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I think that this web site is very amusing. If you sit down in front of a computer or laptop you can play on this website for EVER. You should proubly have a sertean amount of time to get on this website or you will be on it all day and all night.

It's a tad inappropriate because of all the kissing games but it's a great site! I'd recommend it.

This is one of my fave websites. I am a tween, but I think that this website should be for girls all ages!

So cool! I am 10 right now, almost 11. I love this site and the games! I really like to play it when I'm bored.

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American Girl

I was one who wrote about having 16 dolls if anyone really cares. American girl books help more than the website. The website just convinces you to spend 500$ to get Graces bakery. The Books help learn about history, feelings, growing up, and other things

American girl is an example of what can can be, and don't matter what color you have or where you come from. Even if I never have a one in my life that's what an "American Girls'' for me.

Best website to buy Blu-ray Discs of American Girl characters (Kit Kittredge, McKenna, Saige, Isabelle and Grace Thomas) and watch them on a PS3, Blu-ray Disc Player or on Windows XP/Macintosh computers (while using a BD-ROM drive). The Blu-ray Discs are expensive.

You actually can play games and it has advice for girls even though the dolls are exspensive

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I think this game is great. You get your own Doll, Suite, and a lot of nice stuff to start off with.

I just started playing it and it is a pretty good game thanks for the recommendation

It is fun, and I asked my mom. but we couldn't figure out how to let me do things you can't do if you don't fax the approoval letter. we don't have a fax machine

AWESOME thanks for idea now me and my friends can finally hang online!

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It's a great site for your tween, since most of the quizzes and stories show warnings for cussing and etc, etc. I am a member of this side, a proud 11-almost-12 year old female, and I love it!

It's really awesome, you get to take quizzes and read and stuff, but just for the record, it has a ta bit of cussing and sex, but it's like a wakeup call for young girls in a way.

Yes, this site is addicting. However, there is cussing and sex. Also, they go on "deleting sprees", ever since then my account is no longer up.

One of my absolute favorite sites. However it does have some inappropriate content.


I love this game, its amazing!

It's a Awesome game

I love this game, my user bemybesties45

Amazing game! my favorite game my user is Mintytealgirl

Miss O & Friends

Love this site. I have made friends and can talk to them and my parents are cool with it. Tons to do and great articles, all written by girls

This website is great! It is super fun! But when they got a new website I lost a prize I won!

A site with games, puzzles, quizzes and more!


I play roblox ALL THE TIME, there are some model games and other people judge you, the roblox owners try to block out anything that may be bad like curse words or other nasty comments, also if someone says anything bad you can report them or block them. There are thousands of games and I suggest it to anyone.

I LOVE Roblox, it's one of my few favourites. It's always what I first enter onto when I get on my computer, and though some of the roleplay games have exsessive ODers and cussers, it's a extremely fun game for your tween daughter or son!

It is really fun you can customize your character and play with other people.

I am addicted to this game. I have 4 acounts in there. I thought this would maybe be on here

Based on the books

I love this website! It gives me something to do in my free time😀

Dork Diaries rocks!


A bunch of games and some doll info


You can adopt cute animals and unlock your stuffed animals that you purchase with the secret code that they include with every webkinz stuffed animal. You feed, dress, and clean your animals and then you get to play with them. There is a catch though. Even though it's free to play you have to pay a fee every month to get cool things, like some games and things like that but, honestly it's worth it.

You can adopt really cute animals!

That sounds fun

It was awesome

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The word find love and marry in the future you do other things with people and if there perverts on there it could cause danger

This a great site
U go on dates find love
Marry and maybe have children
I love it
It is a tween site for boys and girls

Egg Cave

Egg cave is fun find eggs reseach them in the archives and see how they grow.

Eggcave is a fun, enjoyable, unknown site, that should be more known!

So much fun should be on the top 10


Not my highest recommendation but it has a few tween games

Animal Jam

This is my fave website ever. I totally recommend it! And yes, it is totally appropriate.

Best game ever played it since I waz like 10 love it so much try it

I looove this web

Its super awesome and I reccomend to everyone. try out and find.out.


I used to play with my siblings day and night. Best game that ever happened to me.

Tween You and Me

This is a Christian blog that is written by famous Christian girls author Nancy Rue. She gives advice about common girls problems. I give this 10 out of 10 stars


I went on it and I spent hours doing quizzes, diys and just reading funny stories ;0

Sure but it talks about periods

Very good website for young teens, it has recipes,fashion, tips, and more!

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I love this game I think it is amazing +゚*。:゚+凸(◕‿◕✿)+゚*。:゚+


There is lots of games to play
Magic Tree House

One Million Boys Agree That the Magic Tree House Website is Awesome.


Awesome website! Super fun and you will never get bored of it.

By far the best quiz or personality trivia website can find any quiz you want on there. Vote for play buzz. Its awesome

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