Top 10 Best Team Fortress 2 Classes

Team Fortress 2 is a popular class-based FPS. which class do you like the most?

The Top Ten

1 Scout

A smug, annoying kid from Boston, he is the fastest class in tf2 and the only one capable of double jumping, he is equipped with a scattergun that does more damage close up than far away and is very fast at both firing and reloading, an overpowered pistol and a baseball bat because who doesn't love bashing your enemy's brains out with a piece of sports equipment? and to top it all of the scout has the funniest taunts in the game, no class comes close to how hilarious this guy is. However he does possess some disadvantages his low health and that he is useless at taking down sentries but can run past.

Scout takes some skill. It's not a boring class, as you are running around and you're actually using skill when trying to not get shot and you're the one shooting.

This guy is really fast and is mainly used to complete objectives quickly. A team is never quite complete without a good scout, however a bad scout would be more helpful playing another role such as medic or engineer. He is very hard to use effectively due to his weak damage and low health, but using his incredibly fast speed and double jump, you can distract slower enemies and eventually take them out with your scattergun, which deals maximum damage at close range. He is useful for "backcaps" in CP games, and for capturing the flag in CTF.

Scout is a good class for moving fast, sneaky tactics, getting over other players, and much more. Taking several hits from the scattergun will send you to the canvas - hard! The pistol does well at a medium range and the bat hits fast and deals not too much damage but makes up in speed. The Scout is very good for flanking and attacking from sidelines, but only barely decent in health so you need to scramble for a health pack every chance you get.

2 Pyro

He/she is a very strong class that counters soldier demoman and spy deflecting rockets and explosives and fire damage and after burn could make it and can help the engineer like defending the sentry.breaking the sapper spies put on it and has a lot of ways to play pyro like combos flank and more overall I think pyro deserves the number 2# spot

An insane, mute pyromaniac from parts unknown, little is know about this fire loving individual all we know is he LOVES to burn enemies to a crisp. His flamethrower makes him the deadliest class at close range and even if you get set up in flames but manage to escape don't be glad you can still die from the afterburn. You might think your safe from a distance but don't because with his flare gun he can set you on fire from far away. This monsters only minor weakness is his lack of ranged weapons only possessing a shotgun, flare gun and scorcher shot plus the ones that can set you on fire (flare gun and scorcher shot) require some accuracy to use so bad luck if your terrible at aiming.

The pyro looks like an annoying and overpowered pyromaniac to you, right? There is just many things that people learn when playing pyro: 1. It does critical damage at close range, but weaker at the longer ranges- Snipers gains advantages over this. 2. It has pretty decent health at 175, pretty good compared to Scout, Spy, Sniper and Engineer which all have 125 health. 3. It looks pretty nice and is a reasonable class to play as, especially for those beginners to Team Fortress 2. So, I think you should agree with me that the Pyro is an essential class to have for any team.

This guy is really dangerous, but very vulnerable. He has fairly high health very high damage and fairly good speed. He deals most of his damage at close range, but is also capable of dealing damage-over-time with fire, something always readily available in his arsenal. He was originally intended for direct combat, prolonged damage and ambushes, but over time he has been created into one of the most useful support players on the battlefield. His compression blast (costs 20 flame thrower ammunition) can reflect projectiles (which mini-crit charges them or retains their critical charge if they were originally critical) and it can also douse fire inflicted by enemy pyros, or even push players back (even when "ubercharged"). His homewrecker can destroy sappers in one hit, making him more effective than engineers for destroying sappers. He is also able to spy-check very easily, as any invisible or disguised enemy spies will be visibly set on fire if caught by a smart pyro. He can also ...more

3 Spy

Arguably the strongest class if intelligence is included. Only fun to play as if you're good at him but if you are good at him he is unstoppable

My personal favorite. Not only an interesting character but he has super cool abilities. The only catch is that you really have to get used to them

Hailing from France, the spy is hard to master but once you have mastered him you can take out the whole enemy team. The spy can turn invisible, destroy engineer buildings with his sapper, possess the powerfulest revolver in the tf2 universe as well as being able to disguise as any class on the enemy team and nothing beats backstabbing an unexpected enemy who thinks your a teammate with your trusty knife. However the spy does have his disadvantages he has low health, bad at frontal combat, pyros are the bane to his existence and once you have been spotted by any enemy you are basically dead.

