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181 Heartwork - Carcass V 1 Comment
182 The Hymn of a Broken Man - Times of Grace

This album is very evocative and desolate with its interludes between its brutal tracks. These interludes create the atmosphere as judged by the title of the album, and if that was the intention, they nailed it. It's heavy, no question, but it's a haunting journey too. Even if you're not into Killswitch Engage, chech this one out. There is a bonus dvd version which contains the whole album told in well-constructed home videos. Probably one of the best metal albums I own.

Thanks for including this one. I can't think for the life of me why a metal-head wouldn't love it.

Yes, Adam D. And Jesse Leech are involved, and yes it's probably in the Metalcore camp, but genres aside, this is an absolute masterwork of riffs, incredible cleans and growls, and every song is a marvel. I'd understand if it got removed, but every metal fan should own it.

183 Death and Insanity - Hallows Eve

One of my favorites records of power metal; you can't miss this Lethal tendencies still makes echo in may brain; but this is not thrash!

'D.I.E, death in effect'. I don't know if this album's as good as I remember, but I remember it be good way back when...

184 Horror Show - Iced Earth

Iced Earth's best, with their best line-up. 'Wolf' is not human, 'Damien' is a beast, and 'Ghost of Freedom' is a great ballad.

185 Temper Temper - Bullet for My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine best album. From start to finish, it delivers riff after riff, explosive solo after explosive solo, great melodies and vocals. Will this band ever put out a crap release? I hope not.

My favourite Bullet album. They nailed it on this release, though all their albums are great.

186 A War You Cannot Win - All That Remains

Probably their 2nd best, behind 'Fall of Ideals'. The Metalcore crowd will try to claim them as their own, but they cover all bases with ease, and style, and class, and brutality. Their just a modern metal band that have a number of influences. It just so happens that their influences are mostly incredible, and they do it in their sleep. Top-shelf musicians, and they do whatever they want.

187 The Evolution of Chaos - Heathen

Good to see these killers back in action. It's a fine comeback release and is good to see, if you're like me and think the 80's were the pinnacle of thrash. All this backlash against bands who are inspired by this stuff should welcome it with open arms.

188 Oppressing the Masses - Vio-lence

More nature second release than their debut, but it's not as frenetic, so is slightly the lesser for it. Still great quality release.

189 Face of Despair - Mortal Sin

Australia's answer to the Bay Area movement, and they easily match the second-tier of bands with this release. Hetfield-esque vocals, big drum fills, and excellent songwriting skills. It beats their impressive debut hands down, with classics like 'I Am Immortal', 'Voyage of the Disturbed' etc. Good luck finding it though. A collectors dream.

190 When the Storm Comes Down - Flotsam and Jetsam

'Suffer The Masses' is worth the hefty price in hunting this one down, but it's debatable if the album's any good or not.

191 Distortion - Forbidden

A rarity, and an experimental one at that. But give it time and it rewards the listener. Still gutsy as hell.

192 Garage Inc. - Metallica

2 cds of covers thrown at you like the kitchen sink. Everything great and garbage is on this one, and as a whole it delivers big time! Ignore the critics - even though they have a point. Just great value for money.

193 Beast - Devil Driver

The name says it all, and the cover of 'Black Soul Choir' is, well, BEAST! Refer this thread on to your friends. It's a winner!

194 Charred Walls of the Damned - Charred Walls of the Damned

Supergroup collaboration, which is thrashy, progressive, melodic, and all in between. Check out their follow-up too.

195 This Ruined World - Trials

Young upstarts about to take over the scene. There's a bit of raw Sylosis here, but they have a style all of their own.

196 Here Comes Trouble - Scatterbrain

From the remnants of the mighty Excel comes Scatterbrain. Is it thrash? Who knows? But it's metal with humour and skill that rivals Anthrax.

197 Prophecy - Soulfly

Max finally gets back to his 'Roots', (thrash), gets rid of most of that caveman nu-metal tribalism, and delivers one of the heaviest albums either Sepultura or Soulfly have made. It's not perfect, but it's excellent.

198 Subliminal Verses - Slipknot

I really like slipknot but this shouldn't be here

Slipknot lose most of their Nu-Metal/Metalcore influences and smash out their classiest album to date. And, yes, it's intelligent, well-crafted, and thrashy as hell.

199 The Force - Onslaught

They took Slayer as their influence, but they created a few classy, distinct cds like this one.

200 Blind - Corrosion of Conformity

This bands only truly metal/thrash release delivered in spades. Pepper Keenan is beastly on the track 'Vote With A Bullet'. A gem of an album.

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