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1 The Joshua Tree

This album has 7 legends, 3 greats, and one bad. Unforgettable Fire has 7 legends, and 3 greats. But over all, I have to give it to Joshua Tree. Here's both ranked:
1: One Tree Hill/The Unforgettable Fire
2: Red Hill Mining Town/A Sort Of Homecoming
3: Bullet The Blue Sky/Pride (In The Name Of Love)
4: Where The Streets Have No Name/Bad
5: But I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For/Indian Summer Sky
6: With Or Without You / Wire
7: Exit / 4th of July

That's the legends

8: In God's Country / Promenade
9: Trip Through Your Wires / Elvis Presley In America
10: Running To Stand Still / Mlk

Those are the greats,
And don't forget the only bad song of both albums! Mothers of the Disappeared

Both albums shine as some of the best of all time, but Joshua Tree wins it. Achtung Baby, All You Can't Leave Behind, and Under A Blood Red Sky are good too.

Totally amazing and heartfelt, from Where the Streets Have No Name to Mothers of the Disappeared The Joshua Tree is deserving of being considered one of the greatest albums of all time. U2 came quite close to this multiple times afterwards (even with Achtung Baby and All That You Can't Leave Behind) but they never completely topped this piece of perfection.

The high-quality b-sides that came out of this collection could've easily made another sublime album on its own.

This this the quintesential U2 album. One of the best albums to come out of the eighties when almost everything else was mediocre at best. When I think of U2 this is the album that stands out for me. Other albums came close but this is their best work

2 The Unforgettable Fire

I have this on cassette. Sounds horrible from being in heat and road trips but I still love listening to it.

This made them great across the world. All that followed pushed them into The Stratosphere

Every song is so perfect. Will always be my favorite by them. "Elvis Presley And America" is not the worst U2 song by faaar. That would have to be "The Refugee" off of War. There is just something not right about that song, as if it was not written for them to play. But back to the masterpiece that is, The Unforgettable Fire, the three best tracks is an extremely difficult thing to choose but if I could I would just say the whole album, but I won't so Ill say the three best songs are: "The Unforgettable Fire", "Promenade" and probably my favorite U2 song along with "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" and "Red Hill Mining Town" is "Elvis Presley And America". If you have never heard this album you have to, U2 fan or not. It is their absolute masterpiece. Not a bad track

It took me awhile to figure out The Unforgettable fire; I didn't understand why a band would make an album so weird and abstract. I had listened to the album a couple times online before I decided to buy it. As soon as I had listened to it once, something clicked. I understood. I loved this album. Suddenly, it was my favorite. There's the excitement in Pride. There's the anticipation in A Sort of Homecoming. There's the burning emotion in The Unforgettable Fire. This album is, truly, unforgettable.

3 Achtung Baby

3? Bye guys

Revolution without a Gun...embryionic of the decay of the late XX century, if JT is country and desert village, this is the City

With no doubt the best album of U2. The sound, the songs, U2 on his best. Please listen to the whole album. It tells a story.

I'm sorry but not even close to perfection until Achtung Baby... all prior works are great but this was his/the bands best effort of all times... I work for the band from 1987 till 1998 and this was the most complete album start to finish they though they had done since the start. I enjoy all their work and hope they top it one more time. RCM 64

4 All That You Can't Leave Behind

Showed everyone that U2 was still one of the best bands in the world after the disasters that were Zooropa and Pop. "Beautiful Day" and "Walk On" have some of the best and deepest lyrics the band ever composed and "Elevation" is catchy as hell. Then after 9/11 this album took on a whole new meaning, Bono walking out to the Super Bowl halftime show a few months after that singing "Beautiful Day" with the tribute to all the people killed projected behind him is an unforgettable moment.

I love this album because each and everyone of the songs are so calming and peaceful. In beautiful day bono's singing is just incredible.

The best U2 album since Achtung Baby. The band may never release an album as perfect as this one ever again.

My favourite U2 album, and Wild Honey is brilliant

5 War

Great album. Every song fits the overall theme of Ireland being divided. However, many of the songs could have more than one meaning. It just depends on how you want to interpret the song. This album had a musical freshness to it that they never duplicated, but they have had several high quality albums since then. The Joshua Tree is a great album and much more polished, but I think in many ways this album is their best.