The Spy is easily the best: Turning invisible to changing disguises is the best options in the game. in 1 swipe of the knife "BAM" they're dead. In my opinion this is truly amusing and I have a lot of fun with this class. Once your good you are pretty much king of the battlefield. Enemies that are low on health are easy, they are super vulnerable and with a single shot of your revolver the enemy is pretty much dead. One more thing, you piss engineers off so much. it's like luring them into a huge trap this is amazingly funny :)

Engineer: gone off to kill some noobs...
Spy/Me: Sap all his buildings.
Engineer: Manages to save some but dosnt save all
Spy/Me: deactivate the cloak and dagger and boom the engineer is gone as well as his buildings and hard work

In my opinion this is the best class so everyone out there should get good at it and I assure you will have stacks of FUN!

4 Soldier

The stereotypical american loud, violent, loves his country to no end, all this guy cares about is America and destroying the enemy, he is probably the most well-rounded class in the game. His rocket launcher can do very high damage sometimes exploding enemies into tiny pieces on impact and even if it misses they can still be injured by the splash damage and you can rocket jump all over the map dropping down upon your enemies and blasting them to bits. He doesn't really have any crippling weaknesses although his melee weapons aren't really impressive like seriously A PICKAXE WOW!

Most classes have a significant downside to them. The Scout can't do anything to sentries and has lacking range. The Pyro has the 2nd lowest primary DPS and is generally weaker at direct combat The Demoman is weak up close and from afar while the demoknight can be stopped in his tracks or picked off. The Heavy is slow and is often targeted. The Engineer's sentry has workarounds that allow any projectile weapon to kill one around a corner and is mostly an inferior scout in direct combat. The Medic has little options for combat when facing power classes. The Sniper is usually murdered by a decent player up close. The Spy's truest enemy is a constantly aware team, and even without that he's not difficult to take out upon discovery. The Soldier has no real crippling flaws, is never truly deadweight in any situation, the dominant combat class through and through. The Soldier is potentially the quickest class in the game for good rocket jumpers, can take out sentries decently, etc. The cold ...more

This guy has it all: speed, health and damage. The only big problems are that he is not particularly excellent at anything specific, and he is also susceptible to high self-damage. He has a huge arsenal, allowing him to employ a broad range of tactics, and is arguably one of the best "medic buddies" out of all the classes. - Hayzze

Most well rounded class in the game. He is EVEN FASTER THAN THE SCOUT if ya know how to rocket jump well, his Rocket Launcher is great, it does a lot of damage, he has a good amount of health, he has a shotgun which can be used for picking off pyros that know how airblast, has a good melee weapon, and he yells at dead bodies! Clearly best class in the game.

5 Sniper

Great character but annoying to fight against. The only reason I like him is because of his personality, but if he had any other personality other than his known, id hate his guts

Generally one of the most useless classes, alongside spy, but can be very good at completing specific tasks (mainly killing fatties).

If you are a "professional sniper" than do whatever you want. However, if you are an average sniper, stick to the regular strategy. Snipers have low health, average mobility, and high damage, just like the spy. Only difference is that he has incredible range, instead of invisibility and disguises. A hitman, he is (like the spy) supposed to be used for taking out high-value-targets, such as engineers, buildings, heavies, medics and enemy snipers (if they are good). His sniper rifle can scope, to make the screen more focused while blacking out the rest of the screen apart from a circle in the middle. While doing this, a sniper is very vulnerable. However, this is usually the only way (classic and huntsman YAY) for him to get headshots and to charge his sniper rifle, two ways to greatly increase the damage of his relatively weak primary weapon (when ...more

He is one of the most easy-to-master classes - you can choose from a wide variety of sniper rifles - from a sniper from an Arabian bazaar, to an illegal bolt-action rifle for the military, and of course the good ol' hitman's heatmaker! Up close, you are also one of the team's keys, with your Jarate and your Bushwacka, one-hitting most classes and two-hitting others. Or you could assault with your Cleaner's Carbine, killing one man then massacring the others with critical hits. Or you could be one of those braver and bolder Snipers, hacking away at enemies with your Shahanshah or Kukri, wiping out the entire team at one time.

