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41 Outside
42 King Of The Fall

Should be much higher on the list. The deep bass knocks with the constant dark background melody combined with his smart yet sleek lyrics wrap around his incredible voice to create another masterpiece.

Trippy, Dark, Beautiful, undeniably a classic. Easily my favorite Weeknd song. The beat, his singing, just all around a masterpiece that sucks you in & keeps you

Should be much higher on the list. The singing mixed with a nice rapping flow is perfect and the beat is amazing.

sooo good

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43 The Birds Part Two

His best song coming from his best album. Bet it would be higher on this list if it was a radio single. Song is epic and powerful

Hands down, the best song he's created. There will never be another song like it, ever.

My favr8 song by him... He is the best singer ever. - anubhavkanotra

44 Coming Down

it's dark, lustful and real, an absolute stellar sound that I feel had been left unappreciated for what is is

45 Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)

This song tells the story of his relationship with a woman in a destructive relationship.

Incredible song full of emotional pleading and loneliness told in an incredible way with killer vocals.

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46 Die for You

The fact that he shows a different and more loving makes the song more unique and individual. I also appreciate the long notes in the chorus

This song is just filled with emotion and is an an amazing song to make love with your partner to.

So much emotion in one song


47 Ordinary Life

If it isn't in the list, it's pretty underrated. - PhenomentalOne

No Ordinary Song

48 The Town
49 Prisoner

This song is a DRUG! I'm addicted. please vote for this song. It deserves one of the first 5 spots. - Ark-M

I love this song so much! Lana and the weekend are legends

Amazing song. This is one of his best works.

Definitely among top two. Enough said. Listen and then decide

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50 Where You Belong

Without a doubt his most underrated song... It's shame Earned It was the hit from Fifty Shades of Grey, and not this. It's definitely one of his darkest songs.

51 Love Me Harder

This is awesome and shouldn't be this low on the list

Probably the weeknd's worst preformance yet - Maxo

Classic,Hot,Sexy... Lyrics

Ariana is BAE!

52 Party Monster

Maybe one of his best ever, the flow is superb

Great hook, so catchy, just love it.

How is this song not on the list?!

WHAT A FLOW! My favorite from the Starboy Album - rui_29

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53 Rockin'
54 The Birds Part One

Best song by The Weeknd. Why is it at the bottom? Oh yeah bandwagons.

Love this song and it really gets me going

Geez this is one of the best and people are coming here saying whatever most recent weeknd song is the best.. his new stuff is great but trilogy was a masterpiece and this was a focal point

55 Angel

Really hits you in the feels. Incredibly polished and powerful

This one is one of the best! I don't get why angel and shameless are so low on this list...

Angel is just the best the vocals are wow

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56 As You Are

Best song from Beauty Behind the Madness. I never expected The Weeknd to make something like this. It's without a doubt the most vulnerable Weeknd song to date, telling the story of two lovers who know their relationship will fall apart someday, but they need eachother because they're young. It's without a doubt one of his best produced songs. Don't even get me STARTED on the incredibly atmospheric second half.

Easily his best song yet

This song is so dope it should be #1

First song that got me hooked.

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57 Shameless

Shameless gives me so much of the feels when I listen to it. I can feel his voice invade my soul and fill up my body with so many emotions. This is my favorite song and will always be my favorite by him. This song deserves to be #1. End of story.

This is my top favorite besides often and deserves to be in the top 5 to be honest. Shameless deserves more attention.

Easily one of the more soulful songs by abel.. Got hooked right away.. And that guitar solo is so amazing.. Definitely deserves to be in the top 20

Shameless this song should be place on 1.the voice, the guitar, the beats.. everything perfect.. guys please vote for this beauty.

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58 Loft Music

Absolutely amazing song, must listen to it. House of balloons is the greatest

The first half of the song is an almost light look into the weeknds mind he makes seem like a wonderful fantasy yet the last half reveals the dark side to his constant partying, drinking, and sex. It's a powerful beat with a haunting aftermath.

This song is so amazing. by far my favorite by the weeknd and I really think new fans should listen to trilogy because it deserves recognition!

Top 10 easy

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59 Real Life

I love this song because I don't only listen to his lyrics, but I also understand him.

Why is this so low?

60 Life of the Party V 1 Comment
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