A beautiful album. A document to pure, idealistic, black-and-white, right-and-wrong anger. Impossible to listen to this as an 18-22 year old idealist and not be pulled in by it. "Like A Song...", despite the boring title, is one of their most overlooked and underrated compositions.

Best album of theirs in my opinion, anything before The Joshua Tree are my favorites, sort of fell off the bandwagon with that album, but War is an amazing album which you should listen to... I just wish Bono would've never became the United Nations, he was good back then, but yeah, check this album out

this album got two of my favorite songs form this epic band sunday bloody sunday and new years day, my favorite song of all time

6 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Awesome album, all songs are good!

There isn't a single song in this album that I don't like, This should definitely be number 1! Or at least no.2 with the Joshua tree at number 1!

People don’t call it a comeback but it was:

16. No line on the horizont
15. Songs of Innocence
14. Songs of Experience
13. Under a blood red sky
12. Original Soundtracks I
11. October
10. Boy
9. Zooropa
8. All that you can’t leave behind
7. The unforgettable fire
6. War
5. Rattle and Hum
4. Pop
3. Achtung Baby
2. How to dismantle an atomic bomb
1. The Joshua Tree

7 No Line On The Horizon

This album really is underrated. If you took out Get On Your Boots and Stand Up Comedy it might be considered one of their best. Songs Of Innocence is pretty damn good too!

Criminally underrated, I ask of you to listen to this one again

Lyrically some of the best pieces ever by Bono and the boys!

The best of the best

8 Boy

This isn't my favorite but it should be higher. The first 3 are spot on but this should have at least 6

This should be Number 1!

9 Pop

This album is a little known treasure which was rushed by U2, adding a sense of incompleteness to this album. This album showed how far U2 would go out of their comfort zone to create new great music. If only it wasn't rushed and was the way U2 would've liked it...

Masterwork or at least it will be seen that way in the future. Even the band themselves are still struggling -- why? Because there is so much there

My personal favourite, it's brilliant. So underrated.

My personal favourite. This album definitely is U2's hidden gem, and I wouldn't be suprised if later reviews give this album a positive rating - Jiorl

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10 Rattle & Hum

Should be higher it's a pretty nice album my favourite is all I want is you

This is a good number two right under Joshua tree. It has just great energy an should be well over all that you can and unforgettable fire.

The Contenders

11 Zooropa

At first you'll dislike it because it's not what you expected. As you listen to it over the years that will be precisely why you will fall in love with it.

My personal favourite. It is so weird but really good, literally ear-pleasure. The tone is also not aggressive. The compositions also unpredictable. Lemon is my favourite..but the whole album is really good!

The most experimental U2 album, with mind blowing songs, like tracks 1-10!

Don't know how to explain! Listen to it; over and over

12 October

My favorite u2 album

Second best I can’t believe how underrated is this.

1. Achtung Baby
2. October
3. Zooropa
4. The Unforgettable fire
5. The Joshua Tree
6. Boy
7. Pop
8. Under a blood red sky
9. No line on the horizon
10. Original soundtracks I
11. War
12. Rattle & Hum
13. Songs of Innocence
14. All that you can’t leave behind
15. How to dismantle an atomic bomb
16. Songs of experience


13 Songs of Innocence

This may not be the best (that award will go to The Joshua tree but it is a great album. It is different from the usual U2. The album has energy and life in it which is apparent from the first song "The miracle". Some of my favourite tracks are - " The miracle ", The Troubles, Iris and Song for someone

A good one Bono sings vert well

This U2 Album is definitely a top ten worthy album. Some of the best songs in this album are; The Miracle (of Joey Ramone), The Troubles, Sleep like a baby tonight, California (There is no end to love), and Every Breaking Wave.

Just because its new you can't ignore its quality it had no mid quality songs all of them are amazing I believe its one of the best rock albums of history

14 The Best of 1980-1990

Great for casual U2 peeps like myself. Liked U2 since 1983 but other genres got my most of my attention.

15 U218 Singles

Only the best - brocky

16 The Best of 1990- 2000
17 Songs Of Experience

U2's best album since Achtung baby

At least top 10

Listening to this album is listening to what Bono would’ve said if he died; astonishing.

18 Original Soundtracks 1

Strange but great - Jiorl

19 Under a Blood Red Sky

Good album with only live performances as red socks

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