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41 The Birds Part One

Best song by The Weeknd. Why is it at the bottom? Oh yeah bandwagons.

Love this song and it really gets me going

42 Acquainted Acquainted

If you liked this song listen to girls born in the 90's by the weeknd. It is the original version and much better.

People seriously this is the best one off of beauty behind madness. Abel we need a music video to get this to the top. So hurry

The best song off Beauty Behind The Madness, I love it!

This song is probably my second favorite off of Beauty Behind The Madness

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43 Prisoner Prisoner

This song is a DRUG! I'm addicted. please vote for this song. It deserves one of the first 5 spots. - Ark-M

I love this song so much! Lana and the weekend are legends

Amazing song. This is one of his best works.

Definitely among top two. Enough said. Listen and then decide

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44 Angel Angel

Really hits you in the feels. Incredibly polished and powerful

This one is one of the best! I don't get why angel and shameless are so low on this list...

Angel is just the best the vocals are wow

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45 Shameless Shameless

Shameless gives me so much of the feels when I listen to it. I can feel his voice invade my soul and fill up my body with so many emotions. This is my favorite song and will always be my favorite by him. This song deserves to be #1. End of story.

This is my top favorite besides often and deserves to be in the top 5 to be honest. Shameless deserves more attention.

Easily one of the more soulful songs by abel.. Got hooked right away.. And that guitar solo is so amazing.. Definitely deserves to be in the top 20

This will always be my favorite song by him

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46 Professional Professional

Has a slow silky start filled with emotion and wonder that dives into the meat of the raw story and feelings The Weeknd paints across.

Awesome intro to Kiss Land. Details how he's starting to get introduced to the mainstream world.

47 The Party & The After Party

Seriously guys?! The Beach House sample and everything?!?!?! This song just might be perfect. There are so many new hits that aren't even that good that are way higher than this. Whatever dudes.

48 As You Are As You Are

Best song from Beauty Behind the Madness. I never expected The Weeknd to make something like this. It's without a doubt the most vulnerable Weeknd song to date, telling the story of two lovers who know their relationship will fall apart someday, but they need eachother because they're young. It's without a doubt one of his best produced songs. Don't even get me STARTED on the incredibly atmospheric second half.

This song is so dope it should be #1

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49 Loft Music

Absolutely amazing song, must listen to it. House of balloons is the greatest

The first half of the song is an almost light look into the weeknds mind he makes seem like a wonderful fantasy yet the last half reveals the dark side to his constant partying, drinking, and sex. It's a powerful beat with a haunting aftermath.

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50 Might Not Might Not

Weeknd makes this song great. Amazing vocals by the Weeknd.

Song should belong to The Weeknd. Amazing tune.

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51 Real Life Real Life

I love this song because I don't only listen to his lyrics, but I also understand him.

52 The Fall
53 The Birds Part Two

His best song coming from his best album. Bet it would be higher on this list if it was a radio single. Song is epic and powerful

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54 Rolling Stone

Definitely one of my favourite!

55 Initiation Initiation

This song should be placed MUCH higher on the list. The use of vocal modulation throughout the track, blended perfectly with the song's rhythm, makes it a shining example of Abel's potential for outstanding music production.

This song makes you feel uneasy or even slightly scared for the girl the first time you hear it. After many listens, I've suddenly wished I was the woman he's describing.

Okay, this one is just terrifying.

One of his best songs in my opinion.

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56 What You Need What You Need

This embodies everything The Weeknd was from the beginning of his career. You can feel the passion in the production and his lyrics.

57 Tears In the Rain Tears In the Rain

Tears in the rain is a beautiful song from Abel. It should get more attention. Listen to the lyrics and I promise you will love it. If you're an XO fan like me, you should already love every song by Abel.

This is by far one of the best songs I have ever heard...from any artist. Enough said

58 Losers Losers
59 Same Old Song

It is criminal that this song is so low in this list. The vocals are almost flawless, especially in the chorus, the production is fantastic, and the lyrics are very good.

This song is so incredible. If you see this, listen to it right now. Before the above stuff. Then, 'the party and the after party'.

60 Love In the Sky
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