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21 Pyramid Pyramid

The ending is absolutely beautiful. Give this song a chance and listen it to the end you'll see why!
It truely has a deeper meaning you must fathom yourself!

This is my absolute favorite song ever. I listen to it everyday. But oh my gosh it's so hard to pick one good song by them.
It'd be between Something Good Can Work, Settle, Your not Stubborn, and Wake Up augghh

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22 Kids

Super feel-good song! Loving the beat! Must listen!

23 Standing On Ghosts

How this is not in the top ten is beyond me!

Like 'go back to when no-one knew them and they were a kick ass band' but they always were and always will be

24 The World Is Watching The World Is Watching

Why is this #24? What ITS AMAZINg

25 Remember My Name Remember My Name
26 Spring Spring

Number 25, are you kidding me? Such a quirky and amazing song, gets everyone to love spring! Deserves so much more recognition

How is this so down low? The second verse always gets me on my feet & dancing! The overall song is just amazing:))

I think this song deserves to be a lot higher than number 24. It's so pretty.
Probably one of the most underrated ones on this list.

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27 Beacon Beacon

I love this song so much why isn't it up higher?

28 Hands Off My Cash, Monty

This song is pure perfection, the little drum and guitar fill at the end of the second chorus (I think) always makes me happy, this song make me wanna dance no matter where I am!

29 Golden Veins Golden Veins

Lyrics are beautiful and amazingly presented. Should be at 15

30 Ordinary Ordinary

Love love this song! This song is one of the best songs that TDCC has ever written. It is so catchy and every layer is thought out which just makes it extra special! Vote for this!

31 Someday Someday

I love this song. Especially the end sounds great

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32 Crystal Crystal
33 Gameshow Gameshow

Love this song too. Top 10 material so vote people vote

34 Secret Circus
35 Invicible Invicible

An absolute masterpiece. My heart stops a little every time the guitar kicks in. You can feel the emotion, the passion, dripping out of the song with every note.

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