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1 Transformers Transformers Product Image

This movie is good movie I remember seeing it in theaters, the take your prune juice part is hilarious - trains45


2 Transformers: Dark of the Moon Transformers: Dark of the Moon Product Image

This was a good transformers movie I saw it twice - trains45

This movie is great. - HoldenFanatic

Great action, great Special effects, cool villain and aliens that kill people.

My favorite movie of transformers, is like the first but this catch me more

3 The Transformers - The Movie The Transformers - The Movie Product Image

No idea how dark of the moon is above this. This movie took everything a Transformers fan wanted and put it into a movie, the deaths are sad and some parts may feel like a product placement but it is still the best movie of them all with its funny sequences, cheesy 80s action, and awesome plot.

It is original!

4 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Product Image

Even though many people hate this sequel, I consider it to be a great sequel!

This movie was good I saw it in theaters


5 Bumblebee Bumblebee Product Image Bumblebee is a fictional character from the Transformers franchise. In most incarnations, Bumblebee is a small, yellow Autobot with most of his alternative vehicle modes inspired by several generations of the Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird muscle cars.

Everybody make this #1

The best one. - BlazingParasol

6 Transformers: Age of Extinction

This movie has so much awesome stuff in it its worth watching it I promise I wont spoil it for you though

One of the characters is a lot like Ironhide, so this movie was good in my opinion.

7 Transformers Animated: Transwarped

So emotional and just brilliant. Yes this was a film when it was announced, before it got split into 3 episodes. I do recommend watching it. I remembered back in 2009 when this was announced, it was a big deal and I’ve been excited to watch it. This is probably the best movie I’ve seen for Transformers

8 Transformers Animated: Transform and Roll Out
9 Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacon Rising Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacon Rising Product Image
10 Transformers: The Last Knight

Better than Age of Extinction

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11 Beast Wars II: Lio Convoy's Close Call!
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