Top 10 Best Team Fortress 2 Classes

Team Fortress 2 is a popular class-based FPS. which class do you like the most?

The Top Ten

1 Scout Scout

Speed though...

Best and most class by far very versatile

Just the best. So versatile. Force 'a' nature for life!

"Basically I'm kinda a big deal."

2 Pyro Pyro

"jesus christ its Jason bourne"

epic mans

Fire man op

This guy is really dangerous, but very vulnerable. He has fairly high health very high damage and fairly good speed. He deals most of his damage at close range, but is also capable of dealing damage-over-time with fire, something always readily available in his arsenal. He was originally intended for direct combat, prolonged damage and ambushes, but over time he has been created into one of the most useful support players on the battlefield. His compression blast (costs 20 flame thrower ammunition) can reflect projectiles (which mini-crit charges them or retains their critical charge if they were originally critical) and it can also douse fire inflicted by enemy pyros, or even push players back (even when "ubercharged"). His homewrecker can destroy sappers in one hit, making him more effective than engineers for destroying sappers. He is also able to spy-check very easily, as any invisible or disguised enemy spies will be visibly set on fire if caught by a smart pyro. He can also ...more

3 Spy Spy

With enteral reward, ambassador, and dead ringer spy is unstoppable

1. Spy
2. Pyro
3. Heavy
4. Sniper
I can't play any other very well

Can't imagine playing any other class than Spy, most fun by far honestly. - Danganronpa

Most original class ever and I love spy characters

4 Sniper Sniper

Sniper is the most effective killer one good sniper can whipe out an entire team

"I think his mate saw me... Yes, yes he did! " - Danganronpa

This polite, efficient Australian has a plan to kill everyone he meets... from across the map. The Sniper is a long-distance class, but he can get some kills up close and personal if the situation calls for it. He has a diverse arsenal, with a choice or rifle or bow, an SMG or Jarate (uran in a jar), and a Kukri. - Firmly_Grasp_It

Generally one of the most useless classes, alongside spy, but can be very good at completing specific tasks (mainly killing fatties).

If you are a "professional sniper" than do whatever you want. However, if you are an average sniper, stick to the regular strategy. Snipers have low health, average mobility, and high damage, just like the spy. Only difference is that he has incredible range, instead of invisibility and disguises. A hitman, he is (like the spy) supposed to be used for taking out high-value-targets, such as engineers, buildings, heavies, medics and enemy snipers (if they are good). His sniper rifle can scope, to make the screen more focused while blacking out the rest of the screen apart from a circle in the middle. While doing this, a sniper is very vulnerable. However, this is usually the only way (classic and huntsman YAY) for him to get headshots and to charge his sniper rifle, two ways to greatly increase the damage of his relatively weak primary weapon (when ...more

5 Soldier Soldier

Most classes have a significant downside to them. The Scout can't do anything to sentries and has lacking range. The Pyro has the 2nd lowest primary DPS and is generally weaker at direct combat The Demoman is weak up close and from afar while the demoknight can be stopped in his tracks or picked off. The Heavy is slow and is often targeted. The Engineer's sentry has workarounds that allow any projectile weapon to kill one around a corner and is mostly an inferior scout in direct combat. The Medic has little options for combat when facing power classes. The Sniper is usually murdered by a decent player up close. The Spy's truest enemy is a constantly aware team, and even without that he's not difficult to take out upon discovery. The Soldier has no real crippling flaws, is never truly deadweight in any situation, the dominant combat class through and through. The Soldier is potentially the quickest class in the game for good rocket jumpers, can take out sentries decently, etc. The cold ...more

Rocket Jumping. 'enough said. - Daviddv0601

This is the most Well-Rounded Class! - buster

The stereotypical american loud, violent, loves his country to no end, all this guy cares about is America and destroying the enemy, he is probably the most well-rounded class in the game. His rocket launcher can do very high damage sometimes exploding enemies into tiny pieces on impact and even if it misses they can still be injured by the splash damage and you can rocket jump all over the map dropping down upon your enemies and blasting them to bits. He doesn't really have any crippling weaknesses although his melee weapons aren't really impressive like seriously A PICKAXE WOW!

6 Engineer Engineer

The very god of this game, specially if you know how to use it

Versatile. Sentries are OP at defense and they can hold their own ground w/ a shotgun

A math-whiz from Texas, the Engineer specializes in solving practical problems. Problems like defending the base with his sentry gun, giving his teammates health and ammo with dispensers, and teleporting them straight into battle with teleporters. He is very capable of defending himself with his shotgun, pistol, and either a wrench or a mechanical arm. - Firmly_Grasp_It

so op

7 Demoman Demoman


When I Play Demoman in MvM he always gets more points of damage each day.

Demoman with the right level of skill can put out massive amounts of damage. Although he is weak against scouts and pyros, the Demoman still is one of the most powerful classes

Demoman best claas

8 Medic Medic

Medic is the BEST of the team, and without him, you would not be healed. Also, I main the medic along with Spy and Pyro.

Medic is the absolute most important class 1 medic's uber can change the entire game. in comp its really which medic can uber better

Medic being last place is just wrong. Medic is the most important class in the game undoubtedly. Any competitive team HAS to have a medic. Ubercharges are OP and healing is incredibly useful. A team with a competent medic will have an enormous advantage over a team without a medic. I think people are just voting for their favorite class instead of the best and most important, like demoman and medic.

The medic needs to be in first place, cause he is the most IMPORTANT member of the team.

9 Heavy Heavy

He shoot many bullet

Heavy not fat he big boned




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