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281 The Great Cold Distance - Katatonia

These guys started life as a death metal band, I think, then developed into a progressive metal/rock band. I know Tool were instrumental in their change, but these guys don't really sound much like them. This is a fantastic heavy, moody album that features Leaders, Soil's Song, My Twin, Increase, and the epic July. 9/10.

282 Fear of Tomorrow - Artillery

Their debut is not my favourite - in fact I don't like it - but many regard it as one of the top 100 thrash albums ever. I may have to give it another spin.

283 The Beginning - Mercyful Fate

Perhaps one of the greatest ep's ever made - and under common vernacular goes by the 'Nuns Have No Fun' ep - this remarkable version I own has 9 tracks, so it's almost an album. Anyway, Doomed By The Living Dead, A Corpse Without Soul, Nuns Have No Fun, Devil Eyes, and Black Masses are every bit as good as Melissa and Don't Break The Oath and is blasphemous as all get up.

284 Around the Fur - Deftones

This, along with their debut Adrenaline, were excellent metal releases. There's barely a hint of metalcore (was there ever? ) and standouts are the aggressive album opener My Own Summer, Ihabia, Msscara, Be Quiet And metal album.

285 Return of the Vampire - Mercyful Fate
286 Them - King Diamond

I have a man crush on Andy La Roche's sublime classical solos and beautiful riffs. If he had breasts, I'd do him.

287 Live Undead - Slayer
288 Flag of Hate - Kreator

3-track bulldozer that contains the amazing Awakening of the Gods.

289 Fever - Bullet for My Valentine

Because, if you have a good stereo, the opening 3 tracks of this album are Bullet For My Valentine at their very best. The rest is a little hit and miss, but you will forgive it all just because of the opening 3. Grab the lyric sheet, too. Spectacular.

290 Attack of the Killer B's - Anthrax

A 12-track ep from their best line-up, which contains Bring The Noise, Startin' Up A Posse, and a fair few oddities and rarities. For the fans only...

291 Return to the Apocalyptic City - Testament

Just for Chuck Billy's rendition of Reign of Terror. Steve Souza's version owns it, but, for the collectors, an ep worth owning...

292 I'm the Man - Anthrax

Just for the title track, plus a killer rendition of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Short but sweet...

293 House of Gold and Bones - Stone Sour

It's not balls out thrash, but these guys rightly ignore 7-string guitars, and despite some rock and lighter moments, there's a fair bit of stand and deliver metal on this one - and no stupid bloody masks either.

294 The Great Southern Trendkill - Pantera

Not their best - perhaps their worst (if you ignore their horrendous 80's material) - the title track and Floods are quality, plus a couple of decent mid-tempi tracks offer something at-least. I think Dimebag had run out of riffs, basically. Still, it's decent.

295 Churn - Shihad

New Zealand band Shihad (named Pascifier overseas) alternative rockers actually started life as a metal band, and if memory serves me correct, they actually won a number of awards for this top metal album. Weird.

296 Elite - Within the Ruins

My personal favourite from these technical deathcore maestros. Check out the ease at which the guitarist effortlessly prances around the fretboard on his YouTube channel. Very talented band.

297 We Are One - The Bloodline

A great combination of melodic Bullet For My Valentine and the no-nonsense stand and deliver of a heavy Stone Sour. There's no reason to not own this album. It is all class.

Pretty aggressive metal from the former Divine Heresy frontman.

298 Dead Heart In a Dead World - Nevermore

They're heavy, progressive, but they just lack the hooks a super heavy Queensryche should. Still quality metal, though.

299 The New Black - Strapping Young Lad
300 Inhuman Rampage - Dragonforce

Yes, technically it's power metal, but this album is so fast, so technical, that it deserves as wide an audience as possible.

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