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1 Degreaser

It One Of Best Pyro Weapon 60% Faster Switch Weapon Forget About The Bad Effect Only Faster Switch Weapon Is Best!

This weapon is amazing, but I don't recommend it if you are going to be defending, because this weapon is absolutely not used for defending, it does smaller damage and is supposed to be used by "comboing" it with other weapons, which gives it it's specialty.

Believe me, I am a Pyro professional. This weapon will demolish your enemies.

This is the worst Pyro weapon. It encourages tryhardtdom and it really pains me to see everyone using this. It is VERY overused. And not even very good. People say it is a straight upgrade over the Flame Thrower, but truth is, it's not.

The Degreaser basically increases weapon switch speed (only to and from the weapon itself) at the cost of slightly more expensive airblast (an overpowered Pyro ability) and 66% less afterburn damage (20 total afterburn damage instead of 60, which also affects the Flareguns and Sharpened Volcano Fragment).

Supposedly good for combos (stock is capable of that as well, just not as good). However, I find the Reserve Shooter to be a cancer weapon on any class other than Soldier (Pyro). Flare is also not that good, because of the Scorch Shot and Detonator bros (basically the same weapon). Flare's only advantage over the pair is its higher damage. The Shotgun is actually very viable for this. The Manmelter is a confusing weapon which has low ...more

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2 Axtinguisher

Best pyro melee. (Except the bat outta hell with the scout style on it)

Really? How can you kill a pyro that is immune to fire!?

Best used with degreaser and flare gun

THE WORST WEAPON. It's not a very good weapon because your fire is already very strong. Not to mention that its stats are currently ridiculous (that is: 75% slower deploy speed, 20% slower fire rate, 33% less damage, no random crits and guaranteed crits on burbing targets).

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3 Reserve Shooter

I enjoy playing with reserve shooter. Used with flame thrower or degreaser it's perfect against rocket jumping soldiers and double jumping scouts. Perfect for close range playing.

The best secondary weapon for pyro in TF2! If you use your compression blast on your foe and shoot him in the air, he will 'drop dead'(achievement name in TF2). Definitely should be a military weapon if ever invented!

At least you have a weapon that does more effect damage against pyros

Use air blast and degreaser = op

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4 Flare Gun

The good thing is that there is not down-side, so that you can do 33 damage with burn, shoot long range, and 100% critical hit chance, one of the best.

I have 1579 kills on my Strange Flare Gun atm, it is my favorite weapon ever. Takes a lot of skill, but once you've mastered it, you can't lose.

This weapon is great with the degreaser

It's like a long range flamethrower!

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5 Flame Thrower

Good for dealing damage (in comparison to the degreaser) while still being able to air blast at a decent ammo cost (in comparison to the back burner).

Easily best flamethrower. It got no downsides and doesn't require combos to be effective.

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6 Powerjack

The new patch has made this weapon a beast, the extra movement speed is great and reminds me of the old Escape Plan. Not only this, but it truly is an awesome looking hammer!

I think it's an awesome weapon because, you can run (almost) as a scout and when ever you kill someone you instantly heal 75 health!

This weapon is good for getting to the front lines FAST! It's similar to the Killing Gloves of Running Urgently.

Paired with the Degreaser, you can sprint and obliterate your way to your objective.

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7 Detonator

Also you can extend your jump similar to rocket and sticky jumping. pressing secondary fire when your bullet is in the

This weapon gives what a Pyro doesn't have, range. The Blast Radius is helpful as you do not need the sharpskill shooting which should be necessary for a pyro anyway just alt fire and 1-3 people are guarenteed to burn

Will Have A Free Mini Critical Hit When The Enemy On Burn But You Will Hurt Yourself

It is the best

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8 Backburner

This really embodies the original spirit of Pyro as an ambush class. It's total destruction if you can get behind someone through one of the available flank routes.

"People always look behind them! "

You must not go on pubs much.

