Best Tiamat Songs

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1 Do You Dream of Me?

I love this song! Great lyrics! One of my favorite songs ever.

I just like to imagine these words while I close my eyes tight.

"How I wish that I could
Break into your dreams
Do I have the force I need
To break into your dreams"

An all time favorite, it creates amazing mood. Yes, I want to break into her dreams...

2 Thirst Snake

"May the Gods of the night let me stay in your heart for a while..."

For me this is the most beautiful love song ever!

This song alone should be enough to make them super famous, and they have many such beautiful songs.

3 Cain

It's the best in hard competition. Especially, the live version included on "The Scarred People".

Why are there not many followers of this band?
Its really sad for such good band to be not known well.

4 A Deeper Kind of Slumber
5 Undressed

For me this song was the first Tiamat song I have ever heard. So, 20 years passed, but this song is always with me through all this time, it's my TIAMAT)

This song is magic, believe me...simply great - Ananya

Another great song. I dream about this band... awesome stuff

6 Heaven of High

Also, as long as you are mine, I am in love with myself, in a dream, lucy.
So many beautiful songs. So sad this band is so under-rated.

For me one of the best song and best band ever

7 Vote for Love

Definitely one of my most-loved Tiamat masterpieces!

8 The Sleeping Beauty

Though all songs are great,The Sleeping Beauty it's been and still is one of the masterpieces of all times m/

9 Gaia

When nature calls we all shall drown

This one should not be forgotten.


10 The Return of the Son of Nothing

Deep lyrics, Great Vocal...

The Contenders

11 A Pocket Size Sun
12 Church of Tiamat

All songs are great. And yes this band is really underrated. My favorite songs will be the truth's for sale and summertime is gone.

13 Phantasma de Luxe

Master piece

14 Brighter Than the Sun
15 Fireflower
16 Whatever that Hurts
17 Via Dolorosa
18 Lucy

Lucy was my first choice Lucy was the one

19 Mount Marilyn
20 Lady Temptress
21 I Am in Love with Myself
22 Carry Your Cross and I'll Carry Mine
23 In a Dream
24 Summertime is Gone
25 Atlantis as a Lover
26 The Temple of the Crescent Moon
27 Best Friend Money Can Buy
28 Where the Serpents Ever Dwell

Pure bloody Black Metal. So raw. Love it!

29 Evilized
30 The Truths for Sale
31 Sympathy for the Devil
32 Cold Last Supper
33 Divided
34 Tiznit
35 The Scarred People
36 Messinian Letter
37 The Red of the Morning Sun
38 Until the Hellhounds Sleep Again

It certainly should be on this list! What the hell!

39 Love Terrorists

Another great love song of my favourite band. One of the many. Though every Tiamat song is a masterpiece! 💟

40 Wings of Heaven
41 The Ar

Such a great and epic song!

42 Children of the Underworld

Why they didn't add this song in any album is beyond me. SO good.

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