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161 Unsafe - Channel Zero

Check out 'Suck My Energy', 'Lonely', 'As A Boy' and 'Man on the Edge' from this mighty metal record. The only reason they weren't immense is because they were Belgian and not many new about them. They toured here, and 30 people showed up. It was sad to see.

Belgiums heaviest deliver their most aggressive album to date. Its groovy, heavy, angry, and fantastic on all fronts. A classy band that didn't go far enough, success-wise.

162 Stigmatized for Life - Channel Zero

If you like the 'Cowboys from Hell' production, then this is the next best thing to that album. Channel Zero's second-best album delivers on most fronts.

163 Volition - Protest the Hero

A hard band to pin down, but they are heavy, very technical, and a major talent in modern metal.

164 The Parallax II: Future Sequence - Between the Buried and Me

Deranged, frenetic, talented, and heavy as hell. The Mr. Bungle of thrash. Triple A band whose catalogue is flawless.

My copy of 'The Anatomy Of' arrived today, and whilst it's all covers, BTBAM versions of 'Blackened', 'Jizzlobber' and 'Cemetery Gates' are good. It's not an essential purchase like their other stuff, but interesting.

165 Genexus - Fear Factory

They fixed the problems with 'Industrialist' (though the drum machine was part of the industrial concept), brought in Hoglan and delivered an excellent metal album.

Fear Factory's latest is the best album they've made since 'Demanufacture'. Hoglan and Dino are machines.

166 $5.98 Ep - Metallica

Because 'The Wait' is on it - provided you didn't buy the edition that didn't contain it. No-one owns covers like Metallica.

Yeah, it's an ep, but have you ever heard covers like this before. Metallica own them.

167 Art In Motion - Secrecy

Technical German thrash that mostly went unheard.

168 Illusions - Sadus

My goodness. This is 'Reign in Blood' and 'Pleasure to Kill' on steroids.

169 Wehrmacht - Biermacht

Sweet! Thanks for putting up these gems, mate. It's my favourite thread on the net. Good stuff!

Blastcore/Beercore at its finest. 'Shark Attack' ain't far behind, either.

170 Feast - Annihilator

Canada's finest in a crushing return to form.

Yes, they are excellent. No doubt.

171 Beyond the Gates - Possessed

Someone must be put here "Eyes of Horror" in the first 10 places, Possessed is the birth of death metal!

Death? Thrash? Both? Either way, if 'Seven Churches' is here, then so should this one.

172 Vengeance Falls - Trivium

Anyone else like this one? It's their most coherent yet, and Heafy delivers a masterful vocal performance, along with the rest of the band.

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173 I Am Nemesis - Caliban

Crank up 'Davy Jones' and see how good this album is. Yeah, you could throw it into the cheap Metalcore basket if you want, but there's a lot more to this release than that.

174 Phenomena - Within the Ruins

All of this bands releases are fast, groovy, mathematic, and incredibly well-executed. I hope it stays up here, because these guys albums are incredible.

175 Terror Squad - Artillery

A few production issues aside, this is Euro-thrash at its brilliant best. 'The Challenge', 'In the Trash', 'At War with Science' are immense.

176 Sound of White Noise - Anthrax

John Bush on vocals re-ignited the fire with these guys, but Dan Spitz wanted out and barely contributed anything. They have never been the same since 'Among The Living' and Exodus deserve their place now. Sad but True!

Underrated Anthrax beast, and probably their best until 'Worship Music' arrived 15-years later.

177 War of Words - Fight

Halford goes borderline thrash, but with a lot of melody as well. Top musicianship, and if you like Halford's vocals, you'll love this one.

178 City - Strapping Young Lad

Ah, City. Thanks for the correction. I own too much stuff. Cheers!

Their best, by far.

179 Venom and Tears - Throwdown V 1 Comment
180 Go and Live... Stay and Die - Vendetta

Rare German thrash. Good, too.

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