Best Tori Amos Songs

The Top Ten Best Tori Amos Songs

1 Winter

Ok, this song has got to be number one! My mom was exactly like that girl and when I first listened to it she started crying, so I couldn't exactly pay attention. But OHH it is so good! I don't know why, but I hear it at least once a day and I break down sobbing every time. If you didn't vote for this, listen to the sample. It'll speak for itself.

Seven words...just seven words- 'When you gonna make up your mind? ' - that to this day emerge from my subconscious whenever I'm unsure about anything in's a simple lesson.

Masterpiece, that's the only word to describe this song. - theOpinionatedOne

This song is touching.
You can even here the ice of feeling in this song.

2 Silent All These Years
3 Crucify

Easily her best song.

4 Precious Things

Fantastic song - got me through secondary school - so much anger and passion! This song resonates with the feeling of alienation so many teens have - seeing the in-crowd from outside and the "fascist panties tucked inside the heart of every nice girl"

This song has always been my top 5 songs of all time. If you really wanna here it at it's best listen to the live version on still orbiting

5 A Sorta Fairytale

I adore this song - my favorite Tori song in decade 2000-2009. Plus music video was very creative and interesting. Love you dear Tori - Irina2932

This song deserves to be at the top. It's a really beautiful song.

One of the best song in human history

This is what a perfect song means. Just listen to it, you'll know what I'm talking about.

6 Cornflake Girl
7 Cooling
8 Pretty Good Year
9 Spark
10 Little Earthquakes

The very best ever...touched a piece of my heart not easily discovered

The Contenders

11 Hey Jupiter
12 Bliss
13 Famous Blue Raincoat
14 Mother

So difficult to pick a favourite, but this song is magical for me. Such a beautiful melody, moving lyrics, sparse but more than enough. Love it

I can't explain why I this song is my favourite, it means so much to me and reminds me of a special time in my life - much like other Tori's songs. It's just so beautiful.

15 Here in My Head
16 Siren
17 Raspberry Swirl
18 Bells for Her
19 Talula
20 China

My favourite from the very start.

21 Space Dog
22 Caught a Lite Sneeze
23 Baker Baker
24 1000 Oceans
25 Flying Dutchman
26 Angie
27 Yes, Anastasia
28 '97 Bonnie & Clyde
29 Smells Like Teen Spirit

Amos' transformation of Cobain's visceral creation is both haunting and captivating.

30 Marianne
31 Me and a Gun

This encompasses so much about the illusion of maleand female and sex-the illusion of all life that it can exist and her being willing to say things to break from such serious emotional moments I would be ashamed that all men and women didn't respect this.

How can this be so low, the single most emotional song

32 Tear in Your Hand
33 God

Seriously?! Only 34? This song was not only one of her most (in)famous hit in the Us during the '90s (thanks to her provocative, committed lyrics AND to that challenging music video) but it's a tune that encapsulate a great era of alternative post-grungy rock perfectly and shows Tori's provocative and witty side.
In the end, its distorted unorthodox sound places the singer to a very good and authentic rock territory, much more that many other songs from her playbook.

34 Glory of the 80's
35 Spring Haze
36 Jackie's Strength
37 Girl Disappearing
38 Father Lucifer

Genius production, poetic lyrics, and a sensational score... What more can you really ask for?

39 Iieee
40 Taxi Ride
41 Give

Such a haunting and beautiful sound in this song!

42 Sleeps With Butterflies

Always been my favorite song of all time. Such a sweet song for a lullaby or when you just want to lift up your mood

43 I Can't See New York
44 Mr. Zebra
45 Programmable Soda
46 Snow Cherries from France
47 Purple People
48 Mary
49 Strange Little Girl

Can't stop playing this song. From the 2001 album "Strange little girls"

50 Flavor
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