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301 Point Blank - Nailbomb

When Cavalera could play quality thrash. A one-off supergroup.

302 Soul Sphere - Born of Osiris

Brutal, progressive deathcore from a band on the rise. It's technical, heavy as hell, and has a touch of class that many of the older bands lack. They're musicianship is pure showmanship, and puts most musicians out to pasture. The future of metal is bright on many fronts, and these guys are right up there.

303 Ascendancy by TRIVIUM
304 Sacrament
305 Gods of Violence - Kreator V 1 Comment
306 Evil Never Dies - Toxic Holocaust
307 Threads of Life - Shadows Fall
308 Beyond the Permafrost - Skeletonwitch
309 Revocation - Revocation
310 Iced Earth - Iced Earth
311 Shotgun Justice - Razor
312 Rrroooaaarrr - Voivod
313 State of Insurgency - Hexen
314 The Evil Divide - Death Angel
315 Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera

This was Cowboys meets Henry Rollins, and apart from one dud track, is a thrash classic. The opening riff is Dimebag's tribute to the videogame Doom, then it pulverises you with Walk, F****** Hostile, This Love, Regular People, By Demons Be Driven, and contains one of the greatest ballads in metal, Hollow. If you own the bonus track Piss, fine, but even without it this album, along with Chaos AD, was thrash metal's middle finger to Cobain and nu-metal. 10/10.

Fear Factory use pro-tools for their tightness, whereas these guys used pro-skills to sound so tight on this one. Probably the tightest band in metal.

Pantera at their tightest, most furious, and venomous. It is so unremitting in its delivery that the title says it all.

Also, don't think 'Cowboys From Hell' was their debut, either. This mob were a glam/power metal act in the late 80's. The silence is deafening.

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316 Into the Mirror Black - Sanctuary
317 Time Does Not Heal - Dark Angel

If only these guys stuck around for one more album, they may have created one of the greats. That's not to diminish what they achieved, but this one showed a lot of progress and promised that their best was just around the corner. Oh, well. It never came to be...

How many monstrous riffs can a band start their songs with? Apparently all of them, judging by this beast.

318 Soldiers of Misfortune - Sacrifice

I'm a proud owner of all the discography of this canadian legend and very disappointed of the forgotten place that Sacrifice have in the knowledge of fans, this record is a priceless journey!

Sacrifice were underrated, but not by me.

How is this possible? not even one record in the top 20's? this is outrage! there is no more finest and quality TRUE thrash than the Torment in fire, Forward to termination, Soldiers of misfortune, Apocalypse inside and The ones I condemn. Each one of this records are brutal and awesome! Any of those are rival for any in the top 10!

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319 Wrath - Lamb of God

You can have them.

320 Dark Roots of Thrash - Testament

Bay Area Thrash from one of the greats. Is anyone doing 80's thrash in the modern day better than these guys? The addition of Hoglan was a great one, whilst Skolnik and Pieterson still deliver big time.

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