Best Xbox Live Arcade Games

The best downloadable games on Xbox Live, excluding Indie Games and add-ons.
The Top Ten
1 Castle Crashers

Great game, recommend it to anyone looking for a great adventure with four main characters to play with and many more to unlock as you progress through the game

Amazing game! Recommended for everyone.

Very fun and a good game to

2 Battleblock Theater
3 Minecraft

Yes a good game it has no end

4 Braid
5 Trials HD
6 State of Decay

A little laggy and lacking in some areas but an overall decent attempt at an open world Zombie RPG

7 Trials Fusion
8 The Walking Dead
9 Splosion Man

Completely great. I saw a demo of this on Stephenplay's YouTube channel completely great. He is just so funny. You have to use your environment to get past levels.

10 Super Meat Boy
The Contenders
11 Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

Although I like castle crashers more, this has to be on the list. Four player co-op, sneaking around, I just have a blast playing this game.

12 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
13 The Walking Dead: Season Two
14 Mega Man 9
15 Raskulls
16 Peggle
17 How to Survive
18 Darkstalkers
19 Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons
20 Limbo

Fantastic Game

21 Shadow Complex
22 Battlefield 1943
23 3 on 3 NHL Arcade
24 Dead Rising 2: Case West
25 Dust: an Elysian Tail

An excellent underrated masterpiece.

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