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21 You're the Reason

Great song from first season of Victorious, it was in two showings and was a big success!

I also love this song I am planning on getting this song I love this song reminds me of my family that I love so much always there for me and love me for who I am very different then other girls.

I love this song because it feels like l'm singing this song to my mom. Thanks you for this song.

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22 Bad Boys

This reminds me of boy that think they are good but got nothing to back them up but you did a grate job on this

I love it mostly because I usually fall for the bad boys!

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23 The Things We Do for Love

I love it. It tells everyone what kinds of things we do to love someone and it is so awesome because she sang the song and it sounds much more better when she sings it cause she has a great, powerful voice that I love and I hope I can sing like her

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24 On the Wings of a Dream

I love this song and I play it everyday in my phone..

I love these song because it brings out a new world ^^ thanks let me tell you one thing these song is the so amzing ty

25 Finally Falling

Love this song, I sang this and everyone loved it. Victoria you're an amazing singer I want to follow in your footsteps and sing for a living

Finally falling was a good because I like the baet and your vocals and I like all of your song too...

I love finally falling and Victoria justice I live in Ireland in Dublin 16 Kingston grove ballinteer

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26 365 Days
27 Eye of the Tiger

That's totally great amazing. I just wanna hear it again after hearing it 1000 time's

28 Forever Baby
29 Break My Heart
30 Don't Tell Me
31 I Want You Back

I love your songs &also your videos you motivate me and encourage me thanks so much.

Thank you victoria I love that song by 29253

I love this song it is so beautiful song

A pretty good cover of the classic Jackson 5 song.

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32 You Don't Know Me

I love this song because liz sings it

This is a victorious song... Not a victoria justice song.

I love dis song you think you knw me but you don't knw you look at me and there is one thin tat you see so listen to me you push me Back I push y back harder love it ya with the motion

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33 Everything Can Change
34 Broken Glass
35 Oh Darling
36 Don't You Forget About Me

Originally performed by Simple Minds. - playstationfan66

37 Shake
38 Caught Up In You

BEST from her non-Victorious songs

39 Cheer Me Up
40 If You Leave

Upcoming song. Originally performed by OMD. - playstationfan66

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