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21 Didn't We Almost Have It All

This is one of the best songs of all time and song by the best female singer of all time. - infiniti370

One of my favorite songs by Whitney that I could just hear over and over. Very touching and beautiful song. Reminds me of "one moment in time" with such meaningful lyrics. After hearing this, u know she'll always be the top #1 singer to go down in history. No one will ever come close!

One of my favorite songs by Whitney. It's so touching and beautiful. Reminds me a little of "one moment in time" because of such meaningful lyrics. After hearing this, no doubt why she'll always be the top #1 singer of all time. no one could ever come close

Simply heartbreaking and beautiful love song

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22 Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
23 Same Script, Different Cast
24 Call You Tonight
25 Heartbreak Hotel
26 I Didn't Know My Own Strength
27 Miracle

Definitely one of the most underrated Whitney songs - beautiful as always, powerful as usual, emotional and touching... Real Whitney Houston! - Irina2932

This song has made my life like a miracle, goodbye my lovely singer. RIP. There will never be another Whitney Houston for me..

You need a miracle to be able to sing this songs... So beautiful!

28 I Believe in You and Me

If there were 2 TOP-2, I would add "I believe in you" and me to "one moment in time" as both top 2 songs, because this song, being the theme song for the movie "the preacher's wife" featuring Houston and Denzel Washington, is a very romantic and inspiring ballad that also should not be missed. A wonderful rendition with belting and high notes.

The toughest Whitney song to sing because of the key changes. Gentle yet remarkable. "I Have Nothing", "I Will Always Love You" and "I believe In You And Me" are Whitney's greatest songs in my opinion. Also, she is the only artist in my book where all of her songs are good.


29 I Learned from the Best

Amazing vocal performance! It's as strong as I Will Always Love You. - Larissa

I Learned from the Best, reminds me of myself and my relationship.

It's behinde the words this song

30 Step by Step

Very beautiful and inspirational track. One of my favorite songs from amazing Whitney - Irina2932

Love it love it love it, beautiful just beautiful, fun to sing and strong in a way and very precocious and has a good quality of voice

I love this song to bits! Very beautifullyy sung and I love the video as well. RIP Whitney our beautiful diva

31 I Belong to You
32 For the Lovers

Most underRated song should have been à hit

33 Try It on My Own

Listen to the song then think!


34 Million Dollar Bill

Number 32? It's the best song that any girl ever sang

35 You'll Never Stand Alone

Probably my favorite Non-single track by Whitney - inspirational and deep! This song is the main reason why "My Love Is Your Love" (1998) is my favorite Whitney album - Irina2932

A song that reminds me always, that I will not be alone because of the people that guides me always! Love you Whitney!

This is one of the best song ever sung, We will always love you Whitney, RIP. Your voice will be missed.

Its rises my hopes high since I kw ders some one who watch's over me

36 Could I Have This Kiss Forever


37 The Star Spangled Banner

Her version should be played at all sporting events to the exclusion of all others, period.

38 Love Will Save the Day

Words of wisdom for the ages, only Whitney had the voice and the heart to make this a fantastic song an enduring success!

This is a good song with fast tempo, which is rarely heard from Whitney's!

39 Queen of the Night

Just great song. One of the best Dance tracks ever. Whitney is real Queen of the Night. What a powerful voice! - Irina2932

I just loved all of the scenes of her acting and all of her out standing performance in her career and state of mind all of her talents of being just herself

This is the only song that whitney wrote - anewman

This is the only song that whitney wrote. - anewman

40 Why Does It Hurt So Bad

The best song because Whitney's whole heart (prescence) is there and also her voice had matured. This song is a bite of life, and about the most important thing in life -Love and betrayal Love and life itself

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