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1 Winter

Ok, this song has got to be number one! My mom was exactly like that girl and when I first listened to it she started crying, so I couldn't exactly pay attention. But OHH it is so good! I don't know why, but I hear it at least once a day and I break down sobbing every time. If you didn't vote for this, listen to the sample. It'll speak for itself.

Seven words...just seven words- 'When you gonna make up your mind? ' - that to this day emerge from my subconscious whenever I'm unsure about anything in's a simple lesson.

Masterpiece, that's the only word to describe this song. - theOpinionatedOne

This song is touching.
You can even here the ice of feeling in this song.

2 Silent All These Years
3 Crucify V 1 Comment
4 Precious Things

Fantastic song - got me through secondary school - so much anger and passion! This song resonates with the feeling of alienation so many teens have - seeing the in-crowd from outside and the "fascist panties tucked inside the heart of every nice girl"

This song has always been my top 5 songs of all time. If you really wanna here it at it's best listen to the live version on still orbiting

5 A Sorta Fairytale

I adore this song - my favorite Tori song in decade 2000-2009. Plus music video was very creative and interesting. Love you dear Tori - Irina2932

This song deserves to be at the top. It's a really beautiful song.

One of the best song in human history

6 Cornflake Girl
7 Siren
8 Cooling
9 Spark
10 Mother

So difficult to pick a favourite, but this song is magical for me. Such a beautiful melody, moving lyrics, sparse but more than enough. Love it

I can't explain why I this song is my favourite, it means so much to me and reminds me of a special time in my life - much like other Tori's songs. It's just so beautiful.

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? Professional Widow
? Cruel

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11 Pretty Good Year
12 Little Earthquakes

The very best ever...touched a piece of my heart not easily discovered

13 Hey Jupiter
14 Here in My Head
15 Bells for Her
16 Famous Blue Raincoat
17 Bliss
18 Caught a Lite Sneeze
19 Raspberry Swirl
20 Talula
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1. Pretty Good Year
2. Precious Things
3. Talula
1. Winter
2. Bliss
3. Raspberry Swirl
1. Winter
2. Cooling
3. Here in My Head

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