This polite, efficient Australian has a plan to kill everyone he meets... from across the map. The Sniper is a long-distance class, but he can get some kills up close and personal if the situation calls for it. He has a diverse arsenal, with a choice or rifle or bow, an SMG or Jarate (uran in a jar), and a Kukri.

6 Engineer

A gentle texan, the engineer can build four types of buildings, a dispenser that provides health and ammo, teleporters one for the en and one for the exit and sentries the most powerful weapon in the game even more powerful than the heavy's minigun. You can upgrade your buildings to max level 3 with your wrench until it Is fully complete, the wrench can also be used as an offensive weapon. He Is also equipped with a shotgun and a pistol. He however does have disadvantages he has low health, it takes him along time to put up his buildings and once your buildings are gone you are left with only your shotgun, pistol and wrench not very impressive compared to other classes.

Engie can change the entire outcome of a match by just standing still. You could argue that that's sniper's job, but hey, he's much easier to use and can be picked up quickly.

A very powerful and sometimes advisable class, he can easily hell with defense and getting you back into the fight quicker.

The engineer is the base structure of the team if you think about it. Say you were playing a big payload map. You could get twice as much people in the front-lines from the teleporter. This is an obvious advantage. The engineer also builds sentries that can single handedly take down a medic and a heavy. That is leaving the fact that it can be instantly repaired with a few hits of your wrench. Also, a portable snack bar is obviously helpful to the game. Overall, engineer is a great class and should be voted a lot higher in the list. (they can spawn camp yoo :D)

7 Demoman

A black, Scottish cyclops with a drinking problem. The demoman is one of the most strategic and tactical classes in the game. His grenades can go into places where other teamates can not reach, sticky bombs can stick to any surface and can be detonated with a simple right click of your mouse. And to top it all of the demoman has the best melee weapons in the game for frontal combat. He possess huge swords like the eyelander or persian persuader that have a large melee range and are capable of beheading enemies with a couple of swings from his sword (the game even keeps track on how many heads you chopped off) and with every head you chop off your health and speed increase.

The Best, you can't go wrong with this guy. He's a black Scottish cyclops with a drinking problem and who doesn't love them! As Demo you have two options, Demo man or Demo knight. If you are more interested in attacking play then you are more of a knight. But with a grenade launcher at toe and his unique sticky bombs you can easily top the scoreboreds no doubt.

: Shut Up And Game!

A versatile class with strong offensive and defensive weapons and tactics. He can also sticky jump to the front lines faster than most soldiers. Direct hits with pipe bombs deal devastating damage, while you can set up traps with the highest damage-dealing explosive weapon in the game, the stickybomb launcher.

Very interesting class, but extremely difficult for new players. He has the same health as the pyro, he has very high damage and somewhat slow speed. He has no guns in his arsenal, rather he has a lot (A LOT) of bombs, of various types. His bombs can be best used to destroy buildings, kill medic and heavy groups, and kill players on objectives. He can explosive jump like the soldier, but at an immense health cost, and also lacks gunboats (sadly). He is useful for laying "sticky traps" which essentially turn his offensive bomb laying capabilities into a mine-field. This is the main reason why he is labelled as defense, but don't be fooled, he is also incredibly good at offense too. His stickybomb launcher can be "stickyspammed", an incredibly annoying tactic where you hole mouse 1 and 2 at the same time. Stickybombs do have to sit for a little while before they can be manually detonated with mouse 2, and they can also stick to walls. The stickybomb launcher is ...more

8 Heavy

This big fat man can tank a lot of damage. He has high health, low mobility and incredibly high damage, but only at close range. His sandvich unlock can help him to heal either himself or his medic pocket. Basically, the heavy is useless unless he has support. When he does have support, he is incredibly powerful.

