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21 Lunacy Fringe
22 Cut Up Angels

Catchy tune, and the contrast between the music and the lyrics is great.

23 Meant to Die

It's so catchy, I live the lyrics, and Bert's voice is great in this one.

I love this song. It's my favorite of all songs

24 Let It Bleed

Can't believe this is not on here already. It is hands down my favorite song by The Used. The first time I heard the part with those 16th and 32nd note rests I rewound that puppy about a half million times. It's was all done in post production I imagine but it's still bad as all unholy fudge.

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25 Bulimic

Come on guys... This song is great

26 Thought Criminal
27 Cry

:) love the new sound

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28 Kissing You Goodbye

This song just shows what the used can do on an emotional level. It's a real heartwrencher that makes you hit the replay button over and over. Perfect breakup song.

For me his sosng is really touching

29 Hands and Faces

20? Really?. One of the best songs in my opinion after The Bird And The Worm. The part where the beat slows down is just godlike!.

I love the Bird and the Worm, and all of Lies for the Liars really, but this song is just so good! Love the bass line too

Godly song, listen to it before voting, because this song is seriously divine, and being placed 21th is an insult to the sheer epicness of this masterpiece


30 Hospital

Amazing song, simply amazing. I listen to it constantly. The tune is very catchy and I love the chorus. I can't stop listening to it.

31 The Ripper

Come on people vote for this one!
In my opinion this song is the best by the used, everything is just perfect in this song.

32 Machine

Actually a very nice song, good lyrics fantastic instrumental and lots of nice relaxing moments along with some real good heavy parts as well.

33 Put Me Out

Guys, please please give this song a listen before voting. The song structure, verses, chorus, riffs, unfamiliar drumming signature, vocals... this song is a well-rounded representation of The Used's strong musicianship. Please give it a try; it will automatically reach the top 5. This song is a classic example of a masterpiece that needs to be heard.

Epic song from the new album. Insane riffs, energetic drum beats and the end is absolute madness! Listen to this song before voting blindly. This song REALLY deserves to be in the top 10. So damn heavy, The Used just seem to be getting better with time.

34 Sounds Effects and Overdramatics

. I LOVE the scream in in this junk! My fave next to blue and yellow polar opposites but hey both awesome

35 Hard to Say

This is song is tribute to bert mccracken's(vocalist)wife with a baby inside her womb who died because of a car accident. This song is very dramatic

You definitely get the sense of the real emotion he felt while writing this song. Hard to top that!

36 Pieces Mended

Very underrated song and the ending is amazing

37 Noises and Kisses

Needs to be way higher in the list!

38 Earthquake

This song is one of the most moving love songs I've ever heard. Seriously, check it out, you don't know what you're missing out on!

Shocked to not see this on the list at all.
This song is fabulous and my favourite of The Used next to Bird and The Worm.

39 Give Me Love
40 A Song to Stifle Imperial Progression
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