Best Twisted Sister Songs

Although they are only famous by two classic songs, they have many great songs!

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1 We're Not Gonna Take It

I know its to good for I wanna rock. Major this one is my best song, well not ever foolin is but this is my best twisted sister song. I wanna rock is good but this one is better. I definitively vote for were not gonna take it. I would think very good

3rd greatest rock song of 80's after Sweet Child O' Mine and Janie's Got a Gun.

Twisted Sister rock! I've always loved this song! Definitely the best Twisted Sister, though they have so many other awesome songs as well. - theledzeppelinfreak

This has a great music video lol - Ajkloth

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2 I Wanna Rock

Even though it's lyrics are rather simplistic, their meaning is superb! The instrumentation is exactly as needed, badass guitars, bass and precise drums! This song is probably the real anthem of Rock & Roll, since it's about the desire to break away, the desire to bang your head - I WANNA ROCK

This songs can make blood boil... needless to say anything else.

Truly a Twisted Sister classic

This song is super good! - bobbythebrony

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3 The Price

One of the best power ballads and the most under-rated and ignored song... A must listen for every rock music fans... Awesome guitar riffs and an unbeatable vocals... Twisted sister 4 life

Such a powerful song should be the number one over the famous ones

Damn good

4 Under the Blade
5 You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll

whoah! this song should definitely be in the top 5! this is song is pure awesomeness!

This song rocks! my favorite of the twisted albums!

6 Burn in Hell

Pee Wees Big Adventure!

This song deserves top three. Ever since I first heard it it's always been my favourite Twisted Sister song. Horror-teria is the only song that comes anywhere near the awesomeness of this song in my mind

7 Shoot 'em Down
8 The Kids are Back

This is Twisted sister's best song, it should be number 1.

At no 5! It is definitely top 3 material.
Vocals are brilliant and so is the guitar. The chorus is catchy and so full of energy!

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9 Stay Hungry

This song always makes me drop everything and pay attention. Still! A favourite song of mine in general.

Very underrated song. It should be at least in the top 3.

10 Silver Bells

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11 Destroyer
12 Run for Your Life
13 Like a Knife in the Back
14 Feel the Power
15 Hot Love
16 S.M.F.
17 Leader of the Pack
18 The Beast
19 Love is for Suckers

Not very known but it's my best along stay hungry

20 Horror-Teria: Captain Howdy/Street Justice
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1. We're Not Gonna Take It
2. I Wanna Rock
3. Burn in Hell
1. The Price
2. We're Not Gonna Take It
3. I Wanna Rock
1. The Beast
2. Like a Knife in the Back
3. Ride to Live, Live to Ride

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