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1 Yu-Gi-Oh!

it was so much fun i remember playing for hours with my cousins - anthonybecerra831

I love this game, I taught my friend how to play and we always played, I have a Ron of rare cards and powerful monsters, best game ever and an even better show

this was great remember when these came out I still got my cards too and this should be 1st who played magic? - torontoraps5

Best Game EVER!

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2 Magic: The Gathering

A more mature game since it needs a lot of careful planning, one single mistake even a wrongly taped mana and you lose. Which is fun because normally you wouldn't play to win but to experience tensioned battles with your best buds.

If you combined all the other games in the top 10, magic would still be better. The reason for this is that it has all the traits of the other top ten games, for example, it has the concept of Yu gi oh! While managing to involve the strategy of World of warcraft, while having awesome artwork involved.

A unique game offering limitless creative options! Given the many formats there is literally something for everyone: novice-pro, 2+ players with several variations

This game should be picked up by most people who want to play TCG's because MTG is surprisingly easy to learn compared to what Bushiroad games provide - DatTCGPlayer

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3 Pokemon

Pure epic. I believe that this is the best game OF ALL TIME. It is better that yugioh, world of warcraft, And even Magic: The Gathering.

Is a nice game to play and has a larger community

I played them at school for 2 years.

I buy a tin or a box of Pokemon cards every time I go to target. I love collecting these cards and like the EX so much that I have a binder full of them and I have bought about 3 Pokemon booster boxes for my son. I think they were called : XY Flashfire, Legendary Treasures, and Plasma Storm. I also got a Yveltal and Serperior tin and a Garchomp EX box thingy. The only thing is that they are very expensive. The legendary treasures box is over $100. But I have to buy it for my son or else he will get very sad and cry. He liked it so much that I bought one for myself. I loved it! So many EX cards holos and radiants!. My son is addicted to Pokemon! He has all the games, a Nintendo 2ds and 3ds watches the anime watches PrimetimePokee

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4 World of Warcarft

Fun mechanics, a lot like MTG. It is also very appealing to World of Warcraft (mmo) players so you can say this comment is biased.

5 VS System
6 Deadlands: Doomtown
7 Shadowfist
8 Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
9 Lord of the Rings
10 Neopets

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11 Cardfight Vanguard
12 Naruto

It is the best and most strategic game

13 My Little Pony Trading Card Game

Very strategic and many different ways to plot and play - cards are very well done and the releases since the initial release less than 2 years ago has been robust! This is not a little kid or girls game - you don't have to watch the show to play.

Are you joking?

14 Buddy Fight

Buddyfight is a game that you can trade and made new friend so vote for buddyfight

15 Dragoborne

Favorite tcg! If you liked Duel Masters then definitely check this game out! - Tcgplayer

Best tcg to date! - Tcgplayer

16 Top Drives
17 Duel Masters
18 The Elder Scrolls: Legends
19 Clash Royale Clash Royale
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