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1 Hate It or Love It

30mill on airoplanes but we got kid starvin
His mum was about to abort a west coast legend

Great sample, the lyrics tell a nice story, arguably games best song ever

One of my too 10 all time hip hop tracks. Top 5. I am the ambassador of tracks. Almost 50 (years old).

Just simply Amazing...

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2 Dreams

"Dreams" is definitely The Game's best song and it's also one of my favorite rap songs of all time. The Game does an amazing job on this track with his flow, lyricism, and storytelling ability. He also makes so many references to other rap songs and hip hop legends and you can tell that this song's a tribute to the late 80's/early 90's style of rap. Overall, this song feels like the complete rap song and Kanye's production's the frosting on this rich cake. - rapaddict97

A great production from Kanye West, Game pays homage to past legends of hip-hop, showing the depth of his knowledge of hip-hop history. Probably his best song lyrically, Game describes his youth in such detail that even we can vividly see it. Also, great quotes from Biggie, Nas, Eazy and others as icing on the cake.

That beat is one of a kind. Amazing song

Just a dope tune, you know what I'm saying

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3 My Life

Lil Wayne's chorus is so beast and so moving there is no way you can possible hate on this song at least no way I can see
Buy in a heart beat

A lot like hate it or love it it is a moving story. Lil wayne was so good between '04-09'.

The chorus is amazing and the game is at his best in this song. his #1 for sure

The game is underrated

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4 Ali Bomaye

When Samuel Sawene told me about this song being on Grand Theft Auto V.. I thought he was trippin. But somehow I came to love it. The best part is when the beat drops @ the beginning after the game completes the intro.. N 2 chainz just kills you with.. 'Yeaahh.. Roll another one because I'm winning". The combination is just so strong that I usually replay this part.

Yo this song is sick! Game kills the beat and 2chainz isn't even that bad neither is Rick Ross

The beat/the sample is just too damn good. Game goes hard and 2 Chainz actually brings it. One of Rick Ross' better verses too. Track is fire


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5 How We Do

This is pure classic. The beat make this song perfect

I'll never get tired of this song. I love the beat dre did way back in 79 its just wonderful. One of my all time favorites.

This is one of Dr Dre's best beats and plus 50 killed it and game was pretty damn good so it's my favorite game song and one of my favorite 50 songs

Another great club banger with the king of them all 50 back again.

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6 The City

Kendrick Lamar gives one of the best hooks of the year, and Game's rhymes and subjects make this song a classic, and it introduced much of the world to the best new rapper of the year!

Best game song ever

Angels in the city, homie.

He killed it. enough said

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7 Freedom


8 It's Okay (One Blood)

A good example of how good the game is with production teams kanye, just blaze and storch.

The Game is just getting iller & iller, sicker than the word sick. And yep! "Deal with it, he gon' be here for 10years, spittin' like the ghost-writter for Eric Wright and Big here, let him paint that picture while you sit there, thinking at the back of your mind this is here". Besides, he told Dre that he sees dead people... DANG! This kaf'r is the bright future for hiphop as a whole. I love this album, because it's not okay 'it's dope one blood'

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9 Doctor's Advocate

Why is this not in the top ten? It's got a great story behinds it and Game spits this track from the heart.

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10 Westside Story

Awesome song to enjoyy

This is for blood kaffaz, crip kaffaz, assays, and Asians. THE GAME is very raw on this one man... don't hate. And when I say RAW, I'm talking about a RAPPER AT WAR. because THE GAME is not spittin' anymore, he has upgraded to shootin' with his mouth... DANG KAFFIR YOU'RE SICK

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11 LAX Files

Definitely the best song by the game.

It's the best and will be the best

"This ain't no movie dog! This a real Uzi doggg "

Definitely the best...

12 Martians vs. Goblins

Hottest beat and bass line

Keeping in mind that he mainly wrote Tyler's part, this is easily his best song

I like tyler’s verse

The Game is the real accent of the game and yeah kaf'rz, hate it or love it the game is on top. All y'all other rapperz shut up because y'all sound like lil' babies trying to talk... even better yet, y'all sound like drunk old kaf'rz tryna preach. GO GAME GO.

13 300 Bars and Runnin'

Has Anyone heard this? I used to Bang this classic everyday! It's 26 minute Diss on everyone on the Rap Game! This should be up there!

Give it a listen

Are you joking? This is the almost best diss song! He kills 50 and G-Unit.

You're not a true Game fan without knowing this song, it was a huge piece in one of the biggest hip-hop beefs of all time.

14 Get Live
15 Like Father, Like Son

Nice beat, deep lyrics reference to Nas as well a true hip hop fan and artist

One of the Best wholesome rap songs I've ever heard, The Game is just great

Fantastic game u are the Best rapper after pac nice beats and more Text

16 Let's Ride

Dope. Nothing more to say about this DOPE song.

Dope lowrider song.

Lets rides games best song by far people only like my life because its got lil wayne in it, because lil waynes a msinstream autotune fag

17 Hello
18 All I Know
19 Higher

This is 46? One of the hardest rap songs of ALL TIME!

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20 Pot of Gold

How is this song not in the top 10!
Amazing collab between breezy and game, just sick music

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