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21 Metal Gear Solid

I love this soundtrack! All My Feelings when I was I Child come back with this song

22 Medal of Honor: Frontline

Giachinno created a mixture of the thrinng scores of Manor House Rally and Thuringer Wald Express to the emotional Arnhem Knights and After the Drop.

23 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
24 Hotline Miami

Only Hotline Miami 2 could beat this

25 Final Fantasy VII

This is an easy top 5 soundtrack. Skyrim doesn't stand a chance against this one. Hard to find a song in here that's even decent or worse. This is the only soundtrack I could do a top 40 songs of. - Epicpenguin42

The ocarina of time soundtrack is just as precious to me.

Best soundtrack ever.

26 Mario Kart: Super Circuit
27 Mega Man 2

Perfect soundtrack. So catchy! Get stupid ass skyrim out. I don't even remember one song from skyrim it's so forgettable of a soundtrack.

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28 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Simple the best, sometimes I play game just to lisen to music
For this type of game perfect songs...
For every part of game you have songs that describe it,

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29 Sonic Generations
30 Guitar Hero II

I honestly could not decide between the two. These games were literally designed to have epic soundtracks, METAL soundtracks m/ they are a must in this list. - Wopwop

How could a video game with some of the best rock songs in history not be number 1?!

31 Chrono Trigger

Needs to be way higher than 41. At least top 10. - cjWriter1997

Simply Amazing

Should be way higher

hell yeah

32 Driller

What where is driller, you numpties? Before you overlook this awesome soudtrack try listening to it, as it can still be found on YouTube - espyorkshireman

33 Runescape
34 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I was gonna make a list about the beat video game sound tracks and put this as #1. It is simply the best soundtrack there is

Guys please vote this game, I have listened many videogames soundtracks and I am sure this was the best,"opening titles" is such a special and epic soundtrack that everyone will love it. Hans Zimmer really is a genius composer.

Hans Zimmer... 'enough said

35 Final Fantasy VI
36 Timesplitters

How is the perfect soundtrack of the Timesplitters Franchise not at least in the top 10's?!
Listen to Mexican Mission,Sibirian Boss,Chinese and the Main theme and if you are still not convinced,you don't know what good game music is.

37 Cave Story

Cave story has one of the best sound tracks ever

38 One Man and His Droid
39 Portal 2
40 Peter Jackson's King Kong

The orchestral soundtrack, which serves as basically a sequel to the soundtrack of the movie, is entrancing. I've already mentioned the graphics of the game, but this just adds to how great of a game it really is. - Wopwop

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