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141 Naxat Soft
142 Telenet Japan
143 Nihon Falcom
144 Psikyo
145 Playtonic Games
146 Tri-Ace
147 Supergiant Games V 1 Comment
148 Scott Cawthon

Scott is a great developer. I'm not saying that because of FNaF, I'm saying that because of how kind and caring he is. When he made FNaF world, the fans were unimpressed, so Scott apologized, took it down, refunded everyone, fixed it, and put it on Gamejolt for free. That's the difference between a developer who cares and people like Activision who are milking those cash cows. - DCfnaf

Either than Fnaf, his games are average, so I have no idea why he is here.

149 NanaOn-Sha
150 Techland

How can we forget this awesome game dev! Why? Is that the question you ask me? Well, Dying Light, what else do you want to know!? One of the best zombie survival game till date! - VolatileWalker

151 5th Cell

Very underrated. Developed the Drawn to Life and Scribblenauts series. - TheYoshiPyro64

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