This weapon is great for use in spy checks and can also be used in stealth kills too

I love this weapon. I used a nametag on it to name it "Come From Behind Win." - psychiclion

The BEST flamethrower for those who prefer the w+m1 playstyle

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9 Scorch Shot

Yeah It Good, Knocks back At Enemies Yeah But Again -50% damage penalty It Hard To Kill

I love this weapon in every way. If the enemy is about to cap on doomsday, this weapon can be your teams savior.

Scorch shot is one of the coolest op weapons

Really good at mvm when fully upgrade

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10 Shotgun

When used correctly, the shotgun is a deadly and powerful secondary weapon

Why is this so low this should tie with flare gun. CONSISTENT DAMAGE people

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11 The Phlogistinator

Unstoppable just ambush a medic and heavy with full mph and you will know what I mean

Its good, you can dominate your enemies... Unless they are a soldier

Use this and you will WRECK the enemy scouts.

When do People think it's a noob weapon

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12 Flame Thrower Rainblower

It's the stock flamethrower but with upsides. Who wouldn't want it?

It is great to use and has a great taunt

Don, t forget Balloonicorn, mayor of Pyroland! It has a ranged radius instant-death taunt!

The Stock Weapon (Not Rainblower) Will Use Airblast, Burn Too Close To End But The Rainblower Will Make You See Pyroland But Like The Stock Flame Thrower And Rainblower Have A Taunt Kill.

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13 Homewrecker

Good for defending, also OP in Highlander

For defense pyro or to take down a sentry.

14 Axtinguisher Postal Pummeler

100% Critical Hit Vs Burn Enemies It From GOOD Weapons
But, -50% damage vs non-burning players
And No critical hits vs non-burning players It Good But Not Very Good

Great weapon if you're using it in conjunction with the degreaser. The main weapon of probably at least 50% of the pyros because it gets you so many kills if you use it correctly. See an enemy at close distance? Degrease, then axtinguish. See an enemy heavy mowing down your team? Degrease, then axtinguish. 2 shots from an axtinguisher to most people and they're dead.

15 Sharpened Volcano Fragment

Very good weapon in tight areas with lots of corners (Granary, Gravel Pit etc.).

Deals 20% less damage than the Flame Thrower, but can light people on fire like the Flame Thrower.

Even though it does a similar thing to the Flame Thrower, making it seem useless, it is not useless.

It can be used as a replacement for the primary function of the Flame Thrower, leaving the Flame Thrower for airblast usage mainly. Used best alongside a Flare Gun (an official TF2 hint states this too).

It is better for ambushes than the Flame Thrower in small, dark places and around corners. Having a melee out makes you harder to spot when walking around corners (no long Flame Thrower front sticking out). Also, it deals afterburn without having particle fire, making it stealthier. Fire particles are easy to see and hear. It glows a bit, but that can be negated by holding out the Flare Gun.

Dowside is that it cannot be used to destroy buildings and multiple players as ...more

If your this close to an enemy use your flame thrower!

It's a good melee weapon. It can catch things on fire, unlike other melee weapons. I like fire.

By the way, it actually deals 20% less damage than the Fire Axe.

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16 Neon Annihilator

Can destroy sappers and critical hit if your enemy is in water or your enemy is wet

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17 Third Degree

Just take a look at nislt video:"how to get an instant killing spree" and you will see how good is this weapon

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18 Maul Homewrecker

More About This Weapon Is A Good Weapon One Hit Remove Sapper, And 100% Damage On Build Enemies (Two Hit Will Destroyed) But -25 Vs Player
Used That For Destroyed Sapper Engineer Builds

19 Manmelter

Enemy pyro rampage? Setting lot of you friends on fire? Well use this to help your friends and gain critical hits!

Great weapon, looks nasty is nasty on the field. Helps out a lot on the team and I just can't get enough of it.

Great for both individual and team play as it sets players on fire from a distance, has a faster projectile speed and can extinguish burning team mates, and will rewards you with crits. It also has infinite ammo. Great if you like using the back burner.

I love it so much... It keeps killing and killing and helping out my burning mates

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