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21 El-P

This list shows that everyone on here has a horrible taste in music. The dude from linkin park and John Cena are higher on this list then El-p this is straight insulting and disrespectful to El-P.

This is straight up disrespectful.

Didn't find Aesop Rock so I voted for a other great rapper!

22 Brother Ali

Rap is about content, and brother ali definitely has it. Just listen to Uncle Sam damn

23 Haystak

Really haystak should be totally on top ten

24 Chris Webby

Number two behind Eminem

He should be in top 5 or 10

Webby is number one all day. Em is past his prime and webbys got bars for days and is constantly coming out with new stuff.

Why is webby not in the top five but macolmore is what.

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25 Witt Lowry

This guy is sick on check him out on YouTube. My favorite song by him is Kindest Regards

Witt Is honestly amazing.

Should be a lot higher

26 Slug (From Atmosphere)

Amazing rapper, basically just a poet. He rhymes with a smooth flow and meaningful words. In my opinion Camera Thief is his best song

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27 KJ-52

Best Christian rapper ever - KMJ

28 Toby Mac
29 Charlie Scene

He just has that old school swag

Are you kidding 25th? this dude has the flow of Eminem and actually makes some sense in his lyrics, like he is just amazing he should at least be in the top ten.

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30 Johnny 3 Tears

Everything that comes out of his mouth is basically gold.

Johnny 3 and Charlie scene are amazing they should both be in the top 10 at least

He always keeps things humble and never let's the mainstream hit him.

He's just amazing and he's from my favorite band

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31 Post Malone Post Malone Austin Richard Post, known professionally as Post Malone, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and guitarist.

Eventually Post Malone is going to go down as one of the best rappers ever in the game. He is only 22 by the way...

Garbage mumble rapper like every other trap person today

One of the best rappers right now

Wavy dude

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32 Aesop Rock

It's been proven that Aesop has the largest vocabulary of any rapper ever, and I think that plus the fact that he is just an amazing rapper period warrants him being in the top 10

Seeing Aesop Rock at 35 makes me want to cry. Same with Action Bronson not being top 10.

The dark horse of the turn of the century, with no gimmicks

John Cena is ahead of him, ridiculous - c6

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33 Marky Mark

Might as well say Donald trump is a pop artist if u think marky mark is a rapper

34 Diabolic V 1 Comment
35 Watsky

Absolutely smashes Eminem should be top 10

If you're going to compare him to Eminem, also point out that Watsky also isn't a misogynist or homophobe.

Raps even faster than Eminem

All of his lyrics fit together so perfectly

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36 Kollegah Kollegah Felix Antoine Blume, better known by his stage name Kollegah, is a German rapper of Canadian descent born on August 3rd, 1984. He is widely credited to have established multisyllabic rhyming and doubletime rapping in German hip hop. more.

Even if you don't understand German... listen to "Mondfinsternis" to know at least one reason why he should be in the Top 10 (the song is damn fast - even though not one of my favorites by him, it is enough proof to a non-German speaker what he is capable of).
What's even more important is the lyrical complexity of his raps. Not only is it rare that less than five syllables rhyme per line, he always uses so many advanced metaphors, homophones, double entendres and similar playings with the German language, that it seems as if he has an entire encyclopaedia attached to his brain.
Never underestimate him because he is a fake as can be gangster rapper. This is some of the lyrically finest I have ever heard in Hip Hop. - Martin_Canine

37 Everlast

I've got no problem with the top 3 how it is, but Everlast is great.

Whitey's revenge best diss song ever form best white rapper

How is he not higher on this list. He should be top 5

Everlast should be On Point...

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38 J.L.
39 MC Serch (From 3rd Bass)
40 Action Bronson

One the best vocabularies of any rapper, not to mention what he brings to the table being a chef. The metaphors are primo. Should be top 15

Just the happiest guy, great music too

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