range. The Pyro has the 2nd lowest primary DPS and is generally weaker at direct combat The Demoman is weak up close and from afar while the demoknight can be stopped in his tracks or picked off. The Heavy is slow and is often targeted. The Engineer's sentry has workarounds that allow any projectile weapon to kill one around a corner and is mostly an inferior scout in direct combat. The Medic has little options for combat when facing power classes. The Sniper is usually murdered by a decent player up close. The Spy's truest enemy is a constantly aware team, and even without that he's not difficult to take out upon discovery. The Soldier has no real crippling flaws, is never truly deadweight in any situation, the dominant combat class through and through. The Soldier is potentially the quickest class in the game for good rocket jumpers, can take out sentries decently, etc. The cold ...more

The stereotypical american loud, violent, loves his country to no end, all this guy cares about is America and destroying the enemy, he is probably the most well-rounded class in the game. His rocket launcher can do very high damage sometimes exploding enemies into tiny pieces on impact and even if it misses they can still be injured by the splash damage and you can rocket jump all over the map dropping down upon your enemies and blasting them to bits. He doesn't really have any crippling weaknesses although his melee weapons aren't really impressive like seriously A PICKAXE WOW!

A true american psycho who yells at the dead bodies of his victims. The most balanced character in the game, and also one of the most dangerous with his rocket launcher, shotgun, and shovel. - Firmly_Grasp_It

Rocket jumping is fun, rocket launchers are cool.

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8 Demoman

A black, Scottish cyclops with a drinking problem. The demoman is one of the most strategic and tactical classes in the game. His grenades can go into places where other teamates can not reach, sticky bombs can stick to any surface and can be detonated with a simple right click of your mouse. And to top it all of the demoman has the best melee weapons in the game for frontal combat. He possess huge swords like the eyelander or persian persuader that have a large melee range and are capable of beheading enemies with a couple of swings from his sword (the game even keeps track on how many heads you chopped off) and with every head you chop off your health and speed increase.

A black Scottish cyclops with a drinking problem, the demoman is the explosives expert. He comes to battle with both a grenade launcher and a stickybomb launcher, as well as a Scrumpy bottle or Sword. - Firmly_Grasp_It

A great class, especially with the Scottish Resistance. I mostly use this class in co-op because the demo man can set traps for the enemy. Using the regular grenade launcher leaves no survivors in regular multiplayer mode. My best class and a great one too

Demoman with the right level of skill can put out massive amounts of damage. Although he is weak against scouts and pyros, the Demoman still is one of the most powerful classes

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9 Medic

Medic is OP, and if you have a brain, or at least played the game, you should know that this is a bad list. The medic is the best for healing, and ubercharge is really OP, letting you destroy anything and everything. If your team doesn't have a medic, and your opponents do, you will have a big chance of losing. Why is scout 1? He should be 2-4. Pyro statistically speaking is trash, and the competitive community/valve knows this, and valve is going to buff him. A lot. Soldier and demoman should be higher, as they are good for pushing with their explosives and jumping. Sniper can be 2, if you are landing those headshots, but if not, then he is almost impossible to use effectively. Engineer and spy are good, but not as good as the others above. Nevermind, the engineer is really good in some cases, like the dispenser, sentries (against scout) teleporters and even some of his weapons are OP, but that doesn't make him the best. Also, heavy needs mad buffs too. I bet the experienced to pro ...more

A psychopathic doctor defeating a whole team with just his medicine? Unbelievable? I think not. The medic is definitely the most interesting class out there. He can destroy a sentry with just an ubercharge and any class, he can double-up with another medic with an ubersaw and steal intelligence without any harm. All with home made medicine made with scrap metal. How much better can it get?

While a team of solo soldiers easily kill anything, a single medic makes them nearly unstoppable. the same effect occures with almost any kind of team except snipers, spies, and engineers. Even solo medic can be devastating.

Medic plays a vital part of the team healing teammates and throwing some arows into the mix making him more viable. His √úbercharge can make or brake a push dipending on what side he is and what medigun he has

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10 F2P

This is offensive. Everyone was a F2P sometime in their lives. - mattstat716

The most underrated class

The noobs who you can kill, call names, and taunt kill. Always a pleasure

The worst class in tf2. they are for humiliating, tolling and vote kicking. they are idiots!

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The Contenders

11 Hoovy

By far the strongest class when played right

People tend to underestimate the power of love and peace, hoovies destroy entire teams with their passion for screwing around.


Do not insult our kind.
We only actually panic when some tryhard shoots a ring of stickybombs around us

12 Spycrab

This is an endangered species! Don't shoot them! An especially rare one is the dead ringer spycrab!

