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21 FIFA 15

Superb game! New features, graphics, formations, transfers, teams, EVERYTHING! This should be above Grand Theft Auto V

Really fun I love the game so fun you need to play this game so bad it is to cool


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22 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Think Skyrim world & atmosphere, Game of Thrones writing/characters, Arkham Asylum combat, all improved with next-gen technology.

This list is a JOKE. This could be the best game I've ever played.

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23 Injustice: Gods Among Us

I love the character Superman! He is so awesome. Also, GreenArrow is cool too, and Batman, and amazing skins. It is such an awesome game, so muck like Mortal Kombat

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24 Fallout 4

Quite a fun game to mess around with, I don't like the story though. I love the idea of a nuclear war, but I don't like the story or anything, a bit bland.


How is this not #1? Made by the most creative studio teamed with graphics for the Xbox one, it's dope. Seriously the best thing to do while baked.

25 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

There is a LOT to say about Metal Gear Solid V, especially Phantom Pain, 1st open-world Metal Gear Solid game, and it looks VERY awesome. I HIGHLY recommend this when this comes out instead of Call of Duty: Ghosts (just my opinion).

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26 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
27 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Why is Call of Duty: Ghosts above this?! That game is good but this game is way better! - venomouskillingmachine

I like the most is multiplayer mode and zombies mode.

They have best dlc ever on black ops 3

Best game ever

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28 The Elder Scrolls Online

A lot of people hate on this game because it was not as good as they expected but I don't think that the game is even 1/2 bad, it has a great feel, a great multiplayer and its an amazing game in general and it is worth the money

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29 Just Dance 2014

BEST GAME EVER it should be on the first place you wont be sitting all the time but dancing and creating your own it is just PERFECTION %

We all know Ubisoft has brought you great games like Assasians Creed, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs, but Just Dance is awful, it would be ok if I could use the controller, but Kinect is retorted.

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30 Forza Horizon 2

Ever want to explore the outside of the race track? Now you can! This is the best off road racing game made in a lifetime and possibly the best racing game of all time. There I just said it. Better than Mario Kart 8 (which was also amazing)! - recaller

Not out yet though.
Good for the Xbox One, but absolutely rubbish for the Xbox 360. As far as I know, they have different game engines (Playground Games for Xbox One which led the original Forza Horizon for the Xbox 360 to awesomeness, and Sumo Digital for the Xbox 360, which I know is gonna lead the 360 version of the game to absolute disaster). - SelfDestruct

Seriously the best Forza yet. Hundreds of cars already at your available disposal without buying dlc after dlc. Online is great and the game looks great in general.

This game makes me want an Xbox One so bad.

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31 Tom Clancy's The Division

An RPG aspect in a shooter based in a ravaged world. Don't see that a lot, do you?

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32 NBA 2K15

Such a great game! I love the face scanner. You can be in the game

33 Overwatch V 1 Comment
34 Mortal Kombat X

Great game. Campaign is very fun. Not super easy which is nice because I enjoy a challenge. you can't just button mash and expect to win. Wish it would have tag team but still a great game.

Mortal kombat is the boom since it was made

I've played it since I was 4. best game ever

I love Mortal Kombat

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35 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
36 Outlast

Not to scary ( I don't get scared too easily ) but very good and interesting, especially playing with friends.


Outlast on Next Gen is my dreams coming true. - danielwotsits

This is my favorite horror game of all time, and since I only have 5 games for my One it is my favorite ^__^ - TristanMatheny

37 Killer Instinct

I got real angry and jealous when I heard killer instinct was coming out on Xbox one but when I saw the trailer it didn't look that bad but I still prefer the killer instinct for snes

Best quality game we had on consoles since a very long time.. This game should be top 5!

What's wrong with you people? KI is better than the sum of all of your lives. And that's science.

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38 Star Wars: Battlefront

What the new battlefront lacks in content more than makes up for in graphics and gameplay.

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39 Madden NFL 15 V 1 Comment
40 Dying Light

Best looking game hope it lives up to what it is showing us but looks great. - Romneymarshall

Dying Light is one of the best New Gen games to come out, EVER. - danielwotsits

This game is great, one of the best zombie games EVER. Good graphics, good story mode, and also, fun to just roam around in.


~ Daniel

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