Top Ten Best Ways to Destroy an Xbox

The Top Ten
1 Shoot it

How about looking at it? I've seen the paper mario joke so many times

2 Smash it with a hammer

Oh my god, this list is hilarious

ps. yes, I have an Xbox, but I still laugh at this because of its pure amusement

3 Run it over
4 Throw it off a balcony
5 Light it on fire
6 Microwave it

Great idea what could possibly go wrong? (Might break the microwave though)

7 Give it a bath

What smells so bizarrely good?

8 Slice it in half
9 Throw it against the wall
10 Shove stuff up the disc thingy

What would you shove up it? Cookies?

The Contenders
11 Eat it
12 Call the Psycho Dad

That's the funniest thing I've ever seen

13 Drop it in a volcano

Watch it burn!

14 Throw it off a bridge
15 Drop It Into a Bucket of Acid
16 Slice It With a Chainsaw
17 Dip it in a pot of lava

Works every time

18 Piss on it
19 Kick it
20 Throw it into a Pool
21 Punch it
22 Beat it with a crowbar
23 Melt it in Liquid Magma
24 Get a psycho dog to eat it
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