Save the endangered spycrab, think before you wrench! - WitheredBonnie

I love spycrab there everywhere, on my lock and home screen my YouTube pic and my discord pic... You get the idea.. I'm known as the queen of Blu spycrabs so anyone wanna join a discord server? Ask me UWU - UWU

:O I found a spycrab!
But their pelts go for millions- yeah okay.
*Wrench* - mattstat716

13 Pocket Medic

We stan a legend


14 Pootis

Pootis Spencer is a very interesting character with a deep and dark backstory that has blackened the earth for almost a decade. He is a powerful character with self healing and ammo resupply.

Pootis 'spencer here!

GabeN too OP please nerF

Potis spencer here

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15 Sandvich

There are 10 "Meet the" videos. This is the one that's not on here yet.

The god of weapons of my favourite characters

16 Baby Engineer

Ain't that a cute lil' engie... Good night baby engie - UWU

17 Civilian

Civilan is very fun. It can annoy the enemy team and your team. You will laugh like a maniac when people will whine. Civilian is the hardest class to use.

Even more annoying than a scout.

Should be at least number 5. Nothing better than go into valve servers, go into civilian mode, and annoy the hell out of tryhards.

What this guy isn't even in tf2?

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18 Painis Cupcake

He Is Painis Cupcake And He Will Eat You!

He will eat you


I'm painis cupcake! I will eat your painis! (d1ck) - tf2as-s-ho-le

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19 Saxton Hale

Hey, you can actually play as him.

Saxton Hale is a one man army, capable of decimating entire teams of mercenaries with his bare hands and feet. He can out muscle a Heavy and outrun a Scout, he is unstopabble!

He is not the 10th class, he is the 3rd team. - SSeemstobeforSucks

20 Duck



21 Combat Medic

A kind-of sub-class who can use both the Gunslinger and Frontier Justice as an effective combo

If you want to fight don't be a medic.


Medic is a very offensive by helping other people but manly a heavy.a combat medic can heal and do a good amount of damage

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22 Demoknight

Basically a better version of Demoman.

23 Pro Gibus

The ultimate kind of perfection, if you are a gibus scout and have skill, EVERYONE IS GONNA BE DEAD

Everyone underestimates them but actually they are the most dangerous n00bs

24 Sentry

He shoots you when you try to invade enemy property

Ain't that a cute lil' gun UWU - UWU


25 Mini Sentries

DAMN THOSE THINGS...they cost 100 metal, they build up Quick. the engie can put down two of these, they shoot quick and...if there is a god in this universe he won't let those things exist
WAIT, they actually exist

26 Merasmus



Huzzah merasmus is here! Two mins later, alright I'm leaving. - UWU

27 Meem

Because I can

No...?! Meem


28 Pootis Bird

Best character


29 Pyro Shark
30 Deathmatch Mercenary

The Deathmatch Merc is so strong

31 Blooper


32 Grey Mann

Grey Mann is the very best class, I main him and don't get the people who don't.

He killed the leaders of BLU and RED.

Technically is the strongest character in the whole tf2 game because he sends mvm robots at u - UWU

33 Flying Scout

Come fly with me let's fly and I can a see ma base from here

34 Camper


35 Rancho Relaxo Engineer

Who doesn't love this guy especially when he's doing extreme rancho relaxo - UWU


Probably the most helpful class in TF2 - Ank

36 Dispenser


37 Mr. Paladin Mr. Paladin

Best tf2 player

38 Commander

This isn't a class! - aarond90

It was planned to a be a class but cut during development

I just voted for this because commander isn't a class.

Clearly the best class, is really well balanced and I love Commander's quiotes. I always play as him.

39 P2P

F2p: what can be better than 50 items
P2p:300 you noob get a hat

40 Spectator

Is the player who spectates literally (from in-out of the battlefield)
usually a kinda-"person" or "player" who watches "other" players
fighting,movement,sessions,romance,chats,firing-guns,jumping all
around,shooting-each-other,snowballing,jiggling-balls,thrusting forward,
finishing the victikm with load,or humping each other and make real life,
a kinda"wild" engi that smacks the sentries and dispensers. (this is also the reason why sentry, teleporter,dispenser are building slow because "Engi is damaging the crap out of them, while repairing at the same time... Luckily.. the repair power of the Engi are MORE powerful than the damaging itself...)

41 Guard Dog
42 MvM Robots

Hm... *Flashback when playing wave 666* right I did die to 7 crit boosted giant soldiers with pocket giant medics with stock medi gun sooo - UWU

43 Pumpkin Bomb

A bomb with tnt taped to it

44 Trolldier

The class everyone hates but every soldier main plays at one point.

45 Oktoberfest

Taunt your way through hundreds of enemies as the medic. "OKTOBREFEAST"


46 Sasha

I am heavy weapons guy, and this is my weapon.


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