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61 Think This - Toxik

So underrated with the best metal ballad ever, There Stood the Fence.

62 Endgame - Megadeth

Most underrated megadeth album ever

Yes, Mustaine's more recent output puts Megadeth back on the thrash track. A lot better than 'St. Anger' and 'Death Magnetic'. The tide has turned for Mustaine and co.

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63 Possessed by Fire - Exumer

Ah, one from the vault. Not very technical as far as German thrash goes - more in the vein of early Exodus - but a ton of great tracks. Easily their best.

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64 Tapping the Vein - Sodom
65 Under the Influence
66 Eternal Nightmare - Vio-Lence
67 The Grinding Wheel - Overkill
68 Metal Church - Metal Church

The title track is so immense that even Metallica missed out on that one. The instrumental 'Merciless Onslaught' is exactly that, 'Gods of Wrath' was top shelf, 'Big Guns' was a nice bonus...and I forget what other classics are on this one. 'The Dark' is better, but this album is excellent. David Wayne was incredible on both. RIP.

Yeah, this band should have been immense. A timeless classic.

Awesome old school thrash metal!

The Dark is better, but still awesome.

69 No More Color - Coroner
70 Morbid Tales - Celtic Frost V 1 Comment
71 Burn - Havok
72 Leave Scars - Dark Angel

The band's most underrated album by the band. Pure raw energy, amazing vocal performance and complex song structures. - 17MaCarollo

I think the forum moderator shall erase some bands from this place and put others as suggestions; this is wrong the big monster record of Dark Angel in #71? What's wrong with you people! there is no more fast and aggressive than this record

Incredible album, but most of Dark Angel's production issues can downgrade the experience for the listener, except for their last album.

I love crappy production. Makes the albums more lovable or something. I don't know why. But I love KimB, KeA, Bonded by Blood, and Endless Pain. Can't beat low-production thrash!

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73 Worship Music - Anthrax

Top shel, stand and deliver metal from Anthrax. The Devil You Know, In The End, to the bonus track New Noise, it is delivered as a balls out metal release and has their best line-up (Dan Spitz aside), and is a memorable album. Worship Music is exactly what this album demands and delivers. Their best since Among the Living.

Yes, a hard-driving metal album from the pros. Too many memorable songs to mention, plus not a hint of comedy. Probably their 3rd best album.

74 Principle of Doubt - Mekong Delta

Though far different from the previous album, still an under ground gem of avan gardne thrash

75 Tempo of the Damned - Exodus

Thanks for the heads up on this one. It arrived 2-days ago and hasn't left my player since. Pretty reminiscent of 'Impact is Imminent', but is more aggressive. Triple-A thrash.

Talk about anger issues. This album is a big middle-finger up at almost every institution you can think of. Venomous thrash album. There's a reason Exodus' live shows were the most violent in the 80's. This is Exodus winding back the clock. Zetro rules!

I've heard this one, but will have to research it more. I this Steve de Souza appears on it, so I'll have to grab it.

One argument for this album: BLACKLIST

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76 Lights... Camera... Revolution! - Suicidal Tendencies

So many classics on here, that I forgot how many classics were on here. There's a reason why this is on everyone's top 100 list.

You Can't Bring Me Down, Alone, Give It Revolution, Send Me Your is intelligent, and Rocky George was a great rhythm guitarist, and an even better lead guitarist.

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77 Seven Churches - Possessed

Everyone says how great Death were - and if you like Death, they were great - but this mob are the culprits behind it all. Probably the most Satanic album ever made, and I used to pray after listening to it, even though I'm an atheist. Evil death/thrash metal.

Yes, my mate rehearsed every evil lyric on this beast. Decide or Morbid Angel could only match its evil.

I lived the launch of this this record... and in 2016 sound equally priceless!

First deaht metal album. But possessed is thrash band

78 Divine Intervention - Slayer

I bought this one out of curiosity the other day, as I'm a lapsed Slayer fan and haven't purchased anything of theirs since Seasons In The Abyss. Guess what? It's boring.

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79 World Painted Blood - Slayer

Slayer original lineup exploring an evolution... and then give us a very fine record, take sense guys! the thrash metal is not commercial, all is about a taste of raw and chaotic sounds and Slayer always give us that!

80 Five Serpent's Teeth - Evile

This was my first Evile record, and I was guilty of judging them before I heard them, like many others, but when you listen to this particular disc, it is not the derivative Metallica clone that everyone thought. It is heavily Metallica influenced thrash, but so were many others.

Don't tell anyone that you think this band are pretty good at what they do, otherwise you'll get rocks for Christmas.

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