Best Xbox Live Arcade Games

The best downloadable games on Xbox Live, excluding Indie Games and add-ons.
The Top Ten
1 Castle Crashers

Great game, recommend it to anyone looking for a great adventure with four main characters to play with and many more to unlock as you progress through the game

Amazing game! Recommended for everyone.

Very fun and a good game to

2 State of Decay

A little laggy and lacking in some areas but an overall decent attempt at an open world Zombie RPG

3 Trials Fusion
4 Battleblock Theater
5 Super Meat Boy
6 Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

Although I like castle crashers more, this has to be on the list. Four player co-op, sneaking around, I just have a blast playing this game.

7 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
8 The Walking Dead
9 Trials HD
10 Mega Man 9
The Contenders
11 Braid
12 Splosion Man

Completely great. I saw a demo of this on Stephenplay's YouTube channel completely great. He is just so funny. You have to use your environment to get past levels.

13 Minecraft

Yes a good game it has no end

14 Peggle
15 How to Survive
16 Darkstalkers
17 Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons
18 Limbo

Fantastic Game

19 Shadow Complex
20 Battlefield 1943
21 3 on 3 NHL Arcade
22 Dead Rising 2: Case West
23 Dust: an Elysian Tail

An excellent underrated masterpiece.

24 Bastion
25 The Wolf Among Us
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