His main use is actually for his health, not his damage. Sure, he has a reliable, high damage and firing speed, minigun. But it has very bad damage fall-off, and horrible accuracy. Along with this, his low mobility generally means he won't be getting many kills alone. But, when he has a medic pocket, he becomes essentially invincible, tanking all the damage for his teammates and becoming one of the most dangerous, high value targets on the battlefield. - Hayzze

A big, buff russian man, the heavy is the strongest class in tf2, his massive minigun is the powerfulest weapon in the game (excluding sentries) and he has the highest health out of any class (300). He also has a choice between a shotgun and the almighty SANDVICH that is basically a portable health kit, for melee he uses just his bare fists meaning you can literally punch an enemy to death. Also his stupid sounding russian accent and the fact he calls his fellow teammates BABIES makes him hilarious. He however does have his downsides, he is very slow, the slowest class so often gets targeted by snipers but you can unlock items like the gloves of running urgently that increases your speed by 30%.

Heavy is good against pretty much anyone except for spies and snipers. One you get the huo long heater, apies can't get you. Without spies, Heavy is pretty much invincible. Good for defense, but poor on attack. (if you're not playing payload). Also, he has the sandvich, which makes him extremely hard to kill.

He also has the funniest quotes. Best for humor too!

The Heavy is well over being number 8! He has an insanely high health pool and does the most damage out of any class with his mini-gun close quarters, he also has a massive ammo patch. The Heavy's only real weaknesses are snipers and spies, yet I've found that strafing can be effective against snipers.

9 Medic

Medic is OP, and if you have a brain, or at least played the game, you should know that this is a bad list. The medic is the best for healing, and ubercharge is really OP, letting you destroy anything and everything. If your team doesn't have a medic, and your opponents do, you will have a big chance of losing. Why is scout 1? He should be 2-4. Pyro statistically speaking is trash, and the competitive community/valve knows this, and valve is going to buff him. A lot. Soldier and demoman should be higher, as they are good for pushing with their explosives and jumping. Sniper can be 2, if you are landing those headshots, but if not, then he is almost impossible to use effectively. Engineer and spy are good, but not as good as the others above. Nevermind, the engineer is really good in some cases, like the dispenser, sentries (against scout) teleporters and even some of his weapons are OP, but that doesn't make him the best. Also, heavy needs mad buffs too. I bet the experienced to pro ...more

Medic... Most hardworking class of all. Not convinced? Well he need to sacrifice himself in middle of battle, need to look every time in its own back for spy check and people start to say "medic" medic medic medic medic... Forever he have to heal every one and decide to uber or not, and people start to abuse him and the opposite team start to kill medic every time because he is the source,and to top that of he still didn't give up he's team, personallity:crazy, psycho. Buts inside caring,loyal, determination,and bit of humor, medic inspire me in many way and people don't choose him to be at least 3rd place!?! Cruel people, cruel. But medic is the best! My personal opinion

I really don't get how the medic, the most important class in the game, is not number 1. Sure, soldier is really good, with good mobility and good damage, he's sort of an all-rounder. Scout is also a good choice, because he's good at 1 v 1 and capturing objectives. Pyro, I just don't get. He's the most underpowered class in the game. In competitive, pyro is an offclass, and is only used to deny ubers by airblasting them. It's best for close quarters, but the heavy has more dps than the pyro. The only thing pyro has that heavy doesn't is mobility, and it's not even a lot. The airblast is what makes the pyro sort of good. The medic is the most important because of his healing and his ubers. The entire game is built around ubers in competitive. He is needed in competitive, a team can't win without him. Demoman is probably the second most important, with area control and DPS. Engineer is good for defense, but is countered by ubers. Heavy is good for defending last in competitive, but his ...more

Medic being last place is just wrong. Medic is the most important class in the game undoubtedly. Any competitive team HAS to have a medic. Ubercharges are OP and healing is incredibly useful. A team with a competent medic will have an enormous advantage over a team without a medic. I think people are just voting for their favorite class instead of the best and most important, like demoman and medic.