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41 Whatchulookinat

I really love this song.. It always makes me want to dance and feel that she is making a strong statement.. A come back... She has many great songs. I adore her voice.. May she rest in peace.

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42 One of Those Days
43 Dear John Letter
44 You Were Loved

This is also a song from the preacher's wife, but this songs definitely brings everyone to tears, because its lyrics are unexplainably inspiring and emotional and sensual, its music is very classical, jazzy from time to time, and no one could listen to it without the song leaving a big impression is the spirit of that person, making us be aware that our precious ones are very important and love us a lot.

45 Who Would Imagine a King

Even if this song was top 1, it is still not enough, because this song is a prayer. It is about the miracle birth about our holy jesus christ, and how parents love their children more than anything.

46 I Belong to You
47 My Heart is Calling
48 Thinking About You
49 Impossible

One of the most beautiful song that was on the Cinderella Soundtrack

50 Where You Are

This is definitely my favorite Whitney Houston song. The lyrics are simple, the music is great. This is one great underrated song.

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51 I Love the Lord
52 In My Business
53 I Go to the Rock
54 Tell Me No

Love iT Although her voice at thuis point was starting to be different iTS moves me

55 Jesus Loves Me

A great religious song. This is one of Whitney's finest moments. To this day. It is one of the best songs of Whitney Houston.

56 My Name is Not Susan

Not that popular song among Whitney fans but I think 'My Name Is Not Susan' is catchy track with nice beat. The music video was very cool. Criminally underrated song! - Irina2932

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58 For the Lovers V 1 